After five days in the coma, and twelve days of intensive care with coronavirus for 12 days, a 22 year-old student in marketing lost all her hair.

Ffion Barnett found out she had Covid-19 just two days after her 22nd birthday and began struggling to breathe just a week later.

She was brought to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant where she became so unwell she had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and sleep.

Ms. Barnett said she thought she’d be fine with the vaccine, as she was still young and didn’t have any health issues.

She said, “Obviously I was wrong.” “I want to spread awareness about the importance of vaccines and the dangers of Covid not only for elderly people, but also that it could affect everyone.

Ms Barnett from Tonypandy in Rhondda said that she was first diagnosed with coronavirus after she lost her taste sense.

Ffion Barnett before her illness

Ms Barnett in hospital

Ffion (pictured in the hospital and before) discovered she was suffering from Covid-19 two days after turning 22. She began having difficulty breathing a week later.

She was brought to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital (pictured) in Llantrisant where she became so unwell she had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and sleep

After becoming so sick, she was taken to Llantrisant’s Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

She said that she felt rough prior to that but didn’t show any symptoms. ‘But then I realized that I couldn’t even taste. That’s when it all started to get real.

Ms. Barnett was 22 years old when she went to a PCR testing. The results came back positive just 24 hours later.

I wasn’t worried about it at the time. “I was too focused on isolation and getting better,” she said. 

After seven days of sickness, Ms Barnett started to have difficulty breathing and was eventually admitted to Royal Glamorgan Hospital. She died on August 12, 2021.

Then she added, “I talked to my mother who works as a nurse in the bank at the hospital. I was feeling very weak and she told me to get to the hospital immediately.

“My partner pushed me to the hospital, and then I was taken into a room with resus. All my stats were done and I was put on oxygen immediately. 

‘I then remember being taken to ward three where I spent the night. There was a strange twist. I could not get up and walk again. ICU admitted me on Friday, August 13, which was a wonderful day.

Ms Barnett said she was given 'every machine going' to try and improve her oxygen levels, but they didn't work. Eventually she turned a corner after a 12-day spell in intensive care and was put back on ward three

Ms Barnett stated that she had been given every machine available to improve her oxygen level, however they failed. She was eventually able to turn the corner and returned to ward 3 after spending 12 days in intensive medical care. 

Soon after leaving hospital Ms Barnett noticed her hair was falling out. 'I had really long, thick hair. I didn't start losing it until I came out of hospital,' she said. 'It was hard at first but it got to the point where I woke up one morning and decide to shave it off. I took it in my stride really'

After leaving the hospital, Ms Barnett realized that her hair was starting to fall out. “I had very long and thick hair. She said that she didn’t lose her hair until after I was discharged from the hospital. It was difficult at first, but I eventually decided to get rid of it. It was easy for me to take it all in stride.

Because of her concern that her rapid heartbeat could cause cardiac arrest, Ms. Barnett was placed in an induced Coma. Covid-induced pneumonia was also a problem.

She said that the medication she received from doctors to help her out of her coma led to her having hallucinate.

“They attempted to get me out of my coma within two or three days but I became so upset that they had to put me back in. “I didn’t know the difference between reality and fiction,” she stated.

“It was terrifying for my family but I wasn’t afraid because I was so out from it.”

Ms Barnett stated that she had been given every machine available to increase her oxygen levels. However, they did not work. She was eventually able to recover after 12 days in intensive medical care.

“The staff at the hospital was amazing. They are never stopped. She said that she didn’t know when breaks were taken. “In ICU even though I was not in it, I always had someone by my side.

Ms. Barnett spent five days, two weeks at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Ms. Barnett had to take classes in speech, walking and eating again at the end of her stay.

It was just not my voice when I managed to communicate. After I arrived home, I had to be looked after. “I needed to be bathed, so people made my food,” she said.

Shortly after she left the hospital, Ms Barnett saw her hair fall out. 

“I had very long and thick hair. It wasn’t until after my discharge that I started to lose it,’ she explained. “It was very difficult initially, but I finally decided that it was worth it. “I took it really easy.

Ms. Barnett has had her Covid vaccines. She said that she is almost completely recovered but still feels lethargic.