This is so gross! Hugo, the pet cockapoo, isn’t afraid to destroy the Christmas tree. After his owner makes the vacuum cleaner part of the decoration, Hugo becomes too terrified.

  • Georgina Kirnan was worried that Hugo, her dog would attack her Christmas tree
  • Ms. Kiernan was 25 and used her dog’s fear about vacuum cleaners to her advantage
  • Hugo has stopped using the hoover and is now not brave enough for any jewels to be stolen. 

The hoover is part of Christmas decorations, and this dog owner came up with a clever way to prevent her pup from getting into the holiday spirit.

Little Hugo is a cockapoo who has been afraid of vacuum cleaners. His owners Georgia Kiernan, 25 and Jordan Howarth (25), decided to place it near the Christmas tree in an effort to prevent him from destroying them.

With tinsel and white bows on their hoovers, Hugo is kept away from the tree by this pair.

Georgia Kiernan, pictured, dressed up her vacuum cleaner in festive tinsel to stop her cockapoo Hugo from attacking the family's Christmas tree

Georgia Kiernan, shown here, decorated her vacuum with festive tinsel in an attempt to prevent Hugo, her pet cockapoo Hugo, from attacking Christmas trees.

Hugo the cockapoo, pictured, barked at the Christmas tree but stayed clear of the decoration because of the vacuum cleaner sentinel

Hugo, the cockapoo in the photo, was seen barking at the Christmas tree. However, Hugo the vacuum cleaner sentinel kept him clear of any decorations

Hugo looked back towards his owner seeking reassurance after he spotted his nemesis

Hugo turned to his owner for comfort after seeing his nemesis. 

Georgia, an occupational therapy specialist from Derbyshire, stated that they had put the tree up in advance to observe how he reacts.

“He was removing all decorations, but Jordan took the hoover and he began barking at it. We then remembered how terrified he was of it.

“Now Hugo can’t grab the ornaments and the hoover is now part of their Christmas decor.”

Hugo was wary of the hoverer ever since Georgia and Jordan, an engineer got Hugo on September 20, 2021.

Georgia stated, “Even though it’s on, he hates that it isn’t,”

“So it is the best thing to keep him away from the tree.

“He attempts to walk around the side of the couch to reach the tree, but he stops when he spots the hoover.

Hugo received a handmade advent calendar with lots of goodies as his first Christmas present.

Georgia stated, “He’s going to be extremely spoilt,”

Although he has just finished puppy school, the cheeky boy is still mischievous. He will often tear open wrapping paper to pick up his owner’s clothes and underwear.

Georgia: “He will run in to see if he has them, and then go off again,”

“He is aware when he’s wrong but still makes it right.”

Both the couple and hoover hope their trick will continue to work for them over many years.

Hugo is on Twitter at @hugo.theredcockapoo