After hiding her bloated belly for years, a woman says she feels like a new person after taking vitamins to manage her symptoms. 

Matilda Hopkinson (25 years old), from London noticed changes in her body when she was 14 and began to feel stomach pains so severe that she had to miss school and fall behind in her classes. 

Matilda, who was a partnerships manager in her twenties, began to be more conscious about her appearance and avoided social events that required tight clothing.  

She was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 20. She tried medications to ease her symptoms, but it wasn’t until she tried a detoxing vitamin treatment that her symptoms disappeared. 

Matilda Hopkinson, 25, from London, suffered extreme bloating as a result of her IBS

She said her life has changed thanks to a new detoxing vitamin treatment

Matilda Hopkinson (25), a Londoner who spent years in tracksuits and had to cancel plans to conceal her ‘balloon stomach’, said that she now feels like a new person after dealing with her extreme stomach bloating. Matilda’s stomach is pictured before and after trying a new detoxing vitamin treatment

Matilda, pictured aged 25, tried dietary changes and medication but it wasn't until trying a detoxing vitamin treatment recommended by a friend that her symptoms finally disappeared

Matilda, 25 years old, tried many dietary changes as well as medication. But it wasn’t until she tried a detoxing Vitamin treatment recommended by a friend that her symptoms stopped. 

Matilda shared her story with FEMAIL: “I noticed my bloating around 14 years of age, just as your body begins to change and you reach puberty.” 

“I used be able to eat anything I wanted without feeling any changes or reactions. Then, suddenly, the bloating started. It felt like it happened overnight. 

Matilda, in her teen years, had to miss school due to severe stomach pains. Matilda also struggled to get to sleep because she was anxious about her condition. 

She said, “It was quite confusing when it was younger because not many people in my life, in fact, I don’t believe any of them were suffering from the bloating symptoms that I was.” 

Matilda said she was self-conscious about her 'balloon tummy'

She said the vitamin detox has helped reduce bloating and pain caused by her IBS

Matilda, pictured before and after trying the vitamin detox, spent years wearing tracksuits and cancelling plans to hide her ‘balloon tummy’ and in her younger years missed school because of the intense pain

As she entered her late teens, Matilda became more 'self-conscious and embarrassed' and would try and cover up her bloated stomach. She is pictured wearing a t-shirt in the sea during a trip to the beach

Matilda’s teen years saw her become more self-conscious as well as embarrassed. She tried to cover up her bloated stomach. She is seen wearing a tshirt in the water while on a beach trip. 

‘I had terrible stomach pains which would really distract from school. And I would have needed to take off work because the pain was so severe. 

‘There were nights that I couldn’t sleep and the more I stressed about it the worse it got, this was when I realised I needed to seek help.’ 

Doctors advised her to stop eating gluten and to keep a food journal, but nothing helped her bloating. Matilda stated that she felt like she had tried everything. 

As she entered her late teens, Matilda became more ‘self-conscious and embarrassed’ about her bloated stomach, and would frequently compare her body to other women her age. 

Doctors advised her to cut out gluten and keep a food diary, but nothing helped to ease her bloating, with Matilda insisting: 'I honestly felt like I tried everything'. She is pictured enjoying a croissant on holiday after starting her vitamin detox

Although doctors advised her to stop eating gluten and to keep a food journal, nothing helped her bloating. Matilda said that she felt like she tried everything. After her vitamin detox, she enjoys a croissant on holiday. 

She stated, “I think as you grow older, you become more conscious of your body and fad diet trends begin, girls especially compare themselves to when they were younger.”

“So naturally having a belly like that of a balloon was uncomfortable and not good for my confidence. Bloating made me feel larger than I was and I would compare myself to others. 

“I also found myself cancelling clothes to avoid wearing clothes that might make me more visible and painful. All I wanted was to wear tracksuits.” 

Stomach cramps and pain: What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be a common condition that affects our digestive system.

It can cause symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating. These symptoms can occur over time and can last for several days, weeks, or months.

It is often a life-long problem. It can be extremely frustrating to live with, and can have a huge impact on your daily activities.

There is no cure for the condition, but there are often diet changes and medications that can help.

The exact cause is unknown – it’s been linked to things like food passing through your gut too quickly or too slowly, oversensitive nerves in your gut, stress and a family history of IBS.

 Source: NHS

The extreme bloating had a ‘really big effect’ on her life, often cancelling plans last minutes and declining invitations to social events  due to the pain and discomfort.

“It also made it difficult to feel confident in my body and how I looked.  

‘I would feel so confident in myself because of my bloating that it would cause me to cancel events. I wouldn’t feel comfortable of confident to dress up, so would send most of the time in tracks as they hid my bloating and weren’t constricting.

“It was a struggle for me to love my body. The bloating made I feel much bigger than I was. You can’t exactly feel sexy or love yourself when your tummy is like a balloon.’ 

After numerous scans and tests, Matilda was diagnosed with IBS by her gynaecologist and was prescribed with Buscopan and Colperman to ease her symptoms. 

She said that there was some relief from the bloating, but it was still noticeable and uncomfortable. 

‘In order for it to take effect I had to take it for at least a month and they were medications that I didn’t want to be on for a long time. I wanted something that would support my body naturally and could easily be incorporated into my daily life. 

She said that people often don’t understand how difficult it can be to live with an ‘invisible disease’, insisting that it’s not just the physical aspects that are troubling her. 

‘I think it is a hard thing to relate to if you haven’t experienced it’, she said. ‘I don’t think people realise how uncomfortable it is, as it’s not just about how you look, it’s the pain that also goes with it. 

‘That’s the trouble with an invisible disease, unless you have experienced it before, it’s impossible to relate to.’ 

Matilda has since discovered JSHealth’s Detox + Debloat Vitamins after a recommendation from a friend, which she said started showing results within two weeks. 

“I love the fact that the ingredients are all-natural and can be used to support your body’s natural ability to detoxify and digest. I’m not as bloated as I used to be and I feel much better. 

Matilda no longer has to keep a food diary and can enjoy social experiences more now she's not concerned about her stomach bloating

Matilda doesn’t have to keep a food journal anymore and can now enjoy social experiences more because she’s not worried about her stomach bloating. 

After discovering JSHealth’s Detox + Debloat Vitamins after a recommendation from a friend, Matilda, pictured after starting the detox,  said she saw results within two weeks

Matilda, pictured after starting the treatment, said it's 'though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.'

After discovering JSHealth’s Detox + Debloat Vitamins after a recommendation from a friend, Matilda, pictured L-R after starting the detox, said she saw results within two weeks and said it’s ‘though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders’

‘I would recommend JSHealth to anyone, especially now that I know there is a solution. One should now have to deal with the debilitating symptoms associated with bloating. 

She described the treatment as a “breath of fresh oxygen” and said that it was like a “heavy weight lifted off my shoulders”. 

“I felt like an entirely new woman. It gave me a new lease on my life. I felt relieved of a lot of stress and found a new love for my body. My confidence grew and is growing even more.

“I no longer have bloating to worry about, I don’t have to cancel plans due to my bloating and I don’t have to live my life in tracksuits. 

‘I can eat what I want, I can go out with friends and I don’t need to stress about what happens if I get bloated, because I now know what to do, I have a solution.’