Channel 4 viewers weren’t impressed last night by the millionaire’s desire to buy a luxurious home in London. 

Karl Chu, a London-based luxury footwear maker, reached out to Paulina, Sotheby’s estate agent, in order to locate his perfect bachelor pad. With his sights set on Mayfair, 

In last night’s show Karl visited three apartments priced between £6.75million and £11million, eventually deciding to make an offer on the most expensive property, even though it was located in Ovington Square and not Mayfair, because it had a ‘winter terrace’.

However, the rich man didn’t hesitate to ask for his requirements and complained about the apartments’ hallways and lights.  

This 4,700-square-foot flat has six bedrooms and four baths. It also features four reception rooms, spa facilities, and four other rooms. But viewers weren’t impressed by its dark décor and stated that it felt like a place you would visit if you needed a treatment for your teeth.

People found Karl who claimed he loved to smoke cigars and make shoes from crocodile skin. They felt bad for Paulina. 

Karl Chu, pictured, a London-based luxury shoe maker, called on estate agent Paulina to find him his dream bachelor pad, with his eyes set on Mayfair on last night's Britain's Most Expensive Houses

Karl Chu (pictured), a luxury shoemaker based in London, approached Paulina, an estate agent, to help him find his bachelor home. He had his sights set on Mayfair, which was last night’s winner of Britain’s Most Expensive Houses.

Karl was not convinced by the 'straight' and bright hallway of the first apartment he visited, which he said was not 'cosy' or 'welcoming' enough

Karl didn’t like the straight and bright hallways of the apartment he first visited. It was neither cosy nor welcoming, he stated.

Karl decided to make an offer on a £11million dix-bedroom flat in Ovington Square because it had a balcony, something he was particular adamant he needed

Karl decided to make an offer on a £11million dix-bedroom flat in Ovington Square because it had a balcony, something he was particular adamant he needed

Viewers were not impressed with Karl's personality and some questioned his taste in real estate after he decided to make an offer on a £11million flat

Viewers were not impressed with Karl’s personality and some questioned his taste in real estate after he decided to make an offer on a £11million flat

Karl was described by the estate agent as an “absolutely exceptional man”.

Karl was an electronics student who worked in investment banking, such as Goldman Sachs and Microsoft. His high taste for shoes led to him becoming a skilled shoemaker. 

According to the millionaire, he took a “shoe-batical” two or three years back in order to master how to make an accessory. 

He stated that he now makes shoes using ‘exotic leathers’, such as jackets and wallets made from crocodile.  And a single pair of his shoes can sell for over £20,000. 

He stated, “We’re selling these to the men who are recession proof”, adding that his clients include politicians and celebrities that fly privately and appreciate the finer things of life. 

Karl stated at first that he was searching for a three-bedroom apartment with lots of space, in Mayfair.  

Paulina stated that Karl was attracted to London’s lifestyle.  “He enjoys foods and good whisky, cigars as well as good clothing,” she said, laughing, before adding, “What could be better?”

The first flat Carl visited was a £8.75million flat above the Curzon cinema, which came furnished with premium fixtures. 

The house's master bedroom, pictured, came with an ens-suite bathroom. In total, the flat counted four bathroom and four reception room

The master bedroom in the house was pictured with an ensuite bathroom. The flat had four bathrooms and four reception rooms.

One of the four reception rooms was a dark dining room which particularly seduced Karl, who was looking for a 'bachelor pad'

Karl was particularly attracted to one of the reception rooms, a dark dining area. He was searching for a “bachelor pad”. 

The luxury London flat came with spa facilities and its own gym, pictured. Karl admitted it was 20 to 30 percent over his budget

Pictured: The luxurious London home had its own spa and gym. Karl said it was 20-30% more than his budget 

The 2,700 sq ft open plan flat counted three en-suite bathrooms and each came with bespoke wardrobes in each room, costing £25,000. 

The kitchen was also equipped with premium appliances, a wine cooler and row ovens. This impressed Karl the foodie. 

The millionaire, however, was not happy with the absence of a terrace at the property. He said that it was one of his top priorities. 

He said that he did not find the flat inviting and criticized the layout of the halls as being too straight. 

Paulina moved on to showing another Mayfair apartment just around the corner, costing much less, at £6.75million. 

Karl fell in love with the 600-foot flat and decided to give up the terrace. 

The flat's small terrace particularly convinced Karl to make an offer on the property, even though it was not in his preferred location

Karl was attracted to the small terrace of this flat, which convinced him to offer for it even though it wasn’t in his preferred area. 

The apartment belonged to the same owner for 42 years, but h was now ready to sell and Karl was seduced by the dark aesthetics of the property

After 42 years of ownership, the owner decided to let the apartment go. Karl became enticed by its dark interior.

The flat was located in a beautiful Victorian building located at the corner of Ovington Square. Paulina said it was a risk to show it to Karl because it was over its budget

This flat is located in Ovington Square’s beautiful Victorian Building. Paulina stated that it was too risky to show Karl the flat because it exceeded its budget.

The property had striking white and bold dark features throughout, and Karl was particularly enthusiastic about purchasing this flat

Karl loved the property’s striking features, including its bold black and white exteriors. He was especially excited about buying it. 

The house had two bedrooms and an open-plan layout.  Karl commented that she liked the layout and said it was lovely.  

Karl fell in love with the flat and considered making it a cigar lounge instead of a terrace.

The fact that the flat was only 10 minutes from Savill Row where Karel works, also delighted him. 

Paulina also had an ace in the hole and decided to show Karl a property that was further from Mayfair and nearly twice as expensive than her second apartment. 

To show him the six-bedroom home, she took him to Ovington Square. It has four bathrooms, a spa, and even a terrace. 

Another flat Karl saw was located above the Curzon cinema in Mayfair and cost £8.75million for 2.700 sqft. But it did not include a terrace

Another flat Karl saw was located above the Curzon cinema in Mayfair and cost £8.75million for 2.700 sqft. However, it didn’t include a terrace

The beautiful flat counted an open plan kitchen with integrated wine cooler and premium appliances, as well as four ovens, pictured

This beautiful apartment featured an open-plan kitchen, with premium appliances and wine cooler, along with four ovens. 

Each of the three bedrooms came with its own en-suite and bespoke wardrobes costing an eye-watering £25,000. The flat came furnished

Each of the three bedrooms came with its own en-suite and bespoke wardrobes costing an eye-watering £25,000. Fully furnished, the apartment was ready to move in. 

The large dining-room overlooked the city, however, Karl was disappointed the flat did not come with a terrace where he could smoke

Karl regretted that the large dining room overlooked the city. However, he was not able to smoke from the terrace. 

Karl was also informed by her that the property had been granted permission for an extension to the size of 6,000 square feet. Karl can then modify it to suit his needs. 

There were four reception areas in dark wood that attracted the shoe designer. 

Paulina said that the previous owner had owned the flat for 42 years and was now ready to sell. Karl was not able to afford it, she said. 

She told him that she hopes he won’t get pissed at me for taking him to a new location. 

The millionaire, despite the high price tag, seemed content with the results and said that it had “a lot of potential”.

He said, “I love that balcony,” after Paulina showed him the property. 

Karl loved the idea of the house having’scope to develop’, although he acknowledged that it was 20%-30% over his budget.

Paulina told him that even though the financing was not in place, he wanted to make an offer on the most valuable property. 

The viewers of Britain’s Most Expensive Homes were not impressed by Karl’s style sense and passion for cigars. 

Paulina said Karl was an 'incredible' client and was ready to bend over backwards to find a property that would suit his character

Paulina claimed Karl was an incredible’ client, and would do everything to help him find the right property.

Many claimed that the cast had “no class whatsoever” and Karl was a grotesque shoemaker. 

One viewer stated, “It wouldn’t be in that country, and it doesn’t have any of these properties, stupid parasitic greedy agents.” 

The other said that hideous furnishings were of no particular class, and could be found in black, brown or grey. 

‘Essentially paying £11m for a balcony… not sure why anyone would want to buy a house that looks like somewhere you’d go for a dental treatment,’ one said. 

 ‘Just what the world needs. Key-workers are often unable to afford food and rent, or to leave their parent’s house. But let’s not forget about the people who make up the 1 percent. 

‘Britain’s Most Expensive Houses should be called Britain’s Biggest A*******. The man who makes grotesque leather bags and shoes from skinning alligators made my stomach churn. One said, “No integrity.” 

One viewer said that “This isn’t selling Sunset,” referring to Netflix’s hit property series based in L.A. 

One said, “Britain’s most expensive houses reminds me of how stupid and arrogant some people are.” They added, “If I had the money, it would have four beds with acres of land, and there would be no neighbors looking into my garden…probably in Devon.”

One said, “Watching Britain’s most expensive houses really makes me happy that I don’t know anyone rich enough or stupid enough to purchase one. Or the Walter Mittys trying sell them.” 

Viewers were not impressed by the show and did not warm to Karl's personality, saying he was vapid, tasteless and 'dreadful'

It was not a popular show. Viewers did not like Karl and his personality.