After a stabbing death of a man in East London, he is taken into custody for murdering a woman, 31.

  • Today, at noon time, police discovered that a man was seriously injured in Tower Hamlets. 
  • Scotland Yard verified that the victim, aged 28, had sustained stabbing injuries 
  • On suspicion of murder, a woman aged 31 was arrested by the police 
  • The victim has not been identified by detectives. They haven’t yet been notified his family.  

Following the discovery of the corpse of a male in an east London house, a woman aged 31 was taken into custody on suspicion of murder. 

At lunchtime, officers were dispatched to Tower Hamlets where the victim of a stabbing attack was found. 

The man was declared dead by the medics after they fought for over three quarters of an hour.  

Police have a 31-year-old woman on suspicion of murder after a man's body was found at an address in Tower Hamlets in east London earlier today

After a body of a man was discovered at Tower Hamlets, east London’s earlier this morning, police have arrested a woman aged 31 as suspect in murder.

Paramedics spent more than 45 minutes battling to save the man's life who was declared dead at the scene at 11.48am today

The man was declared dead on the spot by paramedics at 11.48 am today.

Officers said a post mortem examination will take place at a later stage to determine the exact cause of death

The officers stated that a post mortem exam will be conducted at a later stage, to identify the precise cause of death.

After receiving information about a man with serious injuries, police arrived on the scene at William Whiffin Square in E3 at 11.01am Tuesday. 

Although paramedics attempted to treat the man on the spot at once, he died at 11.48am. 

Detectives from Central East Command are conducting the murder investigation with the support of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command. 

According to officers, a post-mortem will be performed on the body of the victim. 

The victim has not yet been identified by detectives. 

According to a spokesperson, inquiries are ongoing to determine the facts surrounding injuries.  

To determine the facts surrounding these injuries, inquiries are ongoing.

At this early stage detectives from Central East Command investigate supported by the Met’s Specialist Crime Command.

Notification of next-of-kin has not yet been sent. We await formal identification.

An examination post mortem will be conducted in the appropriate time.

Scotland Yard said: “A 31-year old woman was taken into custody on suspicion of murder.” The woman was then taken to an East London police station, where she remains.