White civil servants are instructed to “confront their privilege” with a ‘woke’ reading list that includes books calling for the abolition or prisons and defending looting

  • White civil servants have been given a reading list to help them ‘confront’ their privilege
  • Employees were instructed to read titles to address the “ignorance” of race
  • One book is White Fragility, while others argue for abolition of police and prisons
  • Critics fear that books could undermine the Civil Service’s commitment towards impartiality

A reading list was sent to civil servants to help them ‘confront their privilege’, and admit their place in a system of oppression.

Employees were told to read titles such White Fragility – Why It’s So Tough To Talk To White People About Racism, to address their ‘ignorance’ about the topic. 

Other articles and books on the list also argue for the abolishment of prisons and police, and defend looting.


Are Prisons Obsolete?

The memo features more than 60 books and articles with titles including Brit(ish) (left) and Are Prisons Obsolete? (right)

Whitehall sources have defended this list, which was circulated in part by the Civil Service Race Forum staff group. It aims at addressing issues related to race equality that affect employees.

Critics fear that the group is pushing an agenda which could undermine the Civil Service’s commitment to impartiality.

Toby Young is the general secretary of Free Speech Union. He stated: “The Government has been quite effective at curbing some most egregious wake gobbledegook within Whitehall, but it’s completely out-of-control in these quangos or arms-length body. 

If you push back in any way against the cult of equity, diversity and inclusion, you can expect to be disciplined or fired – and joking about it is the gravest sin of all in the eyes of the humourless enforcers of woke dogma.’

The memo includes more than 60 books, articles, and titles such as Building A Policeless Future: Frequently Asked questions; the US title in Defense Of Looting; or Are Prisons Obsolete.

How To Be An Antiracist

In Defense Of Looting

Other suggested literature exploring race issues includes How To Be An Antiracist (left) and In Defense Of Looting (right)

Other recommended literature for race issues includes How To be an Antiracist, Black Skin White Masks, and It’s time to confront the ‘Karen in All Of Us. Unpacking White Privilege.

“Karen” is a derogatory name for a white woman who is entitled, demanding, or racist.

The Mail was provided with a reading list by an ONS whistleblower. The list states: “This list of resources is meant to help white people gain deeper understanding of racism, and the antiracist work that must be done. Anti-racism is actively opposing racism. It involves confronting our white privileges and admitting our role in a system that oppresses.

It states that we all (un)learn at our own pace. However, when our ignorance is causing continued discrimination and violence against Black people, we need to work harder.

Other books on the list are There Ain’t No Black in The Union Jack, Brit(ish), and Hostile Environment. How Immigrants Became Scapegoats.

A spokesperson for the ONS claimed that the reading list had been shared with staff networks but didn’t reflect official guidance.

He said, “As an inclusive employer we encourage the sharing and open discussion of ideas but will take appropriate action if there are concerns.”

The Government has been resisting the promotion of unchallenged white privilege ideas, with Education Secretary Nadhim Zhawi recently stating that schools should not teach it as fact.