‘Vehicle is indeed possessed!’ Mechanic films ‘haunted’ police car’s doors locking and unlocking by themselves

  • A ‘possessed vehicle’ baffles Mechanic, who works on law enforcement cars 
  • Footage of a police car shows the doors unlocking themselves.
  • Despite the strange events, the mechanic was able fix all “three problems”

After taking eerie footage of the doors locking and unlocking themselves, a confused mechanic concludes that a police car is ‘possessed’.

Crestwood, Illinois mechanic can be seen filming the vehicle’s service paperwork. He claims there is urgent paranormal activity that must be ‘fixed’.

He then shows how the car doors lock and unlock by themselves, and how the front lights stay on despite the fact that they are turned off inside.

A mechanic, from Crestwood in Illinois, is left baffled by a 'possessed vehicle' that is brought in with three eerie issues

Crestwood, Illinois mechanic is baffled when a ‘possessed car’ is brought in with three strange issues 

The car technician, who services law enforcement vehicles, filmed a video of the car on October 26, which was brought in by its owner who claims there is paranormal activity that urgently needs to be 'fixed'

The car technician, who is a service provider for law enforcement vehicles, recorded a video of the vehicle on October 26. It was brought in by the owner, who claims that there is paranormal activity and urgently needs to be ‘fixed.

The vehicle is seen with it's window wipers frantically going back and forth, despite being turned off inside

The vehicle’s window wipers are seen frantically moving back and forth, despite not being turned on inside.

In the video, the man says: “Customer states, Vehicle is possessed. Please fix. Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

The white police car can be seen in the distance, with the window wipers still moving, despite the mechanic verifying that they are off inside.

The car is then filmed with its doors frantically unlocking and locking as though it has a mind of its own, like Christine, the possessed car in the 1983 horror movie based on Stephen King’s book.  

The mechanic confirms the paranormal activity by admitting that the vehicle is indeed possessed. 

The car also has it's front lights on despite the footage showing the mechanic turning the dial on and off

The car’s front lights are also on, despite footage showing the mechanic turning it on and off. 

The paranormal experience continues when the car doors frantically start unlocking and locking once the mechanic plugs them in

The paranormal experience continues when the mechanic plugs in the car’s ignition and the car doors begin to frantically unlock and lock.

Despite the car going to the service centre, the mechanic confirmed he was able to 'fix' all three of the 'possessed' issues - making the car road worthy again

Despite the car being taken into the service centre, the mechanic confirmed that he could ‘fix all three of the possessed issues’ and the car was road worthy again

Despite the strange happenings, the technician claimed that he was able fix “all three issues” to make the police car roadworthy.  

He stated that he worked for a company that repairs law enforcement vehicles. The vehicle came to us with many issues that were not apparent to be happening by itself. 

We took a video of the lock and unlocking process. We were able solve all three problems.