DailyMail.com is able to reveal that Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted by a rogue juror after he admitted that he was a victim sexual abuse.

Scotty David, the juror in this case, rejected the offer of prosecutors to name him counsel. This was apparently an attempt to get ahead events that were deemed a ‘disaster’ by experts.

Todd Spodek, a New York-based attorney informed the court instead that he was appointed as counsel to Juror 50. His client had rejected their offer.

David, one of the two jurors who shared his account of sexual abuse and how sharing it affected deliberations was first to speak up.

DailyMail.com first reported that he hadn’t disclosed this past during jury selection since it was not asked on the questionnaire.

After it was discovered that Question 48 asked precisely that question, the man claimed that he could not recall it and had simply answered every question ‘honestly.

Other outlets reported that he had ‘flew through the’ questionnaire.

The juror, who wishes to remain anonymous, also disclosed that another juror shared their story of sexual abuse.

Juror Scotty David rejected prosecutors’ offer to appoint counsel for him when they called for a court investigation in an apparent attempt to get ahead of events branded ‘a disaster’ by legal experts

Scotty David, the juror in this case, rejected the offer of prosecutors to name him counsel. This was an apparent attempt by the prosecutors to get ahead events that have been called ‘a catastrophe’ by experts.

Scotty's admission has thrown Maxwell's conviction into chaos as her defense team is calling for a new trial

Maxwell’s case has become chaotic after Scotty’s confession. Maxwell’s defense team calls for a new trial 

Maxwell’s attorneys insist that an investigation is not necessary. They call instead for a fresh trial.

Judge Alison Nathan said that she will be hearing briefings by all parties, as high-profile cases hover on the edge of collapse.

He has now rejected prosecutors' offer to appoint counsel for him and has hired his own lawyer, Todd Spodek

He rejected the offer by prosecutors to him for counsel, and has instead hired Todd Spodek as his lawyer.

Neama Rahmani of West Coast Trial Lawyers told Insider that David’s and the second jurors’ decision to speak up was “absolutely the worst thing” when you receive a guilty verdict. It is a complete disaster.

Maxwell was found guilty of five of six charges of sexual trafficking. This verdict came after four weeks of proceedings and deliberations.

The ex-socialite, 60 years old, could spend up to 65 consecutive years behind bars if the charges are confirmed.

Rahmani said that now the whole conviction could be overturned and it may need to be retried.

David and the second juror’s admission pose two potential issues – perjury, or lying under oath and prejudice, or a preconceived opinion that may have improperly swayed the jury.

Maxwell’s lawyers say that it does not matter whether one juror or both jury members deliberately, mistakenly or intentionally failed to complete the juror questionnaire. The question asked: ‘Have any of your friends or family members ever been victims to sexual harassment, abuse or assault? It includes any attempted, actual, or real sexual assault by an acquaintance, supervisor or teacher as well other unwanted sexual advances. You had to choose between Yes (self), No (friend/family member) or Yes (self).

The US Attorney General has requested an investigation into Scotty David's public admission that he 'flew through' the juror questionnaire and 'could not remember' revealing that he had been a victim of sexual abuse

US Attorney General requests an investigation into Scotty Dave’s admission that he “flew through” the jury questionnaire, but that he couldn’t remember which revealed that he’d been sexually abused.

DailyMail.com asked David a few questions about his family and friends. He was unable to recall any information about his sexual history.

Last week Maxwell was found guilty on five of six charges and faces 65 years in prison

Maxwell was convicted last week on five out of six charges. He faces 65 years imprisonment 

Ex-Federal Prosecutor David S Weinstein (now a Miami-based Partner in Jones Walker) stated that any jurors could now be interviewed. This includes the two jurors, who are known to have made their stories public.

Although admissions will not automatically be grounds for mistrial, he stated that they would be, at most, ‘an arrow to the quiver’ in Maxwell’s appeal.

According to Maxwell, there would be an audit of the question, his answers, and any follow-up questions. Maxwell will be given this questionnaire by Maxwell’s attorney, who will then refer back to it.

DailyMail.com already confirmed that David’s answers to the questionnaire did not lead to any further questions during the interview stage or the ‘voir dire” phase of the jury selection process.

DailyMail.com asked David if he believed the issue was ever raised. The judge was present and all of the lawyers were there. They asked some questions. They wanted to know what I did, my hobbies and whether I could be impartial and fair. The conversation lasted about 30 seconds and I was soon out of that room.

He recalled that the room became silent when he told his story to the jury on Day Three of Deliberations.

David said that his sharing inspired a second juror, who shared their stories. He said that his experience allowed him to understand victims better and help jurors doubting the credibility of victims.

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell say they have 'incontrovertible' grounds for a mistrial after a juror openly admitted that he was a survivor of sexual abuse and had discussed it during deliberations

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers claim they have the ‘uncontrovertible’ ground for a mistrial, after one juror admitted openly that he was a survivor from sexual abuse. They had also discussed this in deliberations

Weinstein says lawyers want to see if Weinstein answered “no” to the question regarding whether he was a victim of sexual assault, regardless of whether that happened inadvertently or intentionally.

He asked, “Was it something done deliberately to conceal the fact that he was who he is?” Maybe he will say I completed this large questionnaire and checked these boxes, even though he claims I did not do it deliberately. I made a mistake. I did not come to the jury because I wanted to.

During the trial Scotty, who works in finance, was seated in the third row of the jury box, in the back corner. From his vantage point, he said, he had a vista of the entire court and the ‘perfect view’ of Maxwell herself

Scotty (a finance worker) was sitting in the middle of the jury room in the back corner. According to Scotty, from this vantage point, he was able to see all of Maxwell and had an excellent view of the court.

DailyMail.com, David said that he was thrilled to have been selected as jury duty. He also stated that he felt shocked that Maxwell was calling him.

He stated, “I found this incredible.” This would be an honor if I am selected.

He said, “I didn’t really know anything about Jeffery Epstein or her going into this.” I did not know Jeffery Epstein until his death.

Weinstein stated that Maxwell’s attorney would not have been aware of David’s past and did not consider the possible implications.

He said, ‘Being a victim of sexual abuse doesn’t disqualify you from being a juror…Even if it did influence the way the jury voted, they’re not asking people to put aside they’re life experience during deliberations.

“They are asking them to use it to establish proof beyond reasonable doubt, and then apply that evidence to the facts.”

Weinstein maintained that Maxwell’s verdict was not overturned or that he would be retrialled, but that this is ‘certainly another arrow in defense team’s quiver. It is quite a surprise.