Tinder puts pressure on Muslim dating rivals: The US-based Match Group files legal war against UK-based Islamic App Muzmatch, accusing them of copying their products and services

  • Match Group, the matchmaking app Tinder and Hinge’s powerhouse, is run by Match Group
  • British Muslim dating app Muzmatch is accused by a company of trademark infringement
  • Legal battle centers around Muzmatch’s use of the metadata “match”.
  • Muzmatch rejects all allegations ahead of court hearing later this month 

Match Group, the US dating company that is infamous for its matchmaking services and products, launched a legal fight against Muzmatch in the UK. 

Match Group claims that its mission is “to spark meaningful connections for all single people worldwide” and has sued the UK company for trademark infringement.

It is most well known for Tinder. Tinder was a dating app that users can swipe right to indicate their interest and swipe left to delete a profile.

Hinge is an Android app that helps people to find their love. 

Muzmatch was established a decade ago, however, by Shahzad Younas (37), a former Morgan Stanley banker, with the goal of creating a platform for single Muslims to connect online.

With four million members in 190 countries, it claims to be the “world’s largest community for single Muslims looking to find their ideal partner”. It emphasizes marriage over casual dating. 

Match Group first wrote to Muzmatch in 2016 alleging acts of trademark infringement, before trying to acquire it a year later, The Times reports.

Shahzad Younas, CEO and founder of Muzmatch, which has denied any wrongdoing from the outset

Shahzad Younas is the CEO and founder at Muzmatch. The company has always denied wrongdoing.

Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group, the firm behind huge dating apps Tinder, Hing and OkCupid among others

Shar Dubey CEO, Match Group, behind the huge dating apps Tinder and Hing as well as OkCupid, among other things,

Match Group is best known for creating Tinder, introduced in 2012, which allows users to swipe left and right to show interest or a ack of interest in potential suitors

Match Group is well-known for creating Tinder. It was launched in 2012 and allows users to swipe right or left to indicate interest in suitors.

Dating app Hinge also claims to have a 'commitment to helping people find love' and claims to have been responsible for 30 million date

Hinge dating app claims it is committed to helping couples find love and has been responsible for over 30,000,000 dates

Muzmatch declined four of the company’s offers, which included a $35 million fee.

Match purchased Harmonica, an Egyptian-based Muslim dating app Harmonica for 2019, and gave it the new name Hawaya.   

American groups claim that Muzmatch uses match in metadata to make it more visible in Internet searches.

According to the firm, Muzmatch used keywords tags of “match-muslim” and “uk-muslim match”, which it claimed are an attempt at ‘riding on the coattails of’ its registered trademarks.

However, Muzmatch has denied the accusations from the beginning and said that Match doesn’t have the sole right to use the term’match’ when it comes to dating services.

The defense adds that the website and app provide matchmaking services to Muslims looking for marriage. Users can also pursue casual dates, while sexual conversations are blocked by the app.

A hearing is listed to take place at the UK Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court in London on January 17.