This is the time to make friends with fellow travellers on your holiday flight.

The alleged passenger was loud and drunk, violating flight mask regulations. A newly uploaded video from TMZ shows that the two engaged in a little MMA together.

According to sources on the website, the man in blue had probably drunk a lot of Christmas cheer and was not properly wearing his mask. This caused irritation among other passengers. 

His opponent laughed and said, “You have to be from L.A. because your superiority is unquestioned.”

And then things got personal when one of the men said: ‘You’re a really horrible person.’

Video of the incident picks up. The two men are seen hugging one another and clawing at each other’s faces.

One woman shouts, “stop, stop!” and they both attempt to throw half-nelson. The man in the tan shirt is forced to ride up to the top and douse the blonde hairs of his rival.

The man in front tries to touch the face of his partner, and the wild swinging ensues.

Of course neither of the combatants land any punches and the woman continues her screaming behind the scenes.

Seconds later another passenger arrives between the men and both of them are breathless.

The celebrity news site’s source claims that police either didn’t call or never showed up at Memphis when the plane touched down. The men stepped out of the plane, but kept their distance from the baggage carousel.

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A 'loud, drunken' passenger who was reportedly violating mask mandates on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Memphis engaged in little impromptu MMA with a fellow traveler, a newly video on TMZ shows

A ‘loud and drunken’ passenger on a red-eye flight between Los Angeles and Memphis was reportedly in violation of mask mandates. He engaged in little impromptu MMA, as TMZ’s new video shows.

The man in blue, who apparently had a little too much Christmas cheer, was not wearing his mask properly, annoying other passengers, according to TMZ's sources

According to TMZ’s sources, the blue man was apparently a little too excited about Christmas, and was wearing his mask improperly, irritating other passengers.

'You must be from L.A. because you think you're better than everyone else,' his opponent who was wearing a black mask quipped

He said, “You have to be from L.A., because you think that you’re superior than anyone else,” his black-faced opponent laughed.

Another passenger comes between the two men seconds later and, breathless, they both retreat in opposite directions down the aisle

A second later, another passenger arrives between them and they are both breathless as they retreat down the aisle.

Police were either never called or failed to show up when the plane touched down in Memphis, according to TMZ

According to TMZ, police were not called at all or did not show up on the ground in Memphis when it touched down. 

These two men were lucky to fly at all. Due to the Omicron variant COVID-19, which is super contagious, weather and personnel problems caused by severe staff shortages forced 600 flight cancellations across the country.

It was the latest episode in a long-running pandemic brawl. 

This was one of the 57779 passenger disruptive incidents that the Federal Aviation Administration recorded in 2021. Naturally, there were 4,158 incidents involving passengers who refused to wear masks.

Another 300 plane crashes were also caused by drunken passengers, according to FAA.

This year, more than 1 million dollars in fines were paid by unruly passengers. 

Unruly passengers were fined more than $1,000,000 in 2021.  

On Wednesday, Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, of Sacramento, pleaded guilty to interfering with the flight crew after she punched a stewardess in the face this past May.

A male passenger jumped between Vyvianna Quinonez and the flight attendant to stop an assault earlier this week

To stop an earlier assault, a male passenger leapt between Vyvianna Quionez and Vyvianna Quinonez.

Quinonez has better fighting skills that the Memphis pilots — Quinonez chipped and bruised the face of the Memphis flight attendant during the melee.

Although she faces 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 penalty, it is likely that she will be sentenced to a lesser term under a plea bargain.  

Both the Transportation Security Administration and the FAA have had enough. They are going to start fining passengers who behave badly and will also take away their TSA PreCheck privileges.  

Steve Dickson, FAA Administrator, said, “If you act out-of-line, you will be waiting in line,”