Gatherings at home or in public places

There is no limit to the number of people who can visit a house.

For indoor and outdoor settings, the density will change to one person for every 2m2.

There is no limit to the number of persons who may attend informal outdoor gatherings

CovidSafe required for events outdoors with over 1,000 participants

Locations that include hospitality, retail shops and gyms

One person can manage a retail store per 2m2.

One person can provide personal services like hairdressing, manicure, nail care, waxing and tattooing.

A hospitality venue can accommodate one guest per 2m2 indoors or out, and there is no requirement for seating.

Indoor recreation centers, such as gyms, allow one person to operate per two square meters (uncapped). A gym or dance class can only hold 20 participants

One person can provide intimate services for 4m2.

Major outdoor recreation facilities

Large recreation facilities, such as stadiums or racecourses, can be operated with only one person per two square meters.

Information, entertainment and education

Two people can work in entertainment venues (such as theatres, cinemas, and music halls), if they are 2x2m2.

One person can manage 2m2 of information and education resources (including museums, libraries and galleries).

One person can be allowed to open an amusement centre or nightclub on 4m2.

Home-based work

Employer discretion will determine whether or not a worker can work from home.

Funerals, weddings, and places of worship

1 person per 2 m2 is permitted for weddings that allow dancing, and allow standing food and drinks.

Funerals: One per 2m2.

One person can be employed in a church or place of worship for every 2m2. Singing is permitted.


The current rules regarding mask wear will continue until the 95% vaccination target has been met.

Outside of your residence, masks must be worn indoors.

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