Alireza Herefedoust outside court

Alireza Herefedoust outside court

A weightlifting champion nicknamed ‘The Strength Predator’ who beat, controlled and threatened to kill his girlfriend has been spared jail.

A female judge branded Alireza Herefedoust, 34, a ‘bully’ after he forced university dental graduate Anna Fyodorova, 21, into a controlling and abusive relationship. 

Herefedoust “terrorized” her over their 13 month affair. He was a rage-monger and told her, “I haven’t killed my ex, but I’ll finish my work with you.”

Even though Miss Fyodorova tried to flee him, he remained after being threatened with his own death.

After Herefedoust broke her phone screen and placed it on her throat, police were called. He woke up to see her running out of Hulme in Manchester.

During their struggle, he said to her: “Your mother isn’t going to have another daughter by the end today.” 

Investigative inquiries revealed that he was in a series of relationships which ended badly. Miss Fyodorova was even warned by one of his ex-girlfriends about his possessive behavior.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced Herefedoust to a 10 month imprisonment with a suspended term of two years. He was a former Iranian political refugee.

The weightlifter was told by Suzanne Goddard QC, in a scathing assessment: You have been engaged in weight training but are weak. 

You don’t view yourself as the victim of your controlling, bullying or violent behavior in the same light. You have much to learn before you can behave as a decent, responsible man.

You exploited the victim’s strength and added power to her because she was someone you were training. 

“I ask that you stop having any relationships whatsoever with the females you’re training. It is not a wise thing to train females.

Court heard that the two met online while Russian-Latvian Miss Fyodorova was in Plymouth studying dentistry and oral hygiene. 

Alireza Herefedoust

Anna Fyodorova

After forcing Anna Fyodorova (University Dental Graduate) into an abusive and controlling relationship, Alireza Herefedoust was labeled a bully by a female judge.

Herefedoust terrorised her throughout their 13-month affair, during which he threw terrifying temper tantrums and told her: 'I haven't killed my ex but I'll finish my job with you'

Herefedoust was a terror to her during their 13 month affair. He would throw terrifying temper tantrums.

The couple moved in together on November 1, and she agreed to be his guarantor, so that he could purchase a new vehicle.

However, Herefedoust found the old messages that she sent another man before they moved in together at Christmas.

Michael Lavery was the prosecutor. He said that he accused her of being cheating and a liar. She then packed up and left, but he convinced her to stay, and everything seemed to be settled.

“But, Miss Fyodorova was contacted by a woman via social media the next February and informed her of his plans to meet with her. 

“He became very mad at the fact that Miss Fyodorova had spoken to another woman and threatened to do whatever he could to her.”

Miss Fyodorova was concerned that he could actually execute those threats and she contacted another woman to warn her. She then packed her bags again to go.

“But again, she persuaded him to stay. He said this time that he would die if she fled. After that, she attempted to leave him several more times but he kept stopping her at the doorway.

‘During this time, Miss Fydorova got a contact from an ex partner of the defendant. He told her he’d been convicted in a previous case of violating a restraint order she had issued against him.

Miss Fyodorova tried to leave him but stayed after Herefedoust threatened to kill himself

Although Miss Fyodorova wanted to go, Herefedoust resisted and stayed.

Inquiries revealed he had a string of broken relationships - with one of his ex-girlfriends even warning Miss Fyodorova about his possessive behaviour

Investigative inquiries revealed that he was in a series of relationships which ended badly. Miss Fyodorova was even warned by one of his ex-girlfriends about his possessive behavior.

“Upon learning this information, the defendant got angry and began punching doors and kick things. He told her that he hadn’t murdered his ex and would finish his job with her .”’.

The argument continued, and Herefedoust then pushed Miss Fydorova onto her bed. He tried to keep her down, but she was too strong, and stole her phone. As a result, she suffered some minor scratches. 

Miss Fydorova went with her friend to spend the night. But he arrived at the address and began sending constant messages, videos, and repeated calls. Even demanded that he take her to the doctor.

Herefedoust brought Miss Fydorova with him to the spa for a weekend in May 2019. He tried to rescue their relationship but was aggressive towards her and kept her from getting out of his room.

Although she agreed to go back to him, Herefedoust accused her again of cheating and forced her to get on a bed. If I don’t let you get in to this phone, it won’t be a good deal for me. I’m your property.

When she tried to leave, he said: ‘You really think I’m just going to let you leave, you won’t be able to get out of here, you’ll be in a wheelchair.’ 

Herefedoust, who beat, controlled and threatened to kill his girlfriend, has been spared jail

Herefedoust was beaten, controlled, and threatened to murder his girlfriend. He has been released from jail

After arguing with her about his car, he demanded money from her. Then he punched and kicked her.

Mr Lavery said that he told her she couldn’t choose where to sit, and then he pulled her in the bedroom. She fell on her knees. Fearful of his actions, she was so afraid that she curled up on the couch in fear. 

“The defendant lost his temper again the next day and threatened to stop her going to view the flat she had made arrangements to see. When the defendant was falling asleep on June 30, Miss Fyodorova decided to take some sleeping pills and began packing her things. 

She said that the defendant was packing her car and she woke up. He then shut the door, stopping her from going. 

“He stated that he didn’t want her to leave. Then he attacked her and ripped her bottom off her dress, demanding her credit card. He grabbed her smartphone and took a picture of it when she declined.

“He held the sharp end of his broken cellphone to her neck, and threatened to kill it. He said, “Your mother will not have a daughter before the end of this day.” He threatened to kill her, but she was afraid that he meant it. She then sat down and waited.

His sunglasses were also broken during the episode. During their struggle, she sustained bruising and scratches. He left her flat at a point to get to the car. She saw the opportunity to take advantage of it and went to the reception to contact the police.

Herefedoust was soon arrested but denies allegations of abusive behavior. He said their relationship experienced its ups and downs.

Maria Brannan was his counsel and said, in mitigation, that the complainant is to be sorry for any pain he caused him or for having let him down. 

The defendant was a competitive weightlifting coach, and her trainer. The situation quickly spiraled downwards and took an unhealthy turn. Now, he is a highly successful coach in weightlifting and has trained many past champions. 

Herefedoust was also required to take 31 sessions in Building Better Relationships program and 200 hours work unpaid. Contact with victim was forbidden for five years.