An ex-police lieutenant from New Jersey criticized Thursday’s guilty verdict in Kim Potter’s murder trial. He claimed that it would have a chilling effect on other police officers.

‘I’ve got to tell you just about everyone I’ve spoken to in and out of law enforcement agreed that this was an accident,’ Steve Rodgers, a former lieutenant of the Nutley, New Jersey Police Department and agent of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force for the US Navy, declared in an interview with conservative news outlet Newsmax Thursday following the verdict. 

Potter, a 49-year-old white suburban mother of two, was found guilty on first and second degree manslaughter in shooting Wright, 20 years, at her car. The incident occurred during a meeting between the police chiefs. Traffic stopped after she allegedly mistakenly thought her gun was a taser. 

“She proved that she did not intend to use her firearm.” This verdict will have a chilling impact on all cops in this country, I’m afraid. Roger stated this during the live interview.     

“You will have to wait for them to use deadly force on you before you can do the things you need to do.” 

Steve Rodgers, a former lieutenant of the Nutley, New Jersey Police Department and agent of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force for the US Navy, slammed the verdict reached by jurors in the manslaughter trial of Kim Potter Thursday, saying it'd have a 'chilling effect' on cops across the US

Steve Rodgers, a former lieutenant of the Nutley, New Jersey Police Department and agent of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force for the US Navy, slammed the verdict reached by jurors in the manslaughter trial of Kim Potter Thursday, saying it’d have a ‘chilling effect’ on cops across the US

Potter, a 26-year veteran in the force, claimed she accidentally shot Daunte Wright when she reached for her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop over his expired plates in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Daunte Wright, 20, was pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror and expired license plate tags

Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran in the force, claimed she accidentally shot Daunte Wright (right) when she reached for her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop over his expired plates in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 11

Rogers who has a 38 year career as a law enforcer, said that he had to say it. He also stated, “But, I’ve got too tell you,” adding, “My gut feels suggest there might have been some politics in regard to the thoughts of the jurors.” Rogers stated that he believes the sweeping publicity received by the verdict would have a similar effect across America.    

He also spoke out about how the Potter verdict could impact existing cop shortages as well as the attitudes of officers toward smaller crimes, which can have an adverse effect on Americans’ quality life.

Rogers replied, “Well, I could tell you some things one.” You might not find a lot willing to sign up and volunteer. There will be many retirements. 

“But you might be able to throw out proactive policing methods. 

“We were taught to investigate issues of quality and arrest minor criminals so that they wouldn’t become more serious crimes. 

This all began over a vehicle stop. It ended with an officer being guilty of manslaughter. Does it really matter? Right now, cops are considering this. Does it make sense to pull over a vehicle so that someone is being investigated for low-level crime? Your job could be at risk and you may even lose your life.     

Rogers shared his view on Potter’s claims during court proceedings. He also gave his opinions on why Potter’s disgraced police officer chose to take the witness stand – an action many thought was ill-advised.

Rogers said that Potter was put on the stand because of his attorneys’ decisions. 

“They placed her on the witness stand to make her feel humaned, as opposed to trying to dehumanize and discredit her.” 

“We should remember that Kim Potter’s act was completed in a matter of seconds. It may have taken two to three seconds. It was not intended. Her remorse was evident. The prosecutor tried to paint him as an evil, evil person.

Potter was found guilty of both manslaughter count on Thursday for shooting 20-year-old black motorist Daunte Wright dead during a botched traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on April 11

On Thursday, Potter was found guilty in both counts of manslaughter for killing Daunte Wright, a black motorist, during an accidently arranged traffic stop at Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 11.

Potter remained impassive between her attorneys and did not react throughout reading of the verdict or the news that she would be taken into custody

Potter did not respond to her attorney’s news of her arrest and remained neutral between them.

Rogers discussed how Rogers said that the case outcome could have dire consequences for law enforcement personnel.

“I will tell you that a lot cases don’t bother my. Because I know what is coming, and how it will affect cops around the country, this bothers my. 

“She has an impeccable police record. It really bothered me that she was such a good officer.   

“I mean that you also take into consideration the protests against police during 2020. We saw protests against social equality. There were also historic resignations. It is difficult to do your work. He was speaking about the events surrounding George Floyd’s assassination by Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin in May 2020. This led to calls to cut funding for the US’ police force and subsequent rise in violence.  

Ex-cop spoke about the negative consequences that Potter’s guilty verdict would have on him and offered a dark outlook to those considering a career as a law enforcer.

The former police officer, 49, reacts after being convicted of both manslaughter charges, which carry a 15 and 10 year max sentence, respectively

Kim Potter

After being convicted on both the manslaughter and murder charges (which carry respective 15- to 10-year maximum sentences), 49-year old ex-police officer reacts


The controversial conviction was also discussed by others on Thursday, including Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro (Fox News), who claimed that she was similarly shocked at the verdict. 

Pirro stated, “I must say, I was shocked at the verdict,” on Thursday’s broadcast of The Story with Martha MacCallum. 

“It’s a type of verdict that we all expected,” the TV jurist said. 

“This woman did not intend to do any damage to Daunte. However, we all know the law and it talks about recklessness as well as culpable negligence. She was negligent. There’s no question about it.’ 

Andrew Branca from Law of Self Defense, who claims he followed the entire trial and also criticised the verdict, stated that “every cop” was sending their resumes right now in an attorney-laden stream immediately following the verdict.

Also on the stream,  Defense attorney Robert Barnes shook his head in disgust after the verdict was read, declaring it ‘a ridiculous verdict.’

‘You’re nuts if you stay a cop in the Twin Cities.’

Peter Gleason (ex-NYPD officer, current civil rights attorney) offered an even more subtle critique of the decision.  

“I feel we’re reaching an era where law enforcement is held more accountable.”

The situation is a call to reform the American police system. This is where it gets to: sending a trucker who was involved in an accident that lasted 110 years, or convicting police officers who made a fatal mistake.  

“We should reexamine both the criminal justice system and our legal systems.”


By Snejana Farberov  

The mother of Daunte Wright celebrated the manslaughter convictions of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter for the killing of her 20-year-old son as a ‘victory,’ but she stressed that the guilty verdicts have given her accountability, but not justice.

Katie Bryant said that Justice would mean Daunte returning home. But, right now, she added, “But right now, we’re going be accepting accountability and being thankful for it.” 

After Thursday’s verdict, she said that she was in shock and disbelief.

Kim Potter was found guilty by a majority of white jurors after spending 27 hours deliberating over four days. 

Potter stated that Wright died after she shot her with her Taser and handgun. She testified tearfully that she did not want to cause any harm during the trial. 

Katie Bryant, Daunte Wright's mother (left), told CNN New Day's Erica Hill on Friday that former police officer Kim Potter's conviction is a 'victory'

Katie Bryant (left), Daunte Wright’s mother, told CNN New Day’s Erica Hill Friday that Kim Potter’s conviction as a former officer of the police is a victory. 

Ex-cop Kim Potter smiles in her mugshot after being found guilty of the manslaughter of Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright and his son

Potter, left) was photographed smiling in a new photo of her mug that she received after being convicted on charges of manslaughter for Daunte Wright’s murder (pictured right with her son).

Bryant commented on the reactions to trial: “It is a victory that we were able have…our day in Court and be able have two guilty verdicts.” It is a victory, even though Daunte may not be coming home. 

Bryant indicated that Bryant will inform her grandson Daunte, the young boy, that Bryant is part of history and his name won’t be forgotten. She also said that Bryant loved him. 

Ben Crump (civil rights lawyer) represented Wright’s family. He compared Potter’s convictions to the ones of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis cop who killed black man George Floyd in May 2020 and three Georgian white men who were convicted this month for gunning down Ahmaud Abery while he ran away.

Potter showed little emotion when a jury on Thursday found her guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter counts after 27 hours of deliberation

After 27 hours of deliberation, Potter was unable to express emotion after a jury found her guilty on Thursday of the first and second degree manslaughter charges. 

Crump claimed that Potter’s verdict was just as profound as other opinions, and argued that “2021” is the right time to make a decision. [is]It was a historic year for our pursuit of racial justice for America …. and it’s not only about Daunte Wright’s family’s accountability, it’s a victory to America’s quest for equal justice.

Potter, 49, faces about seven years in prison under the state’s sentencing guidelines, but prosecutors said they would seek a longer term. 

Bryant responded to a question about Potter’s sentence by saying that he didn’t think it was fair. However, he expressed optimism that the justice system would do what is right and sentence Potter fairly.  

Judge Regina Chu placed Potter in custody. She ordered her to be held without bail until sentencing, which was scheduled for February 18. Potter, who was free of $100,000 bail posted on the same day that Wright was killed and the day before she quit police service, was taken into custody by Judge Regina Chu.

It was the second high-profile conviction of a police officer won this year by a team led by Attorney General Keith Ellison, including some of the same attorneys who helped convict Chauvin in Floyd’s death in the very same courtroom just eight months earlier.