The man accused of murdering five after mowing them down in his car during a Wisconsin holiday parade once pleaded with a judge that he was ‘not some monster’.

Darrell Brooks (39), has been arrested for five counts first-degree intentional murder. However, more charges will likely follow as an eight year old boy is named Tuesday night as Brooks’ sixth victim.

Brooks received $5 million bail on Tuesday. He appeared in court dressed in a suicide prevention green gown and sobbed as his attorney wrapped her arms around him to console him.

Now, we know that Brooks sent Robert Perry in Nevada in 2007 to inform him that he wasn’t a monster.

It has been revealed that Darrell Brooks, 39, who has been accused of murdering five after mowing them down in his car during a Wisconsin holiday parade, once previously pleaded with a judge that he was 'not some monster' during a separate incident in 2007

Darrell Brooks, 39 years old, has been charged with the murder of five children after driving his car through a Wisconsin holiday parade. Brooks had once pleaded to a judge in 2007 that he wasn’t some kind of monster.

Court documents have revealed that in 2007, Brooks wrote to Nevada Judge Robert Perry to tell him that he was 'not some monster' (pictured), as part of a plea for leniency after he violated probation after he admitted molesting a 15-year-old girl in 2006

According to court documents, Brooks sent Robert Perry a letter in 2007 to say that he wasn’t a monster (pictured), in a plea for mercy after violating probation in 2006.

In 2006, Brooks (pictured at the time) was convicted in a Nevada court for statutory rape after he had sex with a minor. Brooks was 24 years old at the time of his conviction

Brooks, pictured in 2006 after having sex as a minor with another woman, was convicted by a Nevada court of statutory rape. Brooks was just 24 when he was convicted.

The NY Post obtained court documents that showed Brooks also claimed, in asking the judge for leniency. Brooks stated that he was bipolar and depressed at age 12.

After molesting 15-year old girl in 2006, he was repeatedly violating probation and pleaded guilty to Nevada. 

He said that he did not know that the victim was younger than 16 years old, and he went so far as to accuse the victim of having ‘fooled him’, according to court records. 

After allegedly engaging in sex at an apartment located in Sparks, he was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency and statutory sexual seduction.

He pleaded guilty and was given an order not to contact his victim, her mother, or her grandmother.

Books was released from a halfway house after failing to get into two post-release programs.

Terrifying video footage captured the moment Darrell Brooks, 39, plowed through the Christmas parade which had killed six victims and injured 62

The moment Darrell Brooks (39), drove through the Christmas Parade, killing six people and injuring 62, was captured on horrifying video.

He was seen meeting his victim while there and was reported to have contacted her several times via phone, using a stolen card from another Washoe County inmate. However, he was ultimately released.

Brooks was then arrested on Sunday by Wisconsin police after Books skipped court and forfeited a $10,000 bond. 

It comes after GoFundMe removed a crowdfunding effort aimed at raising $5million toward bail for Brooks – who was arraigned in court on Tuesday.

Waukesha Court Commissioner Kevin M. Costello set bail at $5million – a move that sparked anger considering Brooks’ violent past that includes convictions for felonies.

Brooks had been released on $1,000 bail shortly after his arrest earlier in the month, for allegedly trying the run-over of his daughter’s mother using his car.

Initial posting of the GoFundMe page by James Norton, Waukesha

Brooks was charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide but more charges are expected to follow after an eight-year-old boy was named as his sixth victim Tuesday night

Brooks was convicted of five counts in the first degree intentional homicide, and more are likely to follow. Tuesday night saw Brooks name an eighth-year old victim. 

Norton stated that Darrell Brooks, our dear friend, was taken into custody for driving his car in a parade. As someone who knew Darrell personally, Norton said, “On the 21st of November 2021, Darrell Brooks was arrested. I believe he wouldn’t have done such a thing, and I am sure he’s innocent.”

‘Clearly there is more than what the media are telling us. So I’m seeking bail to release Darrell and allow him to tell his story. This tragic scenario sees another African man being held behind bars in an purely racist and political trial.

“There’s no excuse to continue treating black Americans unfairly by prosecutors across the country. Everybody must be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, and we request that he’s treated just as everyone else. He should then be released until he’s found guilty.

End the message with #BLM and #IStandWithDarrell hashtags, #NoJusticeNoPeace and #RacismIsReal received a statement from GoFundMe on Wednesday stating that Norton was banned from using their crowdfunding site and that Norton violated its Terms of Service. 

GoFundMe removed a crowdfunding effort aimed at raising $5million toward bail for Brooks, saying that the campaign violated their terms of service

GoFundMe canceled a crowdfunding initiative to help Brooks raise $5million towards bail. The campaign was in violation of their terms and conditions.

‘Fundraisers with misuse are very rare, and we take all complaints very seriously. Our team works with law enforcement to report issues and assists them in any investigations they deem necessary,’ the spokesperson said.

Brooks rocked in his chair and wept throughout Tuesday’s court hearing, with his attorney on his side.

He was released on bail at $5million.

Costello said, “The nature and gravity of this offense are shocking.”

Susan Opper, Waukesha County District attorney, stated that additional charges will be brought against the six-year-old victim and for the 60 others who were injured.

According to police, 48 people had been reported as having suffered injuries.

Police officers are seen on November 21, 2021, walking through debris that had been left by the crowd following the attack

The police officers were seen walking in the rubble left behind after the attack on November 21st 2021 by the crowd.

The streets were closed on the parade route as the crash was being investigated on November 22, 2021

As the investigation into the accident on November 22nd 2021 began, the streets along the parade route were shut down.

Brooks was accused of running away from officers and entering Waukesha’s Christmas Parade on Sunday night. He refused to stop when an officer banged on his SUV’s hood. The vehicle continued to move despite three more shots being fired by another officer.

Within hours, five people aged 52-81 years old were declared dead.

Jackson Sparks (8 years old) was one of the many children who died from injuries.

According to Tucker’s GoFundMe page, he was being released from hospital after being injured in the accident and was walking with Tucker, his brother, 12 years old, in the parade.

Alyssa Albro (page organizer) wrote: “This afternoon, our dear Jackson succumbed to injuries and died.”

City’s livestream video, and bystander footage captured the scene in which an SUV zoomed along the parade route before crashing into crowds. Many of the injured are still in critical condition.

Witnesses told police in the criminal case that witnesses said the vehicle “appeared intentionally to be moving side to side,” and it hit multiple people. The object then flew away.

According to the criminal complaint, Brooks refused to be stopped by several people.

A detective — wearing police insignia and a neon orange safety vest — stepped in front of Brooks’ vehicle and pounded on the hood, shouting ‘Stop,’ several times but Brooks drove past him, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, Brooks’ SUV was being driven towards the parade route by a uniformed officer of the police. He tried several times to get the attention of the officer, shouting “Stop, Stop the Vehicle” but was not heard.

According to the complaint, the officer observed the driver staring straight ahead at him and did not see any emotion.

Brooks braked briefly at one point but, instead of turning back towards the parade route, turned toward the crowd and appeared rapidly to accelerate, according the complaint.

A third officer fired at the car, hitting it three more times when it was entering the parade route. According to the Waukesha Police Chief, Brooks did not get hit.

One witness told police that the SUV drove in a slow, zig-zag manner. The SUV seemed to be trying to avoid other vehicles and not people. The vehicle did not attempt to slow down or stop.

The Christmas parade began on Sunday at 4pm, with participants starting at Main St. and Whiterock Ave. It was always intended to be a short parade, ending half a mile away at the northeast corner of Cutler Park. At 4.39pm, the red SUV is filmed speeding down Main Street. It smashed into the crowd, and sent bodies flying, before carrying on down towards the end of the parade, where the car broke through barriers. The SUV was found less than five blocks away and the driver was taken into custody

On Sunday, the Christmas Parade began at 4pm. Participants started at Main St. and Whiterock Ave. This was an intended short parade that would end half a block away from Cutler Park. It speeds down Main Street in a red SUV at 4.39pm. The SUV crashed into people and caused bodies to fly, then continued down the Main Street towards the end, breaking through the barriers. The SUV was located less than 5 blocks away, and the driver was arrested.

Waukesha Chief Dan Thompson, Police Officer said Brooks was driving away from the site of a domestic conflict that occurred just moments earlier as he arrived on the parade route.

In November, he was released from $1,000 bail in a Milwaukee County court case. The woman he is accused of insinuating with her car had just been struck by the man’s car.

Prosecutors stated that they are investigating the bail recommendation made in this case and deem it to be inappropriately low.

Brooks was convicted of crimes over a dozen times in 1999. He had been charged in Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and two other states at the time.

This included resisting and obstructing officers, disorderly conduct, reckless endangering, battery, bail jumping, and battery in relation to the November 2 incident.

Thompson stated that the evidence against Brooks was insufficient to prove that the Sunday bloodshed was terrorist-related. Brooks was acting alone, said the chief.