If you have just got yourself a new car, even if it is only new to you. You will be tempted to buy some of the numerous products that are available for cars. The after-market car industry is huge, and there are some incredible gadgets to buy. But sadly, most of the things people buy for their cars turn out to be disappointing or nearly useless. Mostly what people fall for is good marketing, rather than a good product. To help you out a little here is a list of items that you will actually use, and will be grateful to have when the moment comes to use them.

  • Insurance: Besides being required by law to have it, Rabbit Finance car insurance is something that you should really want to have. And not just basic insurance, but insurance that covers you for fire and theft, and other things that could go wrong. Unlike other kinds of insurance, car insurance is a type of insurance that you are very likely to need at some point in your life. And not having adequate insurance can be devastating.
  • Dash Cam: These gadgets are great, and I am sure at some point they are going to become mandatory. It is a little friend that rides along with you, and watches everything that happens, and if anything goes wrong, it keeps a record. A dash cam can protect you from other people claiming you are at fault in the event of an accident. Dash cam evidence is generally irrefutable and as good as an insurance policy in some cases.
  • Seat Back Organizers: There are several models available these days. What they are, is a handy system of pockets that hang from your headrest over the back of your seat. It is a place to keep all sorts of items that would otherwise be rolling around your car and getting spilled. They are especially great if you have kids.
  • Magnetic Phone Mounts: These simple gadgets are incredibly convenient. They are little magnetic holders that clip into an air vent, and all they do is hold your phone. But the beauty is that you will always know where your phone is. They can help with hands free calling as well. You really should get two, so your friends can use them too.
  • Gap Filler: In your car there is a black hole that sucks up anything that goes near it. The place between your seat and the centre console. Brilliant engineers have created a product now that fits into this area, turning it into a useful storage space rather than an interdimensional portal.
  • Trash Can: The biggest reason our cars get dirty is because car manufacturers refuse to give us a place to put our rubbish. Inevitably garbage begins to build up on the floor. There are many kinds of car trash cans, a short search should help you find one that works for you.

There is only so much room in your car, so you need to be careful about how many things you try to put in there. Which is part of the reason that this list has so many storage items. Keeping your car neat and clean will keep you safer, and it will extend the life of your car as well.