A pint with Tenor Wetherspoon completes £700,000 restoration of the ceiling of pub in old opera house in Royal Tunbridge Wells

  • Restoration took place of old opera house pub  roof after it began to crumble
  • The pub is open to punters for many decades. 
  • Before repair, a pub had been equipped with a crash platform in March 2020. 

Wetherspoon has completed the £700,000 restoration of the ornate ceiling of The Opera House pub in Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

The roof was deteriorating and needed to be replaced.

The Grade II-listed building is now open to punters for many decades.   

Craig Beardmore was Wetherspoon’s property manager and oversaw the restoration. He said, “Wetherspoon almost provides a civic service to maintain some amazing landmark buildings.

“With historical buildings, it is necessary to make essential improvements in order for them not to reach this critical stage.”

The roof was in need of a revamp after patches began to crumble. Pictured: The pub, complete with theatre seating from when the venue was an opera house

After a series of collapses, the roof needed to be rebuilt. Pictured is the pub complete with theatre seats from its former life as an opera house. 

Built in 1902, the original opera house had 1,100 capacity. In 1931, it was converted into a cinema.

To save fuel, a Luftwaffe pilot dropped a bomb incendiary to his return to Germany after World War II. 

The stage was set ablaze by the procenium arch, but it didn’t explode.

It opened in 1902 as an opera house and had a 1,100 capacity. It was turned into a cinema in 1931. Pictured: The old opera house pub

It was originally opened as an opera house in 1902 and held 1,100 people. In 1931, it was converted into a cinema. Pictured is the old opera house pub

J D Wetherspoon purchased the historical site after a complete renovation and made it a public building in 1996.

Ross Markwick is the pub manager for the Opera House. He said that the pub was located in an historic building enjoyed by many and Wetherspoon, the current custodians is responsible to preserve it for the present and future.

“This investment has helped to maintain the iconic building at its best. It is a sign of that dedication and we are honored to be a part Tunbridge Wells Opera House’s community.

After a safety inspection, the pub had to be closed in March 2020.

Wetherspoons provided a crash platform to permit the pub to reopen in late March 2020.

Construction workers use crash decks to keep them safe from falling debris and prevent falls.  

At the time, Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: ‘The pub is closed until March 18 to have a crash deck erected.

After a roof safety inspection, this was mandatory.

He said, “The pub will also get a new roof installed over the next months.”

The nation was placed under lockdown. 

Pictured: The historical old opera house pub, popular with punters in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Pictured: A historic old opera house pub that is very popular among punters in Royal Tunbridge Wells