Multiple ties with Chinese military experts have led to a university threatening to cancel the 19th-century scientist’s research on his race theories.

  • Imperial is considering a proposal to name a building after Thomas Huxley
  • After independent review, university may also consider removing the bust. 
  • Spokesperson claimed that no one is being cancelled by the university 

The university that debates whether it should ‘cancel” a scientist from the 19th century over his race theories has strong ties to some of the most evil regimes in the world.

Imperial College London has established numerous ties with Chinese military specialists and forge relationships with Qataria and Saudi Arabia.

Imperial has been considering the possibility of renaming a campus building in honor of Thomas Huxley. Also, removing an image bust. This follows an independent report that claims Huxley’s essay on race and intelligence “fed the dangerous, false ideology of Eugenics”.

Imperial College is considering a proposal to rename a campus building honouring biologist Thomas Huxley and removing a bust of him (pictured)

Imperial College may consider renaming the campus in honour of Thomas Huxley. They also propose to remove a bust from him.

Mail on Sunday uncovered over a dozen projects that showed Imperial scientists working on possible military technologies.

Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative MP) was co-chairman for the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. He stated that while Imperial is trying to “cancel” a famous scientist, it does not hesitate about forging strong links with Chinese genocide regimes.

Imperial stated last night: “This bizarre attempt at connecting Imperial’s open dialog about its past with international scientific search is completely misleading, and baseless. 

 ‘Imperial is not ‘cancelling’ anyone.’

The university has established multiple ties to Chinese military specialists as well as forging relationships with Qatar and Saudi Arabia

The university established many ties with Chinese military professionals and also forges relationships with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia.