An ex-boyfriend of a mother-of-2 threatened to put her head on a stick, according to police reports. This was just 11 days prior her death.

It found that Regan Tierney was not protected adequately before Daniel Patten, 31 stabbed her in the horrific murder-suicide in Salford, Greater Manchester, in 2019. 

After Miss Tierney called the police to alert them that she thought she was in danger, her father discovered the young mother’s corpse.

A report concluded there were 'missed opportunities' to protect Regan Tierney, 27 (pictured), before she was stabbed to death by Daniel Patten

Regan Tierney (pictured at 27) was attacked and killed by Daniel Patten in a report. 

After Miss Tierney was contacted by police again, the situation became tense and she decided to end the investigation. 

Patten, who was critically injured and also discovered at that address, died the next day. 

Salford Community Safety Partnership ordered a Domestic Homicide Review to investigate concerns regarding Regan’s interactions with GMP and other agencies just before her death.

Services such as GMP and GP practices, Bolton NHS FT service, Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation, Salford Royal NHS Trust, etc., missed many opportunities.

During their 10-year relationship, Miss Tierney was subject to coercive and controlling behaviour, intimidation, verbal abuse, physical violence and threats, at the hands of Patten.

The review determined that, even though Miss Tierney had disclosed that she was the victim of domestic abuse to multiple professionals, it wasn’t recommended that she be referred for specialist domestic abuse services.

During their 10-year relationship, Miss Tierney was subject to coercive and controlling behaviour

Their 10-year marriage was marked by Miss Tierney’s coercive, controlling and controlling actions 

The police previously claimed that Miss Tierney was the only one responsible for her death, and they are treating it as murder suicide. 

Miss Tierney and Dave Tierney, her father, called the police May 25, 2019, in order to report Patten’s abusive behavior. 

They were not in a long-term relationship, but they were still in touch to schedule visitation for their children.

Police interviewed Miss Tierney, who said that Patten threatened her to put her head on a stick and she thought he was dangerous to her. However, he wasn’t dangerous to their children. 

The next evening, Mr Tierney dialed the police force to report the incident. However, the operator’refused to give details’. 

The caller returned Mr Tierney’s call a few minutes later. However, the operator noted that Tierney was “rude” and could have been intoxicated and declined to talk with him. 

Miss Tierney was not notified of her report until May 28th, at which time she decided to withdraw from the service.  

On May 25, 2019 both Miss Tierney and her father Dave Tierney (pictured) phoned the police to report Patten's abusive behaviour.

Miss Tierney, along with her father Dave Tierney (pictured), called the police on May 25, 2019, to report Patten’s abuse behavior.

GMP officers had not followed up on the Patten incident at the time she was murdered a few days after her death. The report also noted that the actions taken by the call handler “did not conform to GMPs Third Party reporting Policy and constitute a missed chance to offer safeguarding advice or add to the incident log”.

If Miss Tierney hadn’t been delayed in her police appearance, the situation might have improved. A panel concluded that this was because of how she had reported her concerns.

There were also missed opportunities to protect the young mother by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust A&E after she presented with a broken nose in October 2012, the review found.

Staff at the hospital believed that Patten had inflicted the injuries. However, Miss Tierney informed staff she was not allowed to be referred to domestic abuse specialists.

Regan, Greater Manchester Police, also conducted a risk assessment following the attack. It was initially marked as’standard’, but it was later elevated to’medium’. 

Forensics officers at the scene where Miss Tierney was found dead in a semi-detached house in 2019

Officers from Forensics at the site where Miss Tierney was discovered dead in a semi detached house in 2019,

According to the report, Miss Tierney suffered severe injuries that could have led to the risk being deemed high, which would have resulted in a referral to MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences).

Although Patten was ultimately convicted of the assault, Miss Tierney did not receive any safety planning or risk assessment.

During a therapy session at Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust (GMMH), she made the disclosures about domestic abuse that Patten had caused to her.

According to the panel, there were no attempts to obtain additional information on Patten or any consideration about refering her to a specialist domestic violence service.

The review called the incident a ‘missed opportunity’ to ‘explore risks’ and  ‘make a referral to specialist domestic abuse services’.

Miss Tierney shared her story with GMMH about Patten’s controlling and coercive behavior. There were also suggestions that Tierney may have borrowed money to help pay Patten’s debts. 

Miss Tierney also retracts domestic abuse reports on multiple occasions.

The late-mother's two children, pictured, have now been legally adopted by her sister Shannon

Shannon has legally adopted the two children of her late mother, shown here.

Regan had been given information about Patten’s ‘Women’s Centre’ by her therapist, but it was not clear if there was any effort to investigate the effect Patten’s actions on Regan.

They concluded that ‘none of the domestic abuse agencies had investigated the effects of control and coercion’.

She also saw her GP several times with what was described as a ‘risk indicator’ of domestic abuse. These included anxiety and depression.

Regan could have been a victim to domestic abuse if her doctor or any other agencies did not review the situation.

A number of instances were also highlighted by the panel of practitioners who failed to report information on a variety of agencies.

Patten’s contacts with the National Probation Service in 2012 and 2014 are perhaps the most notable example.

“There were many instances where the information wasn’t being shared quickly or at times when agencies might not have been able to obtain it,” concluded the report.

It was also revealed that, despite their known risks, Miss Tierney, Patten, and other parents were involved actively in raising children. This brought them in contact. 

Domestic Homicide Review Panel received information from police that indicated that Miss Tierney was killed by Patten. Patten then tried to kill himself by hanging.

An examination post mortem revealed that Miss Tierney was dead from multiple stab injuries. 

Patten survived his attempt to take his own life but died later in hospital due to his injuries.

GMP referred Miss Tierney to the Independent Office for Police Conduct after her death.

The IOPC had not yet published their report when the Domestic Homicide Review was published September 20, 2121.

The Home Secretary described Miss Tierney’s case by GMP as “deeply troubling” in March 2021.

Priti Patel wrote to Dave Tierney earlier this year: “Your daughter’s tragic death should not have happened.”

Regan appeared to be linked to Regan’s underperformance in the Home Secretary’s letter. Inspectors placed GMP into’special measures.

Her family described Miss Tierney as a beautiful young lady who had “everything to be happy for.”

Following her death, her parents released the following statement: “She was a loving mom who loved family life. She will be deeply missed by her 2 children and their families.

Miss Tierney with her sister Shannon. The late mother was described by her family as a lovely young woman who had 'everything to live for'

Shannon Tierney and Miss Tierney. The late mother was described by her family as a lovely young woman who had ‘everything to live for’

Regan passed too soon. Her beautiful family included her sister, brother, niece and daughter. She was also a remarkable mother. The memories will be cherished forever.

MEN was previously informed by Mr Tierney that he is still suffering from anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic stress disorder due to the trauma of discovering his daughter’s body.

Shannon has adopted legally the children of her late mother.

In response to the Domestic Homicide Review’s findings, Tierney claimed that the results had reaffirmed many of his family’s concerns.

He said, “They’ve done this review. It has brought out so many errors on the part GMP.”

“We are satisfied with the report. GMP classified her as a high risk and missed many chances to catch up. They ought to have continued.

Bolton Coroner’s Court will hold a pre-inquest review of Miss Tierney’s murder next month.

David Lancaster (lead member for environment and neighbourhoods and safety) said that Salford Community Safety Partnership conducted the review and examined the interaction of various agencies and the young girl involved.

“This tragic event saw a controlling, abusive and coercive partner take the life of a young lady.

Friends and family celebrated Regan's life at an emotion service. A pre-inquest review into Miss Tierney's death is due to take place at Bolton Coroner's Court next month

Regan’s death was marked by friends and relatives at an emotional service. Next month, Miss Tierney’s pre-inquest review will be held at Bolton Coroner’s Court.

He said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family members and friends.”

“All agencies are now aware of the lessons learned from this terrible situation. Every opportunity missed is treated seriously. The partner organizations continue to collaborate to learn from the mistakes made.

Salford Community safety Partnership will keep an eye on progress towards these goals.

Chris Packer, Detective Superintendent of Police said that his thoughts were with the family and friends of this young lady.

GMP remains committed to working alongside partners in order to determine if more can be done to avoid this tragedy.

“The results of the review were shared with all agencies. We will consider any lessons learned.

GMP continues to prioritize domestic abuse as a top priority. We adapt our approach to continue working with partner agencies in order to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.