Simone Biles asked Venus Williams and Serena Williams for their mental wellness advice. Simone Biles professed to be a big fan and to find out how they “keep going especially in times of difficulty.” [they]You may need to take a break from your mental health.

Will Smith, the 53-year-old father of tennis legends, was interviewed by the stars of tennis for Red Table Talk, a Facebook Watch episode. The new episode will air on November 19, ahead of King Richard’s release.

While discussing host of series subjects including their faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses and the lessons they have learned from one another, the Williams sisters fielded a question in a prerecorded video from fellow superstar athlete Simone Biles.

Simone, 24 years old, gushed about her Williams sister’s ‘huge effect’ on herself.

Venus and Serena talked about their experiences, Serena admitting that she just took a full year off because of her health and Venus insisting on not getting too involved in other people’s opinions.

Venus and Serena Williams have shared their mental health advice for Simone Biles, who professed to being a 'big fan' of the sisters

Simone Biles has been given mental health advice by Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Biles professes to be a big fan.

Serena admitted that she took a whole year off in 2006 and said she makes sure to learn from her losses

Serena said that in 2006 she had a full year of unpaid leave and she learned from those experiences.

Venus said she asks herself if she is 'getting too caught up' in what other people think

Venus explained that Venus asks her self if it is possible to get too wrapped up in other people’s opinions.

Simone surprised the sisters by saying: “The impact Venus and Serena made in sports, as well as in life, has had a tremendous impact on my career.” 

“They have paved the road for both black women and black athletes. They are truly a credit to me. It’s a blessing to have such a strong support system. Although I would love to be friends, I am a huge fan. 

“But, I remember seeing Venus and Serena in separate places and being amazed by their tallness. 

If Venus or Serena had any words of wisdom for me, they would have been: “How can you keep going when it is so difficult, particularly when your mental health needs are urgent?”

Simone, considered the GOAT of gymnastics by many fans, famously dropped out of several events at the Olympics in Tokyo this year due to a mental health concern called ‘the twisties,’ in which gymnasts — often psyching themselves out — lose track of where they are while twisting in the air, risking serious injury.

She recently broke down in tears on the Today show as she discussed the issue, admitting she is ‘still scared of gymnastics.’

The tennis stars appeared to be flattered by Simone’s message, with Serena saying she’d like to ‘be besties’ and Venus saying: ‘I wanna be friends with her too. 

Simone, considered the GOAT of gymnastics by many fans, famously dropped out oif several events at the Olympics in Tokyo due to a mental health concern called 'the twisties'

Simone, considered the GOAT of gymnastics by many fans, famously dropped out oif several events at the Olympics in Tokyo due to a mental health concern called ‘the twisties’

With 'the twisties,' gymnasts - often psyching themselves out - lose track of where they are while twisting in the air, risking serious injury

The ‘the twisties’ are gymnasts who, often anxious and psyched out, lose their sense of direction while turning in the air. This can lead to serious injuries.

She won bronze during the Women's Balance Beam Final and silver with her team

She won bronze during the Women’s Balance Beam Final and silver with her team

Their advice was also shared.

Simone is a gymnast, and that big moment happens once in four years. Each year, our big moment happens four times. So for us if we needed a break — I remember one time, in 2006, I just took the whole year off,’ Serena said. 

“When it comes to Grand Slams for me, I sometimes push maybe too hard. “I just keep on going,” she said.

Venus commented that athletes lead very unhealthy lives. She likes to make time for herself.

“It’s a way to balance myself out, to be alone for a while and watch something funny, even for half an hour. Although it’s simple and silly, this helps me to get ready for my next day. This is my preparation for the next day’, she stated.

She also attempts to keep her perspective in stressful situations. 

“I think you are asking yourself the question: How will I remember this moment?” This is how I would like to manage it. What will my feelings be if I think back on this in ten years? She said.   

Both get perspective by asking how they'll feel about a situation in ten years, and said their spirituality has 'helped us to maintain our mental health' as well (pictured in 1991)

They both ask how they will feel in 10 years.

'For me, when it comes to Grand Slams, sometimes I push maybe too far. I just always keep going,' Serena (pictured with Venus in 2010) admitted

“When it comes to Grand Slams for me, I sometimes push perhaps too far.” Serena, pictured in 2010 with Venus, admitted that she just keeps going. 

Serena answered, “I asked myself exactly the same question.” “How will I feel in ten more years?” Is it worth the effort? Is it worth it?

Both discussed how to not let failures consume too much mental space. 

Venus spoke out, saying that life is all about failings. You just fail and that is okay. When you reflect back over the past ten years, it will be clear that you have made a good choice.

Serena stated that losing is a way for her to become a better player. I take what was learned from the loss and use it to my advantage. Sometimes people fear losing if they win, and sometimes they are afraid of failing. That’s what I felt when I was there. I don’t even like the word — it’s not a failure, you slipped and you’ll get back up.’

Venus emphasized that it was never a good idea to place too much value on what others think.

“I believe that a lot too of it is taking in whatever other people think. She said that letting go of this will make you free.

“You have to always check your own thinking and ask this question: “Am I becoming too attached to what Sally, Bobby, or Billy think?”

Will Smith stars in the film King Richard, as the Williams sisters' father

Will Smith plays the role of the Williams brothers’ father in King Richard.

Venus and Serena are pictured with their father, who is the subject of a new movie out this week

Venus and Serena are seen with their father. The subject of this new movie is out this week.

Venus and Serena attend the film's premiere with Demi Singleton (left) and Saniyya Sidney (right), the actresses who play them

Venus and Serena attend the film’s premiere with Demi Singleton (left) and Saniyya Sidney (right), the actresses who play them

Talking earlier, they also spoke about how faith has been a blessing in their lives during difficult times. 

“The first lesson [our dad taught us]Venus said that spirituality was the key to her success. “Put God before. We were able to become better at what our job – because we realized that although it is work, it is only a job. Life is more than just work. 

“That is the fundamental lesson that’s literally allowed us to keep our mental health in check. 

Serena said that every decision she makes has an impact on her. How do you approach the match or treat that person? You know you want to win the match and that it is your responsibility. 

“But we have something more that we believe and that is what we are certain to be true. So, whatever that moment might mean to us, at the end, the greatest, biggest pillow we have to lean on is always there.

Serena shared a moment that was particularly hard for her when she relied on prayer.

Earlier in the chat, the pair had also talked about the way their faith has helped them through hard times

The pair also discussed how their faith helped them get through difficult times earlier in the chat

Serena said: 'At the end of the day, as much as that moment means to us, we always have the giant, most biggest pillow to fall back on'

Serena said, “At the end-of-the day, however much that moment may mean to us at the time, we always have our biggest and most important pillow to lean on.”

It was 2001, and Venus, then 20, and Serena, then 19, were set to play against each other in the semifinal at the Masters Series Tournament at Indian Wells. Rumours circulated that Venus had been pulled out of the tournament by her father to assist Serena in winning.

The stadium was filled with cheers during the match. 

Serena said, “It wasn’t easy.” “And I remember that I lost and didn’t care. Then I realized that I did not want to lose, but I simply wanted dignity and to be free from this situation. I didn’t just want to walk out of the court.

She stated that she had prayed all the way through the match and it made a huge difference. 

She stated, “I am sure that strength came to me, and that somehow I won that match. It was an amazing moment that helped us so much in our careers.”

Later, she admitted, she cried about what happened — and it was difficult to go back to Indian Wells, even years later.