Sabrina, 38 (pictured) is a primary teaching assistant

Sabrina (pictured at 38) is a primary teacher assistant 


Dating Past

I’ve been divorced for almost three years and, while I have been on dating apps, I haven’t entered a serious relationship since my divorce. That’s only because I haven’t found anyone I can really connect with.

Pre-Date Nerves

Yes, I was nervous! It’s the unknown, isn’t it? I was nervous about meeting someone new. I reassured myself by remembering they’d be feeling the same way too.


Divorced with two daughters aged nine and fourteen


Primary teaching assistant


Someone who is open-minded, easy-going, and can hold a conversation. He’ll be open to trying different cuisines and it would be great if he’s taller than me.

First Impressions

London transport was a blessing. I arrived 15 minutes late at the restaurant. A waiter led me across to Sean and he instantly stood up, pulled out my chair and went in for a hug — I liked that. Sean looked smart in his yellow, long-sleeved shirt with black trousers. I was worried about how he’d react to me being late, but he immediately put me at ease.

Are you easy to talk with?

He is younger than me and yet he’s mature. He complimented me by saying I don’t look my age, but I’m not sure what a mum in her late-30s is supposed to look like.

Sean made me laugh when he told me he isn’t good at basketball, even though he’s 6 ft 5 in. He’s originally from Nigeria, while I grew up in Mauritius. I’m fluent in French and I think Sean was quite impressed. He practiced his very basic French together with me, which was adorable.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

It was more of a friend feeling than a spark. 

The couple at our table was clearly listening in on our conversations, which was awkward. We were only able to have the table for about two hours. It felt like we were being rushed and we didn’t get to have dessert.

Did Sparks Fly?


LIKE THIS? Sean’s company was very easy.

REGRETS Being late.

CAB OR COFFEE?Coffee with friends

I wanted that spark right away. Instead, I felt more friendly. Sean prefers women shorter than him because he feels protective. It’s quite a gallant thing.

Do you want to see him again?

Sean may be interested in another date. He did say he’d love to take me to an African restaurant. I’d see Sean again for a friendly day out; at this moment, I don’t think it would be in a romantic sense.

What do you think he thought about you?

Sean complimented my work a lot. His open body language showed that he loved me.

Would you like him to be friends?

They’d like the fact he walked me to the Tube and that he is easy to talk to. He helped me forget my stress and anxiety when I arrived late.

Sean, 31 (pictured) is a football scout and support worker

Sean, 31, is a football scout/support worker. 

SEAN, 31

Dating Past

My 20s was the time I had a serious relationship. They were together for three year but things turned sour and she ended the relationship abruptly. I am single and she is married with two children. It was almost impossible to date during lockdown. It was a frustrating 18 months and I’m ready for an adventure.

Pre-Date Nerves


Single for three years, no children


Football scouts and support workers


A kind, friendly, talkative, and well-formed woman. I see age as just a number, so it doesn’t matter if she is older. She should have a positive outlook on her life and not be too tall.

No, I had enough time to sit down at the table and think about it. While Sabrina waited, I ordered water. I didn’t want to start the party without her.

First Impressions

Wow! Sabrina looked incredible, and I told Sabrina that. Sabrina looks great and clearly takes care of herself. She looked great in a shirtdress with a belt, leggings, ankle boots, and a belt. She was very sorry for being late and offered her sincere apologies. It was respectful of her to do so, although it sounded like she’d had the journey from hell.

Are you easy to talk with?

Yes! Our love of seafood was what brought us together. I had crab for starters and Sabrina had scallops. For mains, we had lobster linguini. We also talked about our cultural heritage, our favourite cuisines, and the Mauritian sea dishes and moi moi bean cakes.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

Only when my knife slipped off the table. I don’t think it bothered Sabrina. Thankfully, she didn’t remark or make a fuss about it.

It was a memorable date — there was lots of chemistry 

Did Sparks Fly?


LIKE THIS? Sabrina is a great conversationalist.



Yes, there was a lot of chemistry between us. Sabrina wanted to spend more time with us, I believe. But, we had to put the table down and Sabrina had a need to get home for her daughters. She would have loved to continue, but I was worried about her getting home, so I walked her to the Tube station.

Do you want to see them again?

We didn’t exchange numbers, I wasn’t sure if we could. Sabrina is someone I would love to see again. It was a memorable day and a positive experience.

What do you think she thought?

She told me I’m a gentleman and I’ll take that as a compliment.

Would you like her friends?

Yes. Sabrina has a beautiful face and is a lively person.

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