How white paint and plaster gave new life to dark 70s homes

  • Home stylist, Lisa Sullivan has shared how Gyprock transformed her home.
  • Liz Amaya stated that white plaster and paint are her heroes in this stunning renovation.
  • One time, the interior walls of the house were made from exposed brick. This was very fashionable in 70s.

Amazing before-and after photographs of her home have revealed that a home stylist believes paint and gyprock can make a house look beautiful.

Liz Amaya is a well-known blogger who shares helpful tips online for cleaning. She is currently renovating her Queensland home.

These photos are stunning and show how plastering 70s-style brick walls made it seem larger.

Popular home stylist and Instagram star Liz Amaya has shown off never-before seen photos of the inside of her home before it was renovated

Liz Amaya is a well-known home stylist and Instagram celebrity who has posted never-before seen images of her house before it was renovated.

The mother of four replaced the dark brown and orange tones with different shades of white

A mother of four changed the orange and dark brown tones by using different white shades

The family home appears brighter and more accommodating in the photos after.

This was an enormous shift in the interior’s dark and cavelike appearance before the renovation.  

She wrote, “Hard to believe that this house is identical,” on Instagram.

She added, “Amazing what some paint or gyprock can do,”

Her fans were equally impressed.

“I cannot believe it, WOW, what a transformation,” said a woman who is also a stylist.

Others thanked her for sharing honest before-and-after images that highlighted the natural nature of her renovations.

She did leave the timber ceiling exposed though

The exposed brick was also covered up in the renovation

Liz plastered the bricks with white plaster, and then replaced the furniture by lighter pieces.

A woman commented, “This is a wonderful space. Bravo!”

Some of her original features were retained by others, which was a surprise to some. 

“Pretty cool, to see how it looked. Love the retro vibes of this old house. I’m glad you saved the timber ceiling.

People who had been following the mother-of-4 for some time are still stunned by her transformation.

‘This blows my mind, I’ve never seen the internal before pics before.’

The before photos show a dark, dingy looking home

This is in stark contrast with the after photos which show a very bright home

The photos were so shocking that she couldn’t believe they had been taken in the exact same house.

The stylist is very popular online and loves helping people make their homes more comfortable

Online, the stylist is very well-known and enjoys helping people to make their home more comfortable.

Her next task is to finish the floor plan. She says that she wants oak flooring boards, but fears the wood ceiling will be too cluttered.

She stated, “I feel I need a white ceiling to make this work. Timber will always clash.” 

Liz described the renovations as “progressive”, but they are still ongoing, with yard work and improvements to entertainment areas.

Recently, the mom decided to cover the driveway so that the yard and pool could flow smoothly around the house’s back.