One mother who was pregnant with Covid has shared the story of how her doctor told her she would die. She was then forced to have an emergency C-section at 27 weeks in order to save herself. 

Paige Bliss, 25, from Birmingham spent five days in intensive care after coronavirus put her in a critical condition as her foetus was taking all her nutrients and extra oxygen.

She hadn’t had her vaccines up to that point. The emergency C-section was performed in August, but Miley the baby wasn’t able for birth until Miley got better.    

Paige Bliss, 25, from Birmingham spent five days in intensive care after coronavirus put her in a critical condition as her foetus was taking all her nutrients and extra oxygen

Paige Bliss (25), from Birmingham, spent five days in intensive medical care following a coronavirus attack that left her in critical condition. Her foetus had taken all of her nutrients and additional oxygen.

The beautician, who hadn't been vaccinated, underwent an emergency C-section in August but was unable to meet her newborn baby girl Miley until she recovered from the highly infectious virus. They are pictured now at home

She was unvaccinated and had to have an emergency C-section. Miley’s baby boy Miley wasn’t born until Miley recovered. Now they are photographed at home

Paige was forced to give birth to Miley at 27 weeks. The 13-week premature baby spent 9 weeks in the NICU

Paige had to give birth at 27 weeks to Miley. Miley, a premature 13-week-old baby, spent nine weeks in the NICU

Miley was born on August 27  – two months before her due date of November 21  – weighing the same as a carton of milk at 2lb 5oz. 

But she’s managed to come home just in time for Christmas with her miracle baby –  who is now 16-weeks – who also spent nine weeks in the neonatal ICU.    

Now, she believes that everyone should do their research and decide if they want to get the vaccine. 

I have no clue how the virus got into my body, but it suddenly gave me a runny nose with flu-like symptoms.

Paige is now at home with her miracle Miley, now three months. She now believes everyone should 'do their own research' and make their own decision about taking the vaccine

Paige now lives at home with Miley her miracle Miley who is three months old. Now, she believes everybody should “do their research” and take the decision to receive the vaccine.

Little Miley spent nine weeks in hospital after her mum fell pregnant while in hospital

Little Miley spent nine weeks in hospital after her mum fell pregnant while in hospital

Little Miley was only 2lbs - the size of a bottle of milk - when she was born two months early in August

Two months before her due date, Miley was 2lbs (about the weight of one bottle of milk) when she was born.

Paige agreed to an emergency C-section after five days in ICU. Miley is now happy and healthy

Paige accepted an emergency C-section following five days of ICU. Miley has now returned to a happy, healthy state.

After five days of being breathless I called 911 to summon an ambulance. It was getting worse and my oxygen levels were low.

“Within two days I was admitted to intensive care, and doctors started to wonder what they should do with my baby.

Miley sucking in all the oxygen and taking the nutrients, so I wasn’t getting any improvement with the c-pap.

“The doctor advised me to stop having my child if I don’t get it delivered.”

Pregnancy causes changes in the body that could make it easier to get very sick from respiratory viruses like the one that causes Covid-19. Paige is pictured pregnant

Changes in the body during pregnancy could lead to an increase risk of getting very sick with respiratory viruses, such as Covid-19. Paige is pictured pregnant

After the traumatic experience, Paige praised the 'amazing' staff at the hospitals for their care

Paige was moved by the hospital staff’s care after the trauma.

Her partner Mason Taylor (pictured together), 25, was at Miley's side who was in and out of critical care. He printed off pictures for the first time mum but she admits fearing they may not bond.

Mason Taylor, 25, Miley’s partner (pictured together), was there by her side as she was being treated in critical care. She admitted that he printed pictures of Miley for the first mother, but they might not bond.

“I hesitated at first, and was more concerned about my unborn child than me. But I couldn’t help but feel that there wasn’t any other choice.

Women who have not been vaccinated urge their mothers to jab pregnant women – this will ensure that babies are protected against the Covid-19 vaccine. 

As part of a campaign encouraging mothers to get the vaccine, unvaccinated women with Covid-19 have shared their heartbreaking stories about being infected, which included hospital visits and emergency C-sections.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), published data last week that shows vaccines are safe and effective for both mothers and babies. It also showed good outcomes for women who were vaccinated up until August. In the statistics for stillbirths (low baby birthweights) and preterm births there were no differences between all vaccinated females and all other women.

One in five Covid-19 patients is most seriously ill if they are not vaccinated. The proportion of women who are pregnant with Covid-19 symptoms is 98%. No fully-vaccinated women have been admitted to ICU in England with Covid-19 between February 2019 and September 2021. One in five women hospitalized with Covid-19 must be delivered preterm in order to ensure their recovery. A further 1 in 5 infants need treatment in the neonatal section. 

 Pregnant women who have a Covid vaccine pass on their protection to their unborn babies, a study in September 2021 suggested.

There is a small chance that children will become seriously ill from Covid. This has been proven by a multitude of research studies since the outbreak. Babies with weaker immune system are at slightly greater risk. 

These women, who appear in the short film, have made a plea for expectant mothers to get the vaccine immediately to ensure their safety and that of their children.

Christina, a Guildford-based mental health therapist was diagnosed with COVID-19 while she was in her third month. My symptoms began to worsen and my health quickly declined. Because I had a suspected pulmonary embolism, I was immediately rushed to a CT scan.

Paige accepted an emergency C-section following five days of ICU. 

The body changes during pregnancy can make it more difficult to contract respiratory viruses such as the one that causes Covid-19. 

Although it’s very rare for pregnant women to become seriously ill if they get Covid-19, the NHS advises if it does happen there’s a small chance the baby may be born early or they may be advised to give birth earlier than their due date.

“I was scared for her in the event of something terrible happening to me.”

“I had to go to bed for my C-section, so for the next week I did not see or meet her. After her birth, I was placed on a ventilator and had to wait for my recovery from the virus.

It was “the worst thing that ever happened.”

Mason Taylor (25 year old) was Miley’s partner. He was there for Miley, who was still in critical care. Although he took pictures, she fears they will not bond.

“I was afraid that we wouldn’t bond. It was a good thing that we were able bond right away.

“My heart was full of joy from the first time I held her. It was awful and all she needed was machines.

Miley, who had sticky lungs, was placed on a ventilator at birth.

Two blood transfusions were performed on her during the nine-week period at Birmingham’s Heartlands and Good Hope hospitals.

Paige says, “I am blessed that Miley is still here.” Because she was so tiny and fragile, we were frightened a few of her times.

“She was suffering from breathing difficulties, but she wanted to improve her condition.”

When she was born, ‘Miley was as big as a coke container.

“She is tiny at 6lb 10oz, but is making great progress.

“She has tiny baby clothes, so there’s a possibility she will develop slowly. However she is here now and that is what matters most.

«Mason and me are thrilled for our first Christmas as three.»

Paige, who had just survived a terrible experience, praised the staff of the hospitals’ care.

Miley couldn’t have been here without all the ICU and neonatal staff.

“I think that everyone should fully research the vaccine and make their own decision.

“But, I encourage pregnant women be more cautious and to shield as much as they can.”