Wales to CLOSE nightclubs after Christmas and enforce social distancing at work in order to fight Omicron

  • Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, said that after Christmas nightclubs would be closed
  • Businesses and shops will require social distancing by December 27 
  • To stop Omicron’s rapid spread, there are restrictions. 

  • Wales plans to close all nightclubs, and enforce social isolation in office buildings after Christmas as a way of fighting Omicron. 

    The new restrictions, part of a ‘two-phase plan’, will see two-metre social distancing become mandatory in shops and business from December 27, alongside measures including one-way systems and physical barriers to protect customers and staff. 

    Mark Drakeford, the First Minister, said that regulation will be amended to make it mandatory to work at home whenever possible.

    This comes just days after the UK had recorded the highest number of daily cases since the outbreak began with 88 376 infections. 

    The Welsh Government encourages people to take five steps until December 27: Get vaccinated. Make sure you have a negative test for lateral flow before meeting anyone, go shopping, or meet people in an area that is well ventilated. Space out your socializing to permit test days between.

    The government is asking people to cut down on contact in the days ahead, particularly if they have Christmas plans that include visiting older people or those who are more vulnerable.

    Wales will close nightclubs and enforce social distancing in offices after Christmas in a bid to tackle Omicron, First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced

    According to First Minister Mark Drakeford, Wales will shut down all nightclubs in the country and enforce social seclusion in office buildings after Christmas. This is in an attempt to fight Omicron.

    Mark Drakeford was the first minister and stated: “Delta will remain to be the major cause of coronavirus infections in Wales until Christmas.” Omicron is increasing fast in Wales, and throughout the UK.

    We need to have a strategy to make sure we are safe over Christmas. And we must also take stronger precautions to ensure we’re protected after the holidays, when we face an influx of Omicron infections.

    Omicron presents a serious threat to health and safety. This is the worst pandemic development to-date.

    “It’s something that we have to take seriously. We will not stop putting in place the necessary measures to ensure that people have their lives and livelihoods protected.

    “This virus thrives when it comes into contact with humans. Each contact with a person can spread the virus or allow it to be caught.


    The changes for businesses comes with the announcement that up to £60 million will be available to support those affected by the new measures.

    He said, “A smaller Christmas means a safer Christmas.” We have a lower chance of contracting or transmitting the virus if we are around fewer people.

    Please enjoy the Christmas season with your closest and dearest. When the Omicron variant is gone, think of meeting up with larger circles of friends.

    “I would also like to say thank you to the many thousands who are working in safety this Christmas, especially to all of those who cancelled plans for work in vaccination centres throughout Wales. This will increase our protection against the terrible virus.”