If you want to live without state interference in your day-to-day life, then tomorrow’s vote will prove decisive.

We’ll find out if Covid has morphed the once-proudly-freedom-loving Conservative party – led by a Prime Minister who, long before he entered Number 10, threatened to eat any identity card introduced by Labour – into an authoritarian mob backing the creation of a ‘papers please’ society.

This is a clear result because the idiotic Leader of the ‘No Opposition’ Keir Sternmer will nod through the Covid passports.

The Tory party is also at crossroads, and their long-term prospects are in jeopardy.

Before entering Number 10, Boris Johnson threatened to eat any identity card introduced by Labour, writes Dan Wootton

Before entering Number 10, Boris Johnson threatened to eat any identity card introduced by Labour, writes Dan Wootton 

If the MPs of Plan B vote with their careers ambitions, it is likely that the much-feared creation of a twotier society and biosecurity government will be accelerated.

People like me, millions of people will never forget the unwarranted and inexcusable loss of freedom that came with so many serious consequences.

This week, concerts and other high-risk events will not be open to the public if they aren’t vaccinated.

However, this is not the end. Influential Covid hysterics Michael Gove want health passports used all over the world.

The story is known.

It’s not hard to resist. Brits are likely to be asked for their papers prior ordering Big Macs at McDonald’s or entering the pub for another pint.


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Companies that do not engage in these draconian acts will be punished and their doors will be sealed by inspectors from the local council.

You think I’m exaggerating. These so-called liberal democracies all around the globe from New Zealand to New Zealand have already taken this path.

But perhaps the most infuriating thing about the imminent introduction of vaccine passports by  law to England is that the whole thing is a completely and utterly pointless farce.

Because vaccine passports have been proven ineffective by evidence across the world.

First, it is important to note that Omicron may be spread by taking two doses (two of each AZ and Pfizer)

We are being encouraged to obtain boosters.

Even before this new version, there was ample scientific evidence that people could transmit Covid to others, regardless of whether or not they were vaccinated.

A recent Lancet study about the UK found that vaccines are not enough to stop all cases of the Delta variant.

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee made a September report on vaccine passports. It demanded the government to provide scientific support for its claims that Covid passports are necessary in order to reopen the economy and society.

It is telling that no evidence has been provided.

Covid passports will be nodded through by the feckless Leader of the 'No Opposition' Keir Starmer, Wootton writes

Wootton writes that Covid passports are to be perused by Keir Starmer (the Leader of the ‘No Opposition’). 

According to the Committee’s report, “Public Health England’s latest analysis has shown that while being fully vaccinated can protect against serious symptoms as well as infection, but it is unlikely that this will stop people from contracting the virus.” The virus is similar in both jabbed as unjabbed persons. This is known as ‘having a similar viral burden.

Even Nicola Sturgeon (a Covid oppressor from Scotland) has been forced to acknowledge that no vaccine passports can reduce transmission of Covid.

The Scottish government released a 70-page dossier last month, but it was completely devoid of evidence. This forced the First Minister to abandon plans to expand the scheme.

The introduction of vaccination passports in France and Germany did not stop Covid cases skyrocketing.

One thing is certain: vaccine passports have the potential to be devastating for an already struggling hotel industry. Once they’re introduced, revenue will plummet by at least 25%.

Given the absence of any evidence, then, what is vaccine passports really about? Coercion – or, to put it more bluntly, blackmail – pure and simple.

Boris Johnson believes, supported by SAGE cronies, much of the media and political establishment, that exclusion from the fun areas of society will make it easier for the uneasy to live happily ever again.

But perhaps the most infuriating thing about the imminent introduction of vaccine passports by law to England is that the whole thing is a completely and utterly pointless farce

Perhaps the worst thing about England’s impending introduction of vaccine passports under law is its complete and utter absurdity.

Within weeks, being considered ‘fully vaccinated’ by the government will constitute three jabs, not two – and I doubt that cycle will end anytime soon.

This is counterproductive.

People who have doubts about the mass vaccination scheme are more likely to come from lower-income communities and are less likely to believe the government.

They will only run one million miles if you try to force them to take a jab.

Even though I get criticized constantly, I personally support vaccination.

Being a huge believer in experimental science I am happy to have balanced the benefits and taken into consideration my personal health.

However, I will live and die to allow every British citizen that opportunity.

The government and the doomsday experts should think about what the consequences of excluding the marginalized from society. For example, they are more likely to refuse all long-term government-provided education and health services.

It’s our responsibility to refuse a society that favors ‘papers please,’ as well as the imposition of ID cards via the backdoor.

Even that militant little Covid oppressor of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has had to accept there is no proof that vaccine passports have reduced transmission of Covid

Even Nicola Sturgeon, the militant Covid oppressor in Scotland, has to admit that there’s no evidence that vaccination passports reduce transmission of Covid.

Steve Baker, Tory rebel leader, said that the disease would be around forever. There will be new versions, and the vaccine will continue to provide a high level of protection against serious illnesses and death. We just need to move on with our lives. It’s important that we show there is a movement that supports that mindset, because the Conservative Party will drift further into authoritarianism if they don’t. I can’t stand by and watch as that happens.

Over 60s have already agreed that Covid protection should be increased. This will prevent them from falling ill with the virus. These are the people who really matter in discussions about the virus.

My friends, relatives, and colleagues can be assured that they are always welcome to my side, regardless of their health or possession of any pointless QR codes or vaccine passports.

If thousands of companies across England adopt the same approach, then enforcement of vaccination passports may be futile.

If there is a rebellion of Tory backbenchers tomorrow, this feels like the best possible outcome.