After a tip of $4,400 from good Samaritans that was split between her server and her waitress, a restaurant manager made her quit her job.

Grant Wise is a local realtor who organized the “$100 Dinner Club” to dine at Oven and Tap in Bentonville. Each member contributed a $100 tip.  

KNWA’s Wise said he had called ahead to check if servers would share tips. After presenting Ryan Brandt with $4,400, Wise was left in tears as she presented Ryan Brandt to one of her waitresses to share among them and the second waitress who served, the group.

Brandt explained that soon afterwards, the restaurant managers advised her that she would need to split the tip between all her coworkers. She said this because they had never asked for it in the three-and-a-half years she’s been there.

Brandt explained to FOX 59 that she was being told she was to give her money to her shift manager, and that she would take home 20%. Brandt also noted that it was the first time that she’d been asked to split her tip during three and a quarter years of working there. 

Brandt stated that she felt ‘devastated” at the tip. She had originally planned to use it to pay her student loan debts. 

Wise discovered that Brandt had been dismissed for violating the restaurant’s guidelines by telling Wise its tip policy. 

Grant Wise, left, who owns a local real estate company, organized the '$100 Dinner Club' to dine at the Oven and Tap with each member contributing a $100 tip

Grant Wise left, owner of local real estate, organized the $100 Dinner Club. Members dined at Oven and Tap and each contributed a $100 tip

As he told Ryan Brandt she would receive a $4,400 tip to split with another server, she broke down in tears

When he said to Ryan Brandt, she would get a $4,000.00 tip that could be split between another server, she burst into tears.

Brandt, right, said she was planning to use the money to pay off her student loans, but was told by restaurant management she had to split it with all of the employees - something she had never been asked to do before

Brandt, left, stated she intended to use it to repay her student loans. But she was asked by management to divide the money with all employees. This was something that Brandt had never been asked before.

Wise came up with the idea of the $100 Dinner Club during the pandemic. 5 News reported that Wise knew many servers affected by COVID-related shutdowns.

He hosted an Arkansas real estate conference and organized it at Oven and Tap.

“We were aware that servers had been really hard hit by COVID, and we knew it was something we could do to help them. [a friend]He said that they had come up together to help give back.

Wise stated that he called the restaurant to verify there was no tip-sharing or pooling of tips policy. When a staff member confirmed this, Wise, his wife, moved ahead with their plans.

Brandt received the large tip from them, which left her in tears. The moment was shared to Instagram on December 2.

Wise starts the video by saying, “I am so sorry to interrupt everybody’s dinner. This will only take 60 seconds,”

He says to Brandt as he wraps around Brandt’s arm and points out the distant.

“Everyone at the table contributed $100 or tipped $100 to you, and also for the waitress who had to leave because she was ill.

“And then, we sent it out through our social media channels. After that, we received a little more money, so now we have tipped $4,400. This will be split between the girl who looked after us.” 

Wise said he chose the Oven and Tap in Bentonville, Arkansas (pictured) because it was one of his and his wife's favorite local restaurants

Wise claimed that the Oven and Tap in Bentonville Arkansas was where he and his wife chose to eat because they loved it.

Brandt looked visibly distraught after the announcement. But Wise explained that he soon learned that restaurant managers had asked him to split his tip.

Wise stated that he attempted to contact the owner in order to “ensure everything was going well”, but that he was unsuccessful. He did not connect with her beyond a couple of text messages, which eventually ended.

He returned to Oven and Tap, to retrieve his cash, and handed it directly to Brandt, who was standing outside.

Wise shared the news on social media that Brandt had been fired by him. 

On Facebook, he posted: “I’m so disappointed to hear about the girl that we tip the other evening at our $100 Dinner Club”

“I am not sure how this could happen to a woman who seems so sweet and kindhearted.

“Nevertheless, I am committed to showing her there are wonderful people all over the globe that can do great things when given the chance.”

In a YouTube video, he repeated the sentiment and announced that he was putting together a GoFundMe to help the waitress.

He stated, “I hope that this girl can stay on top and not allow something like this to get her down,” adding: “I don’t understand it all…but I’m willing to help as much as possible.”

FOX59 was informed by Oven and Tap that they had received requests from large groups of people to give gratuity to certain servers. Their request was fully respected.

“Out of respect for our highly-valued team members, it is not possible to discuss details regarding the termination of employees.” 

Wise posted on social media on December 7 that he discovered Brandt was fired

Wise shared on social media that Brandt had been fired on December 7.

He set up a GoFundMe to help her pay her expenses until she finds another job. It raised $8,700 as of Saturday, when Wise shut it down

In order to pay her bills until she can find a new job, Wise set up GoFundMe. Wise ended the GoFundMe on Saturday with $8,700.

Wise stated in an online fundraising that he would like to assist Brandt in ‘getting through the next couple of months, and hopefully finding a job opportunity.’ He also noted that he doesn’t know Ryan other than her past waiting for him.

My goal is for her to get through the experience without stress or anxiety.

Wise updated Thursday that Brandt had been offered a job in another restaurant and started work December 8.

After the fundraising exceeded $8,700, he shut it down on Saturday.