Millions of women have been stunned when they discovered that their freckles are identical.

  • An article about forearm freckles in 2019 has been viralized again
  • This post invites women to examine their forearms and find the common spot.  
  • Freckles can be more common on areas of the body that are exposed to sunlight.
  • European research suggests that women using progesterone are more likely to have freckles. 

A surprising discovery by thousands of women has been made that they all have identical freckles on their wrists.

This phenomenon was discovered for the first time in 2019, when Aaryn Whitely, a Twitter user noticed that all her friends were marking in the exact same place.

Although the term “identical spot” is often referred to in health journals as a mythological phenomenon, one study found that key freckles are more common among women who use progesterone or oral contraceptives.

The phenomenon was first highlighted in 2019 when Twitter user Aaryn Whitely noticed all of her friends had a mark in the same spot

This phenomenon was discovered for the first time in 2019, when Aaryn Whitely, a Twitter user noticed that all her friends were marking in the exact same spot.

But it is doing the rounds again with many women shocked to have the common spot

This woman has two freckles on her forearm

It is a common spot that many women are shocked by.

These usually appear in exposed areas to UV rays, like the breasts or wrists. 

The evidence is overwhelming, with many women sharing photos of their forearm spots on social media. 

It was discovered on Facebook and became viral with many women reacting to it.

One woman joked, “I think that is how aliens can be distinguished from regular people.”

Another woman replied, “Oh my God, I needed to verify right away that I have one,”


Is it possible to have freckles?

  • Yes. And I am also a woman. 124 votes
  • True, I am man. 11 votes
  • Nope! 32 votes

It was even possible for people to appear with more freckles than they actually have.

One woman laughed and said, “This amazing. I have so many. But one spot in this spot stands out.”

According to Feng  Shui having a pronounced spot on your right arm means you may have to work harder than others to succeed.

Healthline claims that the most common spots can be caused by sunlight exposure. Sunscreen should not be applied to the skin around the forearms.

“It is a myth that every woman has a freckle on her wrist,” says Healthline. People have freckles all over their skin, including on their faces and hands. This is because the body’s exposed parts to sunlight are frequently in direct sunlight. Healthline explained this topic.

Even women with a lot of freckles had one more pronounced

Tens of thousands of women have been left in shock after discovering they have 'identical' freckles on their right forearms

Tens to thousands of women were shocked when they found identical freckles on both their right forearms. 

A 2013 study published by the European Academy of Dermatology revealed people taking oral contraceptives or progesterone treatments were more likely to develop ephelids - the dark freckles caused by sun exposure

This could explain why so many women appeared to have the spot

The European Academy of Dermatology published a 2013 study that found people who used oral contraceptives and progesterone treatment were more likely than others to get ephelids, which are dark brown freckles from sun exposure.

European Academy of Dermatology released a study in 2013 that showed people using oral contraceptives, progesterone or other hormonal treatments are more likely to get ephelids. These dark freckles can be caused by sunlight exposure.

It could be why many women appear to have this spot. 

Some people who were caught in the viral thread weren’t as excited about the coincidence.

A man once said, “Think of any body area and there will be freckles for many people.” 

Many women noticed a prominent freckle at the breasts in 2019 and decided to remove it.