Which pet to choose

Adopting a pet is like welcoming a new member into your family. This involves many responsibilities and concepts to know. How to choose your pet? Which breed to choose? SUMMARY

  • What are the benefits of pets?
  • Why choose a dog as a pet?
  • Why choose a cat as a pet?
  • Why choose a NAC as a pet?

It is important to choose your pet well , because it must be able to adapt to your lifestyle without being unhappy. Today it is possible to adopt a dog, a cat but also a turtle, a snake or a chameleon because they are part of the new pets (NAC).

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What are the benefits of pets?

Pets bring us affection and sweetness. They provide us with many benefits, especially in terms of our health. Having a dog would even be good for the heart , since pet owners often exercise more…

They also allow us to fight loneliness  and stress. Just petting your pet lowers your blood pressure .

Why choose a dog as a pet?

Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate pets. Used for hunting, as a herding dog or as a guide dog, they have been part of our daily lives for centuries.

Male or female dog: how to choose?

There are physical and behavioral differences between a male and a female. Males are generally larger and heavier than females.

There is also a difference in temperaments: a male can be more territorial, a female can be more docile.

Which breed of dog to choose ?

Each dog  has a different character, size or specificity depending on its lineage or origins. The concept of race appeared in 1987, it makes it possible to differentiate the various animal species.

Dog breeds are classified into 10 distinct groups, they each have advantages and disadvantages that you will need to take into account before adopting a dog .

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What are the benefits of adopting a dog?

  • Dogs make good guardians
  • They are often docile in character
  • They make good companions
  • They are partners for games and walks

Why choose a cat as a pet?

Cats are independent and mysterious pets The first description of a cat by man dates back to antiquity. We find her deified in the guise of a protective goddess in Egypt. The cat is one of the most popular pets today.

Male or female cat: how to choose?

It is possible to speak of character tendencies, but in fact, each cat is different. Some females will be more adventurous than some males, and some male cats are much more cuddly than females.

By spending time with your kitten , playing with him as soon as he arrives at your home, he will adapt very well to the rhythm of your home.

What breed of cat to choose?

Today there are about fifty breeds of cats, they can be divided into three main categories:

  • short-haired cats: Singapura, Devon rex, Bengal, Savannah…
  • semi-long haired cats: the Balinese, the Persian, the Chartreux, the Angora…
  • long-haired cats: the Sacred Birman, the Britsh longhair, the Norwegian, the Maine coon…

What are the advantages of a cat at home?

  • They don’t take up too much space
  • They are easy to transport
  • Cats adapt easily
  • They are good companions

Why choose a NAC as a pet?

The category of new pets (NAC: rabbit, ferret, hamster but also snake, bird, etc.) includes a large number of very varied species. Each species of NAC has its own requirements, lifestyles but also needs.

How to choose your NAC?

Before adopting a NAC , it is important to ask yourself several questions. Because to make your future pet happy, you will have to take into account your lifestyle and your environment.

There are a multitude of breeds and species listed in the NAC category. Find out about the needs of the animal, its daily costs, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Be careful however, the detention of certain non-domestic category animals such as monkeys, tarantulas or pythons must be subject to specific authorization.

This authorization makes it possible to check the good living conditions of the animal. As well as ensuring the safety of the owner, indeed some non-domestic animals are classified as dangerous, a bite or sting can prove to be fatal in some specimens.

Which breed of NAC to choose?

The NAC category appeared in the early 1980s. They are divided into two groups: domestic animals (rabbits, fish, parrots, etc.) and non-domestic animals (saïmiri, python, tarantula).

The different categories of NAC:

  • rodents: rat, rabbit, mouse, hamster, guinea pig…
  • birds: parrot, parakeet, canary…
  • snakes: snake, python, boa…
  • lizards: iguana, chameleon…
  • turtles: terrestrial or aquatic
  • gallinaceous: hen, peacock, duck, goose, turkey…
  • marine animals: goldfish, piranha, jellyfish…
  • shellfish: shrimp, hermit crab…
  • molluscs: Burgundy snails…
  • amphibians: laughing frog, axolotl, dendrobate…
  • carnivores: fennec, ermine…
  • insects: spiders, scorpions, myriapods…
  • monkeys: saïmiri, white brush…

What are the benefits of adopting a NAC?

  • They are mostly atypical animals
  • Some NAC live longer than dogs and cats such as the snake (10 to 15 years) or the turtle (50 to 120 years)
  • Most NACs are inexpensive to purchase
  • They are space-saving