Bizarre moment: A massive swimming pool 7m long and worth $14,000 is stolen in the middle night. It was stolen by clever crims who went to great lengths to pull off this impressive heist

  • To steal a fibreglass swimming pool that is 7 metres long, thieves use large trucks
  • The $14,000 pool was stolen by Wandana Heights construction last month
  • Victoria Police released CCTV footage Tuesday, appealing for information 
  • The pool is described in slate colour and is called the ‘Modern Pool. 

A seven-metre-long swimming pool was stolen by cunning thieves who used a large truck to transport it.

The fibre glass pool was taken from a construction site on Moncrieff Cres, Wandana Heights in Geelong sometime between 10.30pm and 11pm on October 20, 

On Tuesday, Victoria Police released CCTV footage of a white truck carrying a crane on its tray as it approached the construction site.

26 minutes later, the heavy-duty vehicle is seen driving off with the $14,000 pool inside its tray. 

Police say the truck was covered in grey/silver vinyl tape or plastic that may have been used to cover a company name.

Two yellow signs indicating that the truck is oversized are located at the truck’s rear and front.

The stolen swimming pool was described as a slate color and the brand is’modern’. 

Anyone with more information or who recognizes this truck is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800-333 000 or submit an online report. 

Victoria Police have released CCTV footage of a bizarre late night robbery involving a 7-metre long swimming pool (pictured)

Victoria Police have released CCTV footage from a bizarre late-night robbery (pictured), involving a 7-metre-long swimming pool.