Great customer Idaho driver slips on frozen ramp into ditch TWICE, but he retraces his course and continues on the freeway

  • Subaru Outlander turned from Hwy-41 to I-90 at Post Falls, Idaho
  • Driver loses control and their vehicle is thrown onto the ice. 
  • It was able to get back on the road thanks to its advanced four-wheel drive system 

Here’s the moment that a motorist can lose control of their vehicle on a snowy roadway and manages to regain control despite having crossed two grass verges. 

On Monday, the Subaru driver lost control of the Outback after turning onto I-90 at Post Falls in Idaho.

The Subaru drives onto some snow at the edge of the carriageway, dramatically reducing the amount of grip available, sending it hurtling towards a roadside ditch. 

The Subaru Outlander was turning left from Hwy-41 onto the I-90 in Post Falls Idaho

The Subaru Outlander was turning left from Hwy-41 onto the I-90 in Post Falls Idaho

The Subaru lost control after the driver touched the snow on the right hand side of the carriage way, sending it towards the ditch on the left

Subaru was sent towards the ditch after its driver touched snow on the right-hand side of the carriageway. Subaru then lost control.

The Subaru went off the road twice before the driver was able to bring their car back under full control

After the Subaru spun off the road twice, the Subaru driver managed to get the car under control again. 

Although the Subaru Impreza has a permanent four-wheel-drive system similar to the Subaru Impreza in the World Rally Championship, it spins on the roads. 

After turning left on the I-90 from Highway-41, the motorist runs into problems. 

Car’s back loses traction, sending it crashing off the roadway. 

Drivers will be happy to know that the advanced four-wheel drive system of the car allowed for power distribution to all four wheels. This allows the vehicle to return to the original carriageway. 

The driver then loses control, and once he is on the road again, he turns too fast and the car drives off onto the grass verge. 

The car can again drive on snowy grass without difficulty and then return to the carriageway. 

The Outlander is fitted with a four-wheel drive system used in the all conquering Subaru Impreza World Rally Championship car

Subaru Impreza World Rally Championship winner car The Outlander has a four-wheel drive system fitted to the Outlander.

The drama was captured by a witness, who said it was “the first time that snow had fallen in Post Falls Idaho.” I was travelling south along Hwy-41 when I encountered the I-90 turn-off. I was about to enter the city, but the vehicle ahead of me spun into the ditch twice before it corrected and turned right onto the freeway. 

The video was viewed by one person. He wrote that both the car’s ability and driver to lift it out of the ditch two times is impressive. However, they are different in their abilities.

Another stated that Subaru will get the man out of his ditch by convincing him that AWD is better than improper tires.

Another person said: “It’s worth spending money on tires that are good.” You could be the difference between your death and your success.