How much of a difference does 100 days make? Photos show how three months of recovery were made after devastating floods decimated a German town.

  • Photos from Bad Münstereifel, in Euskirchen, Germany show the town three months after this year’s floods
  • The small town was the worst affected by the devastating natural catastrophe in Europe earlier this summer.
  • Pictures taken 100 days later show the community rebuilding the roads and buildings that were flooded. 


A mere 100 days have passed since the worst European floods in decades. German towns have been rebuilding their communities as they deal with the aftermath.

Over 196 people were killed in floods and heavy rains that struck France, Germany, France, and the Netherlands on July 12. 

The natural disaster left areas devastated with billions in damages. Bad Münstereifel, a town in the district of Euskirchen, Germany was one of the worst affected.

After cracks began appearing in the dam that was holding back the Steinbach reservoir, 4,500 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes. Engineers warned that the dam was at risk of collapse after three months of rain fell in a matter of days.

Photos show how the historic spa town slowly recovers from the flood damage.

Three months later, the infrastructure and roads that were destroyed by floodwaters several feet deep appear to be slowly recovering from one of the worst ecological disasters of our time. 

Water several feet deep ran through the paths in Bad Münstereifel this July

Work is still being done today but the town is on the slow path to recovery

The roads were flooded by water earlier in the summer, as businesses and houses suffered water damage. Three months later, the recovery of the community continues with slow but steady progress.

Some of the town's most beloved spots were unrecognisable from the damage

Three months on, the devastated town centre appears to be in a better place from clean-up efforts

Bad Münstereifel’s town centre, usually a popular area with tourists, was badly damaged this July. As water damage and collapse of infrastructure are repaired, the canal-side spot is slowly becoming beautiful again.

Bad Münstereifel was one of the worst hit towns during the floods which wrecked Europe in July

Now, 100 days on, the damage is far from fixed but the town has come far in its recovery

Following cracks appearing in the Steinbach reservoir dam that was holding back the Steinbach reservoir, villages in the area were forced to flee their homes. Photos from today show that the floodwaters have caused roads to be rebuilt. 

Water from the Erft River which runs through the town burst through and submerged it

Roadworks and clean-up efforts have helped Bad Münstereifel begin its slow transformation back to the scenic town it once was

Roads were destroyed in the July floods, and areas left with billions of Euros worth of damage by the natural disaster. Pictures from Bad Münstereifel show seemingly promising progress that town is on its path to recovery