There were wild scenes on the second day of the The Ashes Boxing Day Test as rowdy cricket lovers were captured drinking ‘shoeys’, pouring beer over their heads and receiving unwanted attention from security.

Daily Mail Australia received a report from Victoria Police stating that approximately 100 Melbourne Cricket Ground supporters were removed for disruptive behaviour. More ejections are expected on Monday. 

Over the last two years, Covid lockdowns have prevented fans from seeing live events. They were instead left in the stands watching as Australia and England battle it out on an exciting green-top wicket.

Around 70,000 revellers jammed into the MCG, as it quickly became a massive party.

However, fans sometimes went a bit too far. numerous members of the crowd escorted from the venue for drinking beer out of their shoe.

Pictured: A fan enjoys a beverage out of his shoe as police watch on during day two of the third Ashes Test between Australia and England at the MCG

Pictured during Day 2 of the Ashes test between Australia and England, a fan drinks from his shoe, while the police look on.

About 70,000 fans packed into the MCG for day two of The Ashes Boxing Day Test between Australia and England

For day two of The Ashes Boxing Day test between Australia and England, approximately 70,000 people packed the MCG

Pictured: An excited cricket fan drinks beer from a shoe

Pictured: Fans let loose at the MCG

Pictured: As cricket fans revel in the joy of the Ashes third Test, an excited fan pours beer into a shoe.

Fans starved of live events during Covid lockdowns over the past two years let loose in the stands (pictured) as Australia and England battled it out on a lively green-top wicket

Covid lockdowns in Australia over the last two years have left fans without access to live events (pictured). Australia and England fought it out on an exciting green-top wicket.

Police warned about misbehavior at the cricket. However, the police said that no arrests were made on the first day. Most fans were responsible for their actions and were doing the right thing. 

The stands were filled with bizarre costumes, giant beer snakes (made of hundreds upon thousands of plastic cups), and other fun activities.

The Barmy Army of England were loudly cheering Joe Root’s men, and continually jeering at the Aussie team.

However, a large police force and security team quickly dealt with any offenses. Scores of supporters were thrown out for swearing.

Across the stands, outlandish costumes, beachballs and giant beer snakes made of hundreds of plastic cups were a popular way to join in on the fun

The stands were filled with bizarre costumes, giant beer snakes (made of hundreds upon thousands of plastic cups), and other fun activities. 

Pictured: A cricket lover is captured dripping with beers on day two of the third Ashes Test between Australia and England

Pictured: On day 2 of the Ashes Test between Australia & England, a cricket fan is seen giggling with beer

Pictured: The wild Ashes crowd cheers as a man in the stands downs a beer during the Third Test at the MCG

Pictured: Ashes fans cheer as a man downs a beer during the Third Test at MCG

Pictured: Police move in at the MCG as the crowd hoists a giant beer snake made of hundreds of plastic cups

Pictured: A giant beer snake constructed of hundreds of cups is raised by the crowd as police arrive at the MCG.

This morning, The Ashes series was hanging by a thread after four non-playing members of England’s touring group tested positive to Covid-19 in Melbourne.

The greatest threat to this series was made by two family members and their support staff who returned positive rapid-antigen tests.

On Monday, day two of the third test was delayed for 30 minutes. England had to wait at their hotel in order to complete negative rapid testing.

The commentary staff at Channel 7 were missing Monday’s broadcast. Mel McLaughlin and Ian Botham were all absent. 

Cricket Australia believes that the series should be continued as it is, however there are some concerns.  

Nick Hockley, CA boss said that he believes it is important to be calm and take the facts into consideration.

It is important that everyone follows the doctor’s advice. We continue to work on this basis. Since six months, we have been planning this tour.

The Ashes series is hanging by a thread after four non-playing members of England's touring group tested positive to COVID-19 in Melbourne

After non-playing members from England’s touring band tested positive to COVID-19, Melbourne, The Ashes Series is now in peril.

Mel McLaughlin, Ricky Ponting and Ian Botham (pictured) were forced to take Covid tests after a Seven staff member contracted the virus on Sunday night

Following the Sunday night transmission of the virus by Seven employees, Mel McLaughlin (pictured), Ricky Ponting, and Ian Botham were made to submit to Covid tests.

The NSW had 6,324 Covid cases, while Victoria recorded 1,999. This was despite the temporary drop in test rates that occurred prior to Christmas. 

Due to the rise in cases, there have been concerns that the Boxing Day and Sydney New Year tests as well as the final matches in the Series in Hobart may all be at risk.

After play each player will be subject to a second PCR test. Additional provisions include the use of gloves and masks outside the boundary. 

England already saw two of its tours cancelled mid-trip by Covid-19 in two years. An earlier Test against India had been cancelled.

Four members of India’s backroom staff contracted the virus in this case amid concerns of an even larger outbreak.

Hockley was obstinate and insisted that the Ashes were a completely different situation. 

“Our protocols have been designed for this specific set of events. Strong protocols are available. He said that we have very thorough testing protocols.

Day two of the third Test on Monday was delayed by 30 minutes as England were held back at their hotel to return negative rapid tests

On Monday, day two of the third Test was delayed 30 minutes. England were kept at their hotel while they returned negative rapid test results

After being cleared by the ICC last season for those with symptoms, substitutes can be brought in if there are more dramas.

However, a large-scale epidemic would be a catastrophe for CA and the series. Each Test is a multimillion-dollar product for the sport.

With the last two tests for Sydney and Hobart, questions linger about the remaining series locations.

If they had been considered close contact, England’s entire international team would have to stay isolated under the current rules of both NSW and Tasmania.

This means that the Test would likely have been called off on Monday morning, if played in Victoria or NSW.

After the third Test, both teams will take players on each side from Melbourne to Sydney by chartered flight. They then stay in private accommodation.

Hockley maintained that the schedule should not be changed despite NSW experiencing more than 6 000 cases per day over recent days.

Cricket Australia is adamant that the series should continue as planned, but there are significant grounds for concern

Cricket Australia insists that the series must continue as planned. However, there are serious grounds to be concerned

Hockley explained, “That’s just not in our current plan.”

There is no evidence to the contrary. The protocols will be relied upon. It’s an ongoing process.

Australian skipper Pat Cummins has been ruled out from the Adelaide Test following a close encounter with a COVID-19 suspect at a dinner on match day.

After each day-one commentator was deemed to be a close contact, the Seven Network needed to overhaul their commentary staff on Monday.