Study shows that walking a dog can be more effective than just strolling by yourself to combat stress. This is because the dogs release fewer chemicals which are known to cause anxiety and depression.

Study shows that stress is less effective when you walk your dog than when you stroll alone.

Scientists found that the outdoor with your pet reduces stress, depression and anxiety. 

Also, the levels of certain chemicals protecting mental health may be increased.

Walking the dog is better at combating stress than strolling alone, a study shows. Researchers found sharing the outdoors with a pet cuts down the release of chemicals known to trigger depression, stress and anxiety

Study shows that walking the dog with your pet is more effective at reducing stress levels than simply going out for walks, The release of stress chemicals that can cause depression and anxiety was reduced when a dog is accompanied by a person.

For a week, scientists at Tokyo’s University of Animal Health Technology collected saliva from 14 pet owners.

Results published in Animals showed that stress-inducing MHPG chemicals were less when dogs were on walks, and levels of GABA chemicals, which are calming, could be up to 40% higher.