Weber Barbecue brand apologizes to Meat Loaf for his poorly-timed recipe sent out to customers across the globe just hours before her death.

  • Weber BBQ sent an email to subscribers all over the globe containing a recipe for meatloaf on Friday
  • Marvin Lee Aday AKA Meat Loaf, was a musician who died on Thursday with Covid. 
  • Popular grill brand, Grillmasters issued an apology to the customer for their ‘poorly-timed’ recipe

Weber, a popular barbeque company has apologized after it sent customers a recipe for meatloaf just hours after Meat Loaf’s death. 

This recipe, which was badly timed, was sent to the recipients of the weekly Friday newsletter.

Unbeknownst, the legendary grilling expert, Marvin Lee Aday, aged 74, has died in Nashville, Tennessee. He had reportedly fallen seriously ill from Covid-19.

“In today’s email, we highlighted a Grilled Meatloaf Recipe. The sad passing of American actor, singer, and actor Marvin Lee Aday (also known as Meat Loaf), was not something we knew at the time that we shared this recipe. Weber wrote on Friday to his subscribers. 

“We would like to apologize for the error and any other offense caused by this email.

Mr Marvin Lee Aday (pictured), 74, also known as Meat Loaf, died on Thursday night after falling ill with Covid-19

After falling ill with Covid-19, Mr Marvin Lee Aday, 74 (pictured), died Thursday night.

Popular barbeque brand issued a meatloaf recipe to subscribers on Friday morning unaware of the celebrity's death

The American manufacturer sells grills in more than 60 countries across Asia, Europe, Central America, North and South America, and the Pacific

On Friday, a popular barbecue brand sent out a meatloaf recipe without knowing that the deceased celebrity was missing. 

“We extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to Mr. Aday’s loved ones. Thank you for understanding.’ 

The American grill manufacturer supplies grills in more than 60 countries worldwide, including Australia, France and China. Fans took to Twitter to post photos and to offer their condolences. 

However, the incident amused many cooking lovers who said that any person was sensitive to the inadvertent oversight.

One wrote, “Sorry, this junk mail is so terrible,” 

One added: “Trying not to laugh,”

“Come on folks, this is really funny.” It was unintentional but it made me laugh,’ another wrote.  

‘I kinda feel like Meat Loaf would appreciate the delicious irony of Weber’s inadvertently ill-timed grilled meat loaf post,’ a fourth wrote. 

It was clearly the worst of all errors, and any person who is legitimately offended must face their mortality with the darkness of the soul.

The company issued an apology via email to its subscribers six hours later

Six hours later the company sent out an email to apologize to its subscribers regarding the badly-timed recipe on how to make BBQ Meat Loaf (pictured).

The company offered its condolences to the rock singer's friends and fans

The company sent condolences and sympathies to the friends and admirers of the singer. 

Others claimed that this blunder highlighted problems associated with autoscheduled emails.    

 ‘I’m laughing my a**e off thinking about the poor Weber PR team having to have emergency meetings because Meatloaf died,’ one wrote. 

On Thursday, the death of rock star John Lennon was reported via his verified Facebook Page at 6 p.m.

The statement stated that “Our hearts are broken” and added, “The incomparable Meat Loaf has passed away tonight.”

“We understand how much he meant so many of your hearts and truly appreciate all the support we have received as we go through our grief at losing an inspirational artist and a beautiful man.

“We appreciate your consideration of privacy during this difficult time.

‘From his heart to your souls… don’t ever stop rocking!’

Meat Loaf’s relatives and representatives have not yet confirmed his cause of death, nor his status as a vaccine recipient. However, TMZ cited sources that said that he was’seriously ill’ with Covid when he passed away.