The Gen Z jobs of three influencer assistants involve travel, flexible work hours and freebies – although they admit that it can make you feel lonely.

Cosmopolitan interviewed Lucy from Manhattan aged 23, who revealed in an interview that her assistant Tina Lee (a lifestyle influencer with over 500,000 followers) will likely follow her. She called it a “Paris Hilton situation” and compared it to Kim Kardashian.

Harmony Lu (31), lives in New York City with her son, two-year old, and has over 11,500 followers. Her boss Rachel Martino is a beauty and fashion blogger, and she boasts almost 500,000. While she began her career’making coffee,’ now she includes video editing in her content-creating duties. Her assistants are called ‘people who work under the radar’.

Elsewhere Sammy lives in LA and makes $1,000-a-week working for finance influencer Amie Tollefsrud, who now boasts a seven-figure online business.

Lucy, 23, (pictured) from Manhattan, an assistant to lifestyle influencer Tina Lee, and hopes to follow in the footsteps of her 'instagram mom'

Lucy (pictured at 23) is a Manhattan-based assistant to Tina Lee who hopes to be her “instagram mom”.

Tina Lee (seen) boasts over 500,000 followers and flies around the world with her assistant

Tina Lee (seen), boasts more than 500,000 followers, and flys around the globe with her assistant

Lucy, Tina Lee’s assistant, is a respected blogger with almost 30,000 followers. Lucy hopes to emulate her “instagram mom” and grow her following.

“I am paid more than my peers who work for corporations in entry-level jobs,” she stated, adding that her flexible working hours (10am-4pm) allow her to freelance.

She was used to free stays at Paris’s luxury hotels, such as Le Metropolitan, in exchange for writing a blog post. It’s almost like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton in modern times. [Tina]Feels like my Instagram mum. 

It does have its downsides. Lucy admitted that she can’t stop losing engagement. She also said that the job can become lonely as not many people are able to relate. There isn’t much networking for such people. 

Lucy is accustomed to staying at luxury Paris hotels like Le Metropolitan for free in return for a post from her boss

Lucy has a habit of staying in luxury Paris hotels such as Le Metropolitan free of charge in exchange for her boss’s post

Meanwhile Harmony, assistant to fashion blogger Rachel, began the job with ‘mundane things’ like picking up coffee or organising Rachel’s closet, before taking on content creation. 

She admits she is not part of Rachel’s brand and although she might appear in Rachel’s stories or YouTube videos she said that assistants were like people hidden in shadows. 

She joked that she has never seen her, and added: “[Influencers]You must keep it up [their]Internet persona 

Harmony, seen, assistant to fashion blogger Rachel, began the job with 'mundane things' like picking up coffee or organising Rachel's closet, before taking on content creation

Harmony is the assistant to Rachel Fashion Blogger. Harmony started out doing’mundane’ things like organizing Rachel’s closet or picking up coffee. Then she took on content creation.

She admits not being part of Rachel's (seen) brand, and while she may feature in her stories or YouTube videos, she says 'assistants are like people in the shadows'

Rachel admits that she isn’t her brand. While she might feature in Rachel’s stories and YouTube videos, she said, “assistants can be like people in shadows.”

Sammy is a LA-based influencer who earns $1000 per months and lives in LA. 

Sammy’s duties range from creating Instagram graphics and editing Amie’s podcast and YouTube videos,to looking after her Pomeranian dogs. 

The trio might not be working traditional jobs but it could well turn into a regular job in this age of influencers.

Sammy, seen, who lives in LA working for influencer Amie Tollefsrud, is happy to help her boss make seven-figure profit from her busines, taking home $1000 a month herself

Sammy (seen), who works in LA for Amie Tollefsrud as an influencer, is thrilled to make seven-figure profits from her business, and she takes home $1000 per month.

Finance influencer Amie Tollefsrud, seen, now boasts a seven-figure online business

Amie Tollefsrud (finance influencer) now owns an online seven-figure company