Unvaccinated father of seven who succumbed to Covid at hospital, despite having ‘put off his jab’. His devastated family will now have to attend his funeral two days prior.

Martin Mulcahy, from Camp Hill in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, tested positive for coronavirus on November 4 after doctors found his oxygen levels were low and he was left struggling to breathe.   

The 50-year-old security guard was taken by ambulance to the George Eliot hospital where he was placed on a ventilator – but tragically he died on December 5.

Martin was not vaccinated as he “hadn’t got around to it” and Tracey (45), his wife who didn’t believe in vaccines at all, has scheduled an appointment for Martin’s first dose.

It is her priority now, she said because she’s seen the devastation firsthand.

Unvaccinated father-of-seven Martin Mulcahy (left), from Camp Hill in Nuneaton, Warwickshire,  died of Covid in hospital after 'putting off jab' - but his wife, Tracey (right), 45, who 'didn't believe in the vaccine at first' has now scheduled an appointment for her first dose

Unvaccinated father-of-seven Martin Mulcahy (left), from Camp Hill in Nuneaton, Warwickshire,  died of Covid in hospital after ‘putting off jab’ – but his wife, Tracey (right), 45, who ‘didn’t believe in the vaccine at first’ has now scheduled an appointment for her first dose

The father-of-seven, who work as a security guard, was taken by ambulance to the George Eliot hospital where he was placed on a ventilator but tragically he died on December 5

A father-of-7, who works as a security guard at the George Eliot Hospital, took him by ambulance. He was then placed on a ventilator, but tragically, he passed away on December 5.

Tracey spoke exclusively to MailOnline and said that he was unvaccinated. Tracey was our best dad and most loving man.

“I don’t know how to process what happened, and I expect him to enter the room any moment. It’s like an endless nightmare.

Martin was found to have Covid. He and his seven children, who were between 9 and 25, had tested positive in October.

“He had always been healthy and fit, but after contracting this virus, he complained constantly of tiredness and shortness of breath. It was like an entirely different man.

The symptoms continued to worsen and he called an ambulance. He was then admitted on November 13th into the George Eliot Hospital’s ICU.

I was initially skeptical of the vaccine, and wasn’t convinced. But now I’ve booked my appointment to get my first dose. My children have it, too. This is a priority.

Martin’s condition rapidly declined after he was admitted. Tracey saw him on the same day that he died, December 5.

Tracey said that Martin had been in a long-term relationship for more than 20 years and she was grateful to her for being able stay for a short time with Martin. It ended up being his last visit alive. 

“It was so heartbreaking to see him. He was lying on the hospital bed with tubes coming out of him and surrounded by different machines and wires, whilst on a ventilator. His hand was always in my hands to show him that I was present.

“I received the bad news about my father’s death within hours. It doesn’t feel real. 

‘I am unsure whether Martin had contracted Delta, or Omicron, but it has spurred me to get the first dose of my vaccine.

“Now, I’ll make sure that every child has it. Martin might still be alive today, even if he was jabbered.

Martin's health rapidly declined when he was admitted to hospital, but Tracey was able to see him the day before he tragically died on December 5

Martin’s condition rapidly declined after he was admitted into hospital. Tracey managed to visit him that day, just before Martin tragically passed away on December 5.

“We have seven incredible children, and they are all distraught and trying to cope with the news. It’s difficult to stay positive with three of our kids being autistic, especially since the funeral takes place two days before Christmas. 

Martin’s bank account was also frozen. Tracey, who has no additional income, is having trouble making ends meet and is concerned about Christmas.

She added: ‘A GoFundMe page was set up by my sister Deborah Lea and I’m incredibly grateful to those who have donated money.

“It is a difficult time of the year for everybody and I am grateful to everyone who has given me their support. 

“All of my belongings are under Martin’s control and the bank told me that Martin won’t have his account active before the New Year.

“So I’m relying upon donations, friends, and family to get me through Martin’s funeral and festive period.

“Despite all the tragedy, I’m determined to be positive for the benefit of my kids. 

Click here to make a donation to Martin’s GoFundMe family appeal. 

After official data indicated that 6 out 10 Covid deaths in England among under-50s last month was due to unvaccinated persons, this news is significant.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which collects data, shows that 156 people under 50 died in the first 28 days after a positive Covid test. 89 had never come forward to receive a Covid jab.

Data from the UK Health Security Agency shows 156 people aged 50 and under died in November within 28 days of a positive Covid test and 89 of them had not come forward for a single Covid jab. There were 61 deaths among vaccinated people, while the vaccination status were not recorded among six fatalities.

According to data from the UK Health Security Agency, 156 deaths occurred in November among people under 50 after receiving a positive Covid blood test. Another 89 individuals had not been vaccinated. There were 61 fatalities among those who had been vaccinated, but six deaths were unrelated to the vaccine status.

These figures represent 57% of all deaths within the age group, and show how at-risk the unvaccinated can be after contracting Covid.

Nearly 80 percent of England’s 18-49-year-olds are double-jabbed. That means the unvaccinated death rate is much lower.

NHS workers are dissatisfied with the numbers, as they believe unvaccinated Britons would be able to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and death.   

Meanwhile, a ‘fit and healthy’ mother-of-two has died from Covid-19 after ignoring her best friend’s pleas to get vaccinated.  

Nuria Danica Gomes (38), tested positive on December 2. She died just seven days after her daughter Erica (20) and Myra (17 (17).

Ms Gomes is originally Angolan. She told Mena Tanto, her friend, that on December 3, she was diagnosed with Covid. However, Mena said it didn’t matter.  

Ms. Tando claimed that she tried to persuade Mrs. Gomes, but she was concerned about the things she had seen on social media.

Ms. Tando, 37 years old, stated that she had tried to convince her not to be vaccinated but was afraid. There could have been serious consequences for her in the next few years, as she had seen things posted on social media. “I miss her so much.

Ms Tando said she dropped groceries off on Ms Gomes’ doorstep in Liverpool and kept in touch for the next few days.

On December 7, Ms. Tando became concerned over her friend’s chronic cough. She missed a call at 1am.

Myra told Ms Tando that her mother was in hospital when she rang back. On December 9th, Ms Tando received word that Ms Gomes was dead.

It was shocking to me. She had spoken to me for weeks and I couldn’t believe that she died.

Erica Gomes, Ms Gomes’ daughter, recalled those traumatic moments when her mother was suddenly ill.

Nuria Daniela Gomes (pictured), 38, tested positive on December 2 and passed away just seven days later, leaving her daughters, Erica, 20, and Myra, 17, bereft

Nuria Daniela (pictured), 38 was positive for HIV on December 2. She died seven days later leaving behind her daughter Erica (20) and Myra (17).

She stated that her mother didn’t like to go to bed alone. So, we set up a mattress for her. It was obvious that she struggled to breathe. She said that she wasn’t panicking and was okay.

We switched the light off and saw that her hands, lips, and eyes were all purple. This was very disturbing.

They called an ambulance, performed CPR, and their mother was taken to Whiston Hospital.

Erica shared that it was so quick. Flashbacks still plague me, but I manage to forget them quickly.

Myra stated that she and her sister had prayed for the mother of their children as she was struggling. “My mom has always taken care of my sister and me since we were small. We have nothing without her.

“She was so kind, loving, helpful, sweet, and funny. We were taught everything by her. They were very close. When we talked, she was always there to listen.

Erica recalled the traumatic minutes when her mother's health dramatically worsened. Pictured, Ms Gomes

Erica remembered the terrifying moments during which her mother’s condition dramatically deteriorated. Picture of Ms Gomes

“She showed us how to be thankful for all we have. She was a true friend and helped all who met her.

She is the reason for everything I have. My life was influenced in ways that no other person could.

Elizabeth Neto (35) was Ms Gomes’ closest friend. She said she was’massively shock’, and that the group left to try to make sense of what had happened.

Ms. Neto is a Salford foster carer, and an administration officer. She said, “It’s surreal. It’s unbelievable. It’s a huge shock.”

Nuria is remembered by her as “very open, very friend, always smiling and in a good spirit”.

The two had met in Angola and they were both able to bond 17 years later after a friend suggested them.

Both became mothers together, and they always attended each other’s celebrations.

Ms. Neto explained that she and her husband would go to weddings together. They also shared the celebrations. It is something I’m trying to accept.