We have the Internet to thank for a global marketplace and with VoIP technology, we are able to hold video conferences with businesspeople from all parts of the world, in real-time. While we have the technology to have real-time video calls, there is still the language issue when wishing to communicate with a foreign business owner, and that’s where the global translation services come into play.

Global Online Translation Services

The market leader is Global Citizens Translation, who offer more than 500 paired languages for online video meeting translation, with hundreds of qualified translators who are remotely located and can be patched into your call in a matter of seconds. Their services span over 50 industries, so whether you make rockets or leather handbags, you can hire a professional translator who works in your industry.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about online global translation services, a Google search will help you find the leading UK-based provider and by creating an account, you have access to all their specialised services. You can expect to see more than 500 language pairs on offer, which means you can communicate with any business owner and the services are on-demand 24/7. Click here for information on setting up a business in a foreign country, which highlights the issues and challenges.

Wide Range of Services

This type of company would offer numerous services, including:

  • Voice Translation – Across any platform, a qualified translator can be connected to your call, making sure that you fully understand the conversation.
  • Transcripts – Important meetings can be transcribed in any language.
  • Conference Translation – If you are attending a conference in a foreign language, your global translation partner has you covered.
  • Business Documentation – Contracts, memorandum of understanding, proposals and presentations can all be translated by a certified professional.
  • Video Subtitles – You choose the language and your slick company profile video can be subtitled by industry professionals. You can create a library of versions, allowing you to present your company to all nationalities.
  • Proofreading – When you release any text, you need to be sure it is error-free and written professionally and this on-demand proofreading service is available to registered users. It is a nice feeling to know that you have 24-hour access to translation services and it really does open up foreign markets that you would not normally enter, due to language difficulties.
  • Content Localisation – If, for example, you want to penetrate a foreign market, you can have all your promotional content localised by certified translators, ensuring that your message is fully understood. We all remember the marketing gaffs where a specific word has a different meaning in another culture; The Ford Motor Company named a version of a new model something that meant ‘does not go’ in a South American country! Needless to say, sales were an all-time low!

In many cases, a business has to use an agency, as they are unable to speak the local language, yet with your own on-demand services, you do not need a third party. Search for a premier service provider and see what they can do for you.