‘How did I do that?’ Moment 10-year-old daredevil lands a DOUBLE backflip on a scooter – and can’t believe he’s pulled it off

  • Tyler Hainey, 10 years old, did a double backflip while riding a scooter in Mansfield
  • The young daredevil was Europe’s youngest person to perform a backflip
  • Tyler is seen spinning twice in the air before landing.

A 10-year old boy performed a double back flip while practicing at Mansfield’s skate park. 

Tyler Hainey was seven years old when he became the youngest person to do a backflip from a scooter. He has now been able to turn 720 degrees before landing safely. 

Tyler has been riding scooters almost five years. He has also won many prestigious competitions. 

An ecstatic Tyler celebrated with friends at the top of the ramp. He said: 'This has been haunting me since landing on my head! Today I smashed the wall of fear down and smashed it to pieces!!!'

Tyler celebrated with his friends at top of ramp. He said, “This has been haunting my head since landing on it!” Today, I tore down the wall of fear and tore it to pieces !!!’

Tyler Hainey launched himself into the air after shooting down a ramp in a scooter park in Mansfield last weekend

Tyler Hainey took to the air after he shot down a ramp at a scooter park near Mansfield last weekend.

Tyler rotated 720 degrees in the air before landing safely on two wheels following the jump

Tyler rotated 720 degrees in air before landing safely on his two-wheels after the jump.

The youngster bent his knees after landing on the ramp to cushion the force of the impact

To absorb the impact force, the youngster bent down to the ramp.

Tyler can be seen spinning twice in the air before landing. Tyler then continues up the ramp and jumps onto the ledge before exclaiming, “How did that happen?” 

The video was uploaded to TikTok Monday and has been praised by other social media users. 

Scooter enthusiasts believe Tyler has completed the youngest double backflip ever. 

Tyler commented on social media about his success and wrote: “This has been haunting my head since landing on mine! Today I destroyed the wall of fear, and it was smashed to pieces!It’s over!

“You can see how much this meant to my at the end.

Brian, Tyler’s father, and the youngster travel across the UK to skate parks. Tyler continues to improve his skills.   

He tells the camera after completing his impressive stunt that he cannot believe he was successful

After completing his impressive stunt he tells camera that he is stunned that he was able to do it.

Bracknell’s young prodigy has been nicknamed Little Wolf by the scooter community. He spends his time after school sharpening his skills. 

Tyler is confident that he will not be stopped by a few knocks. Tyler hopes for gold if scooter riding makes it to the Olympics.

Even though he has five stitches on his split chin from trying to land the backflip, he is not discouraged.

On landing his first backflip, Tyler said: ‘It felt pretty hard first of all when I was trying to land it and when I got it more than three times in a row it was getting easier and easier.

Tyler, pictured aged seven, ditched his first scooter in favour of a custom-built scooter from his sponsor

Tyler, seven years old, ditched his first scooter to get a custom-built scooter built by his sponsor

It took Tyler a few attempts to perfect the backflip but practice made perfect for the talented youngster

Tyler had to practice a lot before he was able do the backflip.

‘It was amazing, my friends think I’m really good.’ 

Speaking after his first backflip, Tyler’s father Brian said he has built his youngster a half-pipe in the back garden for practice for when Tyler can’t go to the skate park or comes in after kickboxing classes.

Brian said: ‘He is absolutely unbelievable, he makes me so proud every day, not just with his scooter skills.

‘He’s a little talent, he’s going to do well in life.’

Tyler purchased his first scooter at Smyths Toy Store, after he had gone to work with his father.

Tyler became they youngest person in Europe to perform a backflip. He is now thought to be the youngest person to perform a double back flip

Tyler was the youngest European performer of a backflip. He is currently believed to be Europe’s youngest person to perform a double-back flip.

He now boasts a custom-built ride thanks to his industry sponsor.

Brian saw his son fail to do a backflip at a Corby competition. Tyler was crowned the under-eight UK champion in November, despite an injury to his hand.

Brian said: ‘He’s had some big crashes along the way but he stuck with it and this scooter event was a three day weekend.’