The village layby in the vicinity of Amazon was left littered by toilet paper and bottles of urine. It was closed after angry locals hit HGV drivers who illegally parked there. They used it as an emergency toilet.

  • A layby in Tursdale, County Durham was shut after a pile-up of human waste
  • The deluge of human urine and human feces left residents shocked. 
  • Locals claim that hauliers unlawfully park and use the village for a toilet. 

After residents became horrified at a heap of human waste, urine bottles and toilet paper in a layby close to Amazon’s site, the facility was closed.

Tursdale families in County Durham expressed their disgust at the illegally-parked hauliers who used Tursdale as a stop and rest point.  

Residents claimed that the deluge of trash in the nearby field and layby had been a regular occurrence since Amazon took over the estate last year.

Concerns about the layby (pictured) first emerged last December and residents said they had been 'completely let down' after reporting the problem to the council on a number of occasions

Last December, concerns about the layby were first raised. Residents claimed that they felt ‘completely letdown’ having reported the problem to the council on several occasions.

One parent even caught a truck driver going urinating out in open daylight. Others were afraid to walk their dogs in that area.

Durham County Council now confirms that the layby located near Integra61 Industrial Estate is closed. It will not reopen after months of discussion and consultations.

Amazon had previously stated that they take the concerns raised “very seriously” and that subcontractors causing disruptions did not conform to the company’s high standards.

A layby (pictured) near an Amazon site was shut for good after residents were left horrified by a pile-up of human faeces, bottles of urine and toilet paper

After residents became horrified at a pile of human feces, urine bottles and toilet paper in a layby near Amazon’s site, the facility was closed.

One village resident, who’s lived here for 40+ years, said that the decision was well received. “It’s been a very difficult situation. Now we all want to see it disappear.”

‘If you had asked anyone of us it would still be the same as it used to be a year ago. Human waste continues because nothing is being done.  

It’s blocked now, and they also put up double-yellow lines at the turn circle in order to prevent them from parking.

“What is currently proposed is the installation of two large gates at both ends of the layby. But that was not what we expected to see in November.”

Concerns about the layby first emerged last December and residents said they had been ‘completely let down’ after reporting the problem to the council on a number of occasions.

Villagers claimed up to five lorries would park ‘at all times of the day and night’ despite signs asking drivers to keep the area clear.

Some took photos showing the lorries, ‘not just’ those serving Amazon, which could be seen double-parked and in some cases blocking the layby completely.  

Dave Wafer of Durham County Council’s transportation and contract services said that “local residents previously expressed concern over a large number of heavy-goods vehicles using Tursdale’s layby, and related antisocial behaviour.”

One parent had even captured a truck driver urinating in public, in broad daylight, last year

A parent even caught a truck driver going naked in the open, during daylight last year.

“We therefore discussed a traffic regulation order that would ban all vehicular use of the layby.

“Local residents supported the order.

“Following one objection, the matter has been considered by our Highways Committee’s in September.

“The decision was approved by the committee and the closing could proceed.”

Amazon responded to previous concerns by saying it tried to be a good neighbor and was taking the issues raised by residents very seriously.

According to a spokesperson, Amazon strives for good neighbor and takes this issue very seriously.

“Any disruption caused to drivers is not reflective of the high standards that we have for their carrier partners.

Durham County Council has confirmed the layby near the Integra 61 Industrial Estate has been closed and will not be reopening

Durham County Council confirms that the layby area near Integra 61 industrial estate has been shut down and won’t be reopened

We have informed our carrier partners regarding the raised concerns.

“We expect all carriers to follow these guidelines.” 

In Hoo, Kent earlier this month. We built a roadside stoeper for Amazon truck drivers, after getting tired of seeing trucks urinating in front of their cars.

The HGV drivers who visit an Amazon warehouse have been a source of complaints for locals for over two decades.

Residents claimed that workers park on grass verges alongside busy roads, and leave the mess behind afterward.