Amazing moment: A car falls into a 12-foot-deep water hole created by Russian workers.

  • Lada fell into the 12-foot hole of Kursk’s street. 
  • The large crater’s edge was not properly marked by workers. 
  • Amazingly, Lada’s driver was uninjured. Witnesses helped him. 

Video of the moment when a Lada driver from Russia fell into 12 ft-deep watery hole caused by a heating pipe leak.

While workers were fixing the pipeline, they did not mark the spot in Kursk.

25-year-old driver fell into the pit with his car turning, before being immersed in water at minus 1C.

Video footage shows that the driver attempted to steer clear of the hole, having seen it last minute.  

Workers had failed to adequately mark out the edge of the large hole ahead of the incident in the Russian city of Kursk

Before the accident in Kursk, Russia, workers had not properly marked the edges of the big hole.

This is the moment a Lada vanished into a 12-foot sink hole in the Russian city of Kursk

It was at this moment that a Lada fell into the 12-foot hole of Kursk, Russia.

Footage of the incident was published on December 20 after the driver was interviewed by local media

The incident footage was published after the driver was interviewed for local media.

He was uninjured when he climbed out of Lada to be rescued by passersby. 

He said, “I don’t recall how I got out.”

“But I got out by myself.

“At a corner of the hole someone gave me help.

“I’m all right, just stunned.”

Reports indicate that the water had almost reached boiling point at the time it was accidently boiled. However, it had begun to cool down since then.

Russian cities have hot water pumped to warm their winter homes and offices.