The Woke headmistress dispenses with traditional headboy and headgirl titles in favor of gender-neutral roles as ‘head Ambassadors’ to create an ‘open atmosphere’ for all.

  • At the Church of England School, the terms ‘head boy’ and “head girl” have been dropped 
  • Bolton St Catherine’s Academy’s Headmistress claims the terms are outdated 
  • She believes that a ‘head ambassador’ title will create a ‘welcoming atmosphere’ for everyone. 
  • This is part of the school’s “desire to remain an inclusive community.” 

Following claims that these terms were “outdated”, a Headmistress of her Church of England School has dropped the titles of head boy and head girl.

Rachael Lucas (47) said that Bolton St Catherine’s Academy’s Academy’s students would be now known as ‘head ambassadors’ who are gender neutral.

According to her, the titles created a welcoming space for everyone. The school’s desire to keep being known as an inclusive place.

The three chosen pupils were Ted Hodson-Fitton, Jemima Alasoudura and Sophia Hughes. In its junior school, the school still holds the title of head girl and boy.

Sophia Hughes, Ted Hodson-Fitton and Jemima Alasoudura are the new 'head ambassadors' at Bolton St Catherine's Academy in Greater Manchester

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, Greater Manchester has three new ambassadors: Ted HodsonFitton, Sophia Hughes and Jemima Alassoudura.

Mrs Lucas stated that Bolton St Catherine’s Academy celebrates diversity and inclusion.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to show this commitment by thinking about how our student ambassadors address us – moving beyond the obsolete notion of a head boy and girl.

We are demonstrating our determination to make the institution welcoming for all by making small gestures.

The school posted the following message on its website: “In place of traditional Head Boy/Girl titles, we will use Head Ambassadors. Jemima and Ted were chosen to assume this exciting role.

Headmistress Rachael Lucas said the three pupils would be known as 'head ambassadors'

Rachael Lucas, Headmistress of Rachael, said that the three students would be called ‘head ambassadors.

“They’ve already made a strong start, giving their first public speech at the Open Evening, touring with parents throughout the Academy, and hosting events at Summer School. 

They also supported staff during our Year 7 transition day, which was at the start of term. They are eager to see what they accomplish this academic year.

Over 20 students applied to the positions of ‘ambassadors’ in the school’s 1,260 pupils. The school teaches children ages 3-16. 

The students filled out an application and delivered a speech describing why they wanted to play the role. Jemima and Sophia were the three chosen students.

Bolton St Catherine's Academy was formed in 2009, following the merger of two other schools

Following the 2009 merger of two schools into one, Bolton St Catherine’s Academy emerged.

Other students applied for the position of ‘Year 11 ambassadors. They are said to have been ‘identified in the academy by a special silver tie.

They have already assisted at open nights, year seven transition meetings and tours of the academy. In December, they will hand deliver Christmas cards to local residents.

Ted shared the following: “I’m grateful that I have been chosen to become a head’s ambassador. It allows me to show my community how incredible we are and to stand up for it.”

Sophia said, “Our community is an environment where people can thrive and not place limitations on others.”

The school's website made the announcement and also featured a picture of the three pupils

Website for the school announced the news and featured photos of three students.

Jemima added: “Being from a multi-heritage family in an English school has taught me the importance of celebrating cultural diversity. It’s important to me as a head’s representative that our school celebrates those that make each person unique.”

This school was created in 2009 after the merging of two schools. It currently offers a ‘LGBTQ+’ group to students. 

In 2017, Mrs. Lucas, a History Teacher at St Catherine’s College, was appointed deputy head at the Sir John Thursby Community College near Burnley.

In a statement she made earlier in the year, she stated that she was going to file a report to officials regarding pupils who violate lockdown edicts. Several schoolgirls arrived at class with false eyelashes after they were applied by beauticians.