Barbara, 78, (pictured) is a widow, with four children and eight grandchildren

Barbara (pictured at 78) is a widow with eight children and eight grandchildren. 


How did you get into dating?

Although I divorced my husband 16 years ago, I remained close with him until his death a few years later.

I’ve had a couple of short happy relationships. I’m sometimes introduced to men by friends and I’ve even met one by chatting in a local coffee shop.


Widow with eight grandchildren and four children.

Current Role

Senior criminal defense lawyer who has retired.


A smart man with a sense of humor and a keen eye for his appearance. I’m not fond of people who like to moan or are slobs.

For the past year, I’ve used a dating site for the over-55s and have met some great chaps.

Are you a pre-date nerve?

Not at all. I was constantly meeting new people in my career, so I’ve never been nervous before a date. An elegant black trouser suit was worn with a camisole blouse.

Initial Impressions

In order to ensure my date was there, I arrived five minutes later than planned. When I saw him in the bar, I approached him and introduced myself. It was an excellent start when he said I looked beautiful.

He was handsome, well-dressed and said he’d been asking the other ladies at the bar if they were called Barbara, which made us all laugh.

It’s easy to talk with?

Birgir is happy and we enjoyed a lovely evening. We have so much to discuss at our age. Our lives and his grandson were discussed in detail. He’s very proud. Birgir spent a lot of time in the beer trade and traveled extensively. He is an excellent judge of his beers.

We kissed and I laughed when he said I had ‘great lips’ 

We agreed we enjoy being retired and didn’t worry about our families. We seemed to be a good match. It was nice to find someone like me, who puts the focus on the positive.


LIKE THIS?He was a true gentleman.

RESPONSE?It’s not true, my dear!


Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

None at all, we enjoyed one another’s company.

Sparks Fly!

It was a wonderful time. He was very complimentary, asking me why I hadn’t been snapped up and he even held my hand. Although he is far away, we exchanged our phone numbers. We parted with a peck on the lips and I laughed when Birgir said, ‘great lips’!

Do you want to have a second chance?

You can, provided distance is not an issue.

How do you imagine he felt about you?

He seemed to enjoy the date, and how I dressed. In fact, he told me I didn’t look my age.

Are your friends and family like him?

Yes. A sweetheart and an excellent chap. There could have been a better choice.

Birgir, 84, (pictured) is a widow after a 59-year marriage

Birgir (pictured), 84, is now a widow following a 59 year marriage. 


Do you have a history of dating?

My wife died from cancer after I had been married for 59 of those years. I’ve been single for four years and have a wonderful daughter. I haven’t ventured into dating at all. This was my first ‘first date’ in about 65 years.

Are you a pre-date nerve?


Widow following a 59 year marriage with one daughter.

Current Role

Former brewer.


A confident woman who can think for herself and is intelligent, independent, and good at conversation. People who are domineering and loutish do not like me.

Not at all. The experience was one I had been looking forward to. I was dressed in grey trousers, a jacket and tie and a shirt.

First Impressions

I was at the bar first and when I saw Barbara, I immediately thought, ‘What an attractive woman’. She’s a friendly, easy-going person so we hit it off straight away. She’s a strong, powerful woman, full of life and confidence.

It’s easy to talk with?

We had lots to talk about and tell each other — about our families and lives. We laughed a lot and had a great time. However, we also lost our partners so there was some serious stuff. Her manner of speaking and acting was very enjoyable. Barbara loves cruising so she suggested I take one. My first job was at sea, and I spent six months there before getting married. I have never dreamed of cruising. You never know what you might find.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?


This woman is strong and powerful, but she’s also full of confidence. 

Sparks Fly!


LIKE THIS?Her humor, style, and honesty are all her trademarks.


SEE KIM AGAIN? Together.

I enjoyed her company and had a lovely evening, but I probably didn’t feel a spark. It is obvious that she is full of life, and perhaps our energy levels are different since I tend to be quieter.

I was married for almost six decades and never had another girlfriend, so it’s hard to compare her with others. We exchanged numbers and I’ll ring to say ‘hello’.

Do you want to have a second chance?

That would be wonderful, perhaps for coffee or walking. Dinner dates can be a little intense for me.

How do you imagine her thinking of you?

I’m not sure. That’s difficult to answer, although I think we both really enjoyed the date. Barbara will be happy to know that I cared and was attentive.

Do you think your family would like her?

Ah, yes. Barbara is such a charismatic person, she’d get along with anyone.

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