Greggs, a 23-year-old superfan who visits the chain several times a DAY, has a tattoo of a vegan sausage roll on her leg – and says that she would consider a second.

  • Beth Kweeday (23), from Liverpool had a tattoo of a sausage roll made with vegan meat on her leg 
  • Rachel Baldwin, 35, inked the artwork at Bold as Brass tattoo studio in the city  
  • Social media users took to TikTok in praise of the unusual tattoo choice 
  • Beth admitted that she would like to get another Greggs tattoo  

After sharing her love of Greggs on social media, a woman’s choice for a tattoo became viral.

Beth Kweeday (23), who visits the bakery chain multiple times per day, decided to get a custom-made ink to honor her love for Greggs vegan sausage rolls.

The tattoo apprentice went ahead with the artwork at Bold as Brass tattoo studio in Liverpool, after her colleague Rachel Baldwin, 35, jokingly suggested that she would giver her the tattoo after noticing her lunch habits.

Beth said that she might not be satisfied with one tattoo and admitted that she would love to get another Gregg’s. It’s safe say I’m a Gregg fan!  

Beth Kweeday, 23, has had a Greggs vegan sausage roll tattooed onto her leg (pictured) at Bold as Brass tattoo studio in Liverpool

Beth Kweeday, 23, has had a Greggs vegan sausage roll tattooed onto her leg (pictured) at Bold as Brass tattoo studio in Liverpool

Beth (pictured) said she was on board to get the tattoo after her colleague Rachel suggested it because of her fondness for the bakery

Beth (pictured) stated that she was willing to get the tattoo because Rachel, her colleague suggested it due to her love for the bakery. 

Beth said, “All my tattoo shop colleagues have a running joke about the number of times I buy food from Gregg’s.”

“When Rachel suggested the tattoo, it was a great idea. I’m a serious tattoo artist so it was nice to have a funny one.

Rachel stated, “The tattoo idea was born because Beth visits Greggs about five times a day.

“She loves all the vegan options that they offer so I suggested we make a commitment to her.

Rachel (pictured right, with Beth) said Beth goes to Greggs around five times a day and loves all the vegan options

Rachel (pictured right with Beth) said Beth loves Greggs and goes there around five times daily.

The pair created it together, before Rachel tattooed Beth the vegetarian on October 21. 

Rachel spent just one hour inking the pastry onto Beth’s leg.  

Beth said that she couldn’t be happier with the final result of the tattoo and is currently in the healing phase.  

The tattoo artist quickly got hundreds of comments, and more than 100,000 likes after she shared Beth’s tattoo on TikTok. 

A stream of social media users have gushed about the tattoo and the taste of the vegan sausage rolls on TikTok

Social media users are raving about the tattoo and TikTok’s vegan sausage rolls. 

One person wrote, “I love this and that it’s vegan.”

Another commented, “I saw this post by Greggs. It is the best thing I have ever seen.”

A third addition was made: “I am literally a sausage-roll addict so this tattoo is for me.”

Beth is not the first Greggs fan to get a tattoo with a baked theme. 

Beth is far from the first Greggs superfan to get a bakery-themed tattoo inked on her skin (pictured, a branch of Greggs)

Beth isn’t the first Greggs fan who has a bakery-themed tattoo inked to her skin. (pictured: a branch Greggs)  

Last September, Caitlin Jones, 20, from, Paisley, Scotland, said she had long been ‘obsessed’ with Greggs and was ‘gutted’ when stores closed during the pandemic. 

The single mother, who is at hairdressing college, said she was so happy to be reunited with her daily sausage roll after lockdown that she decided to mark the occasion by getting its logo inked on her body.

When tattoo palours reopened, the mother-of-one booked herself in for the first available appointment on Monday, September 14, and insisted she had no regrets over the £100 marking, revealing: ‘Some people have said it’s embarrassing but I got over that pretty quickly and I’m still in love with it.’

Caitlin Jones, 20, from, Paisley, Scotland, missed Greggs bakery so much during the Covid-19 lockdown that she got their logo tattooed on her bum

Caitlin, 20 years old, from Paisley in Scotland, missed Greggs bakery so badly during the Covid-19 lockdown, that she had their logo tattooed onto her bum