You could be protected from developing heart disease by drinking a glass of wine or a beer every day

  • A daily glass of wine or beer could be a good way to prevent heart disease
  • Monash University researchers discovered that 18,000 seniors were in their 70s.
  • The risk of developing heart disease was reduced by drinking between 5 and 10 glasses per week, according to the study. 

According to research, drinking wine and beer each day may be the best way to prevent heart disease.

Monash University researchers examined the impact of alcohol on 18,000 older adults in Australia and the US.

The researchers discovered that consuming between 5 and 10 drinks per week reduced the risk of developing heart disease.

Robyn Woods, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Associate said that the research was very insightful.

Drinking a wine or beer every day could be the key to preventing heart disease in the elderly, a study has revealed

A study found that drinking a glass of wine or beer daily could help prevent heart disease among the elderly.

Monash University researchers observed the effects of alcohol consumption in 18,000 people aged 70 and above in the US and Australia

Monash University researchers studied the effect of alcohol consumption on the health and well-being of 18,000 seniors in Australia and the US.

Prof Woods stated that he saw an increase in mortality and cardiovascular risk when consuming five to ten standard drinks per week. 

“We believe moderate alcohol consumption does not cause any harm to older adults in terms of cardiovascular disease or all-cause death.” 

Researchers came to the conclusion after observing participants of the ASPREE trial – Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly.

This study examines the effect of low-dose aspirin in healthy and elderly subjects. Participants must self-report alcohol consumption.

Participants comprised 57% of females, 43% of males and almost all were in their 70s. 

Researchers followed the participants for approximately 4.7 years. They discovered that moderate drinkers did better than those who were teetotallers.

They discovered that drinking between five and 10 beverages a week led to a much smaller chance of dying from heart problems

The researchers discovered that people who drank between five to 10 beverages per week had a lower chance of suffering from heart failure.

Lead author Dr Neumann stated that all participants had been healthy prior to the start of the trial.

Seniors who have less health and are more physically active than they used to remain unaware of the consequences of moderate alcohol use.

The study should not be used to encourage people to consume more alcohol. Excessive consumption is linked with increased risks of developing cancers, heart disease and stroke, as well as liver damage.