It’s as though God visited us: Villagers revere a cow that was born with THIRD EYE (on its forehead) because it represents Shiva, the Hindu God.

  • India has three sets of eyes for a cow, and it was the first Indian baby with two nostrils.
  • Some claim that the animal was incarnated of Shiva the Hindu god.
  • Many people have taken special trips to visit the farm and left gifts for the animals.
  • A hormonal disorder is thought to have caused the additional facial features. 

One Indian farm has begun to attract visitors to see a baby calf, which is believed to have been born to an Indian farmer. 

Although it has some unusual features, this animal was deemed healthy and fit after being born in Rajnand, Chhattisgarh.

Locals claim that the infant animal represents Lord Shiva, one of three Hindu gods.

People have made special trips to the farm to view the three-eyed calves, with others believing the animals will bring prosperity and luck to their village.

A calf in the Indian village of Rajnand, Chhattisgarh, has been born with a third eye and an extra pair of nostrils

A calf in the Indian village of Rajnand, Chhattisgarh, has been born with a third eye and an extra pair of nostrils

Locals claim the animal represents Shiva, the Hindu God of Shiva. They have traveled to the area in special vehicles and delivered gifts.

Neeraj Chandel from Farmer Neeraj said, “As soon the cow gave birth we believed it had some sort of a cut on its forehead. Then we found it was an eye using a flashlight.

“We found four nostrils, which led to more people coming into our house after the nocturnal delivery.”

People have offered flowers and coconuts to their newborn calfs.

Two calves were born to the mother cow before, and they are fully grown. 

The hormonal disorder that caused the third eye to be missing in the animal is believed to have been responsible.

Calfs average around 30lbs in weight, and have a more extended tongue than any other animal.

“The calf moves normally, drinks milk from his mother’s udder, and uses the third eye on the forehead.

Neeraj stated, “It is more like God visited us,”

Despite the animal's extra facial features, it is believed that the calf is fit and healthy

It is thought that the calves are healthy despite their extra facial features.

It is understood that the third eye and additional nose are the result of a hormonal disorder

The hormonal disorder that causes the additional nose and third eye to appear is known as a hormone problem.

Madan Anand, private practitioner, said however that the birthing of a calf was just one more example of deformity. This has nothing to do superstitions, faith or anything.

People should be alert, particularly those from rural areas that worship animals like these.

“…The local veterinarians held awareness campaigns for such practices to be avoided in their respective areas.”