That worked! A woman falls to the ground when she cannonballs in a large pool of sprinkles.

  • Kortney Olson (26 years old) was in New York City to visit the Museum of Ice Cream 
  • Ms Olson spotted an exhibit which featured  a pool full of giant rubber sprinkles
  • Brianna, her friend of 25 years, told her that she thought it was fun to jump in the pool. 

The failed attempt of a woman at interactive art ends with failure

Kortney Olson was 26 years old and visited New York City’s Museum of Ice Cream with Brianna Pupello (25).

Kortney was inspired to throw a cannonball in the museum’s pool of rubber sprinkles that is about knee deep.

But, her leapt into the sweet landed on top of it. She then slowly sinks in towards the bottom as Brianna laughs off-camera.

Kortney admitted that she was embarrassed by the incident but did not sustain any injuries.

Kortney Olson, 26, was visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, an immersive art experience themed around the tasty treat, with her friend Brianna Pupello, 25, in New York City when she jumped into a pool full of foam sprinkles

Kortney Olson was 26 years old and visiting New York City’s Museum of Ice Cream. There, she was accompanied by Brianna Pupello (25), when she plunged into a pool of foam sprinkles.

Ms Olson, pictured, visited the interactive museum which describes itself as a 'culturally inclusive environment'

Ms. Olson was pictured visiting the interactive museum, which is described as an ‘environment culturally inclusive’

Kortney Olson, 26, pictured, said she was 'highly embarrassed' but was uninjured

Kortney Olson, 26 years old, pictured. She said that she was embarrassed but not hurt.

The museum website states that the Museum of Ice Cream “transforms concepts and dreams into places that stimulate imagination and creativity.” MOIC is an environment and community that promotes cultural inclusion and creativity. It uses the universal power of Ice Cream to inspire imagination and human connection. Museum of Ice Cream, a Figure8 Brand.

We believe in sharing beautiful environments and encouraging interaction. This is why we provide multi-sensory ice creams that are fun and satisfy all the appetites of today’s generation. MOIC has four locations currently in New York City. Austin, Singapore, Chicago and Singapore (coming soon).

The unfortunate accident of Ms Olson is similar to that of a London cyclist, who was caught ‘faceplanting into’ a stationary vehicle. 

This footage was filmed in West London in September. It shows the cyclist fully dressed in Lycra cycling gear, gazing down at his pedals while he drives into the car.

Faceplanting on the back window of his car, he then falls sideways before quickly getting up onto his bike.

A cyclist came to crashing halt into the back of a stationary car after getting distracted by his pedals in Chelsea, London, on September 5

After being distracted by his pedals on September 5, a cyclist crashed to the rear of a stationary vehicle in Chelsea.

Rear dashcam footage showed the cyclist struggling to get his feet into the clips on his pedals before he faceplanting straight into the rear windscreen

Rear Dashcam footage captured the cyclist struggling with his pedals clips before he crashed into the rear windscreen.

He tried to get his friend to stop the car, but it was too late. In perfect view of the camera, the cyclist ran straight into the rear of the vehicle.

According to the unnamed filmmaker, a cyclist is more concerned with cutting his heels than looking ahead when he rides through London.

“Result”: He swerves in the back of mine car and amusingly facesplants my rear window just to my left.

“He didn’t get hurt. His pride was the only thing that got him. My car was still in good condition, but it did have some strange features and handprints.