The pros can handle it! Amazing photos show very strange interior design choices – such as a bathtub in your kitchen or fake grass on your bathroom floor.

  • Many people around the globe have posted their bizarre home design failings online. 
  • The You Should Have Hired an Architect Facebook Group collates the worst. 
  •  Some include a bath-tub in the kitchen, and a tiny kitchen counter

Homebuyers who are looking for the perfect property for them should spare a thought. They will only stumble across these terrible houses.

Bored Panda compiled the snaps in a gallery and they were then shared to Facebook. It’s a Good Idea to Hire an Architect This organization has 31,000+ members.

This group will share examples that show why hiring an architect is not a good idea.

The unusual house featured a bathroom tub in its kitchen. Other homes had bizarre roof features, including turrets. 

Here FEMAIL shares some of the strangest examples… 

Social media users from around the world have been sharing the bizarre houses which prove you should always a hire an architect (pictured, a bath-tub in the kitchen)

The bizarre house designs have been shared by social media users all around the globe. 

One person, from the US, was surprised to see a commercial toilet cubicle in this family bathroom (pictured)

Un American citizen was surprised to discover a commercial-type toilet cubicle inside the family bathroom. (Photo: 

Not the most convenient spot for a pillar! This homeowner was left stunned by the position of this wooden column in the kitchen of this US property

This is not the best spot to place a pillar. The position of the wooden column was so odd in this kitchen at a US home that the homeowner was shocked. 

Don't trip! Another person in the US couldn't believe their eyes when they saw this unusual staircase

Don’t trip! This unusual staircase was a sight that another American couldn’t believe when it appeared. 

Would you dare to reverse out of this garage? An architect would likely have advised against this perilous driveway in this US property

You would be crazy to try and reverse this garage. This dangerous driveway on a US property would have been advised by an architect. 

Who suggested this? One passer-by was left stunned as this home kept being extended with additional floors to pack in more college students

This was a brilliant idea. This home was extended to accommodate more college students, shocking one passer-by. 

A corner kitchen! These unusual counters in a home in the US were designed to zig zag around a part of the room

A corner kitchen! This unusual countertop was found in an American home and is designed to be zig-zagged around one part of the space. 

One person, in the US, was left baffled by the bizarre design features in this hexagonal living room (pictured)

The bizarre design details in this hexagonal living area (pictured) left one American puzzled. 

A cyclops home! This property featured an unusual second floor which featured just two windows on its front

The home of the cyclops! A cyclops home! 

A house inexplicably included a loo stuck at an awkward angle between the stairs and the lower level

Unexpectedly, the loo was placed at an odd angle between the stairs.

The tiniest kitchen counter in history? This interestingly pointless surface that's large enough for just one plate will surely baffle anyone who enters

This is the smallest kitchen counter ever made. The oddly insignificant surface is large enough to hold one plate. It will baffle everyone who sees it.

This green and brown bathroom in the US is a far cry from what most inhabitants would expect to find in their homes

This green and brown bathroom in the US is a far cry from what most inhabitants would expect to find in their homes 

While this homemaker might have solve the problem of hiding a stove, it potentially limits the lay-out of the rest of the room

Although this solution might solve the stove-hiding problem, it could also limit the layout of the other rooms. 

Not quite symmetrical! Those leaving this property in the US would need to watch out for the unusual placement of this staircase

Not quite symmetrical! People who are leaving the US property would have to be careful about the strange placement of the staircase 

It's not your typical roof! Another person was left baffled by this bizarre design at one bungalow in the US

This is not your average roof! This bizarre design was a puzzle to another person at a bungalow in the US. 

An accident waiting to happen! This hallway featured an unusual staircase leading to a mezzanine and a lower floor

A waiting accident! A staircase led from the hallway to a mezzanine on one side and lower floors on the other. 

A sinking ship! One person was surprised to spot this yacht with brick detailing across the bow (pictured)

Sinking ship This yacht was spotted by a surprise visitor with brick details across its bow.  

Who designed THAT extension? This home featured an unusual add-on which stood out from the rest of the property

Who designed THAT extension? The unusual addition stood out in this home. 

So much for privacy! This toilet had two doors close next to it on either side, meaning those using it might not get too much alone time

Privacy! Two doors were located next to the toilet on each side. This meant that people using the toilet might not feel alone. 

A home with four towers! Another property might have appeared normal before it had multiple turrets added to its roof

Four towers on a home! A property may have looked normal prior to having multiple turrets on its roof.