Granny will not eat one of these Christmas jumpers! After accidentally printing a very rude snowflake design, designer sells his Christmas jumper to charity

  • Inadvertently, designer made Christmas jumper using a rude snowflake design
  • After deciding not to sell to the usual high-street sellers, I sold the stock to a whoelsaler
  • Wholesaler now selling each jumper for £10 with a percentage of profits going to Prostate Cancer UK 

To keep you warm during the cold December nights and spread Yuletide cheer, Christmas jumpers should be a part of your holiday wardrobe.

They are often cute, with snowmen and elves. But John Thomas, the Santa or Elf designer made a very unfortunate error when their snowflake pattern looked like a phallic item.

Realising he couldn’t sell to the high street, John flogged the very rude design to wholesaler, who is now selling them for £10.99 to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

The  blue Christmas jumper features a snowflake design and white spots to resemble snow. The snowflake has internal gaps that resemble male genitalia. 

Karl Baxter (Managing Director, Wholesale Clearance UK) purchased 1,000 jumpers earlier in the month from a supplier after the company decided not to sell the dodgy designs at their high-street shops.

Inadvertently, designer made a Christmas jumper featuring sloppy snowflake patterns. Realising they couldn’t sell to the high street, the designer flogged the very rude design to wholesaler, who is now selling them for £10.99 to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK

At first glance, the jumpers appear innocent, with a snow tipped collar, sleeves, hem and snowflakes. However, if you look a little closer the larger snowflakes appear to look like a series of phallic objects

The jumpers look innocent at first, featuring a snow-tipped collar and sleeves as well as snowflakes on the hem. If you close your eyes, the large snowflakes seem to be phallic.

He then cheekily named it ‘design flawed snowflake ‘c*** up’ Christmas jumper’.

It looks innocent enough, but the snow-tipped collar, sleeves and hem make it look like a jumper. The larger snowflakes look more like a collection of phallic items if you examine them closer.

Due to the jumper’s nature, Mr Baxter decided it would be appropriate to raise money to support a men’s charity.

The wholesaler is hoping to sell the Christmas jumpers for a discounted price of £10 so that he can donate a percentage of the proceeds to Prostate Cancer UK.

By 2030, prostate cancer will become the most prevalent of all types of cancer, and there will be more diagnoses each year. 

Mr Baxter told FEMAIL:   ‘At Wholesale Clearance UK we buy unwanted or surplus stock from retailers to try and avoid any products being sent to landfill.

Karl Baxter (pictured) , Managing Director of Wholesale Clearance UK purchased the stock of 1,000 jumpers from a supplier earlier this month, after they opted against selling the dodgy designs in their high-street stores.

Karl Baxter (pictured), Managing Director, Wholesale Clearance UK bought 1,000 jumpers earlier in the month from a supplier after refusing to sell them the dodgy designs at their high-street shops.

“So, when I got contacted by this particular supplier we naturally stepped up to shift the stock.

“We’re encouraging consumers this year to look at the lighter side, stand out and be different by buying one of our jumpers.

“With proceeds from this sale, Prostate Cancer UK will donate all the money to prostate cancer research. We also hope to increase public awareness and funding for the cause of the disease through Prostate Cancer UK.