A homeowner has given her tired detached home a new lease of life in a stunning £8,000 makeover. 

Civil servant Joanne McCauley, 40, transformed the five-bed home she shares with husband Deryl, 40, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland into a stylish pad decorated with vibrant and pastel colours. 

Joanne lived in a dull and boring home that was grey, magnolia, and beige before the renovation. It has been updated with bold prints, ombre walls and even a loo inspired by disco. 

Joanne spent around £3,000 on decor before carrying out all the work herself and spent a further £5,000 on building an outdoor kitchen ‘perfect for entertaining guests’.

A homeowner has given her tired detached home a new lease of life in a stunning £8,000 makeover. Pictured, a brand new pastel blue outdoor kitchen for entertaining costing £5,000

A homeowner has given her tired detached home a new lease of life in a stunning £8,000 makeover. Pictured, a brand new pastel blue outdoor kitchen for entertaining costing £5,000

The home been revamped with bright colours and statement prints, including the vibrant guest room which features a bold pink wall, crocheted pastel pink headboard and various lively graphic artworks

Bright colours have been used to update the home, as well as bold prints and statements. The bright guest room features a pink-colored wall and a crocheted headboard in pastel pink. 

The downstairs toilet is known as the 'disco loo' because it has wallpaper with boomboxes on, a disco ball, Cabbage Patch dolls and a Rubik's cube

You can call the downstairs toilet “Disco Loo”, because of its wallpaper featuring boomboxes on it, Cabbage patch dolls and Rubik’s Cube.

Joanne stated that she had lived in the house for nine-years, but found it boring and lacking inspiration. “The house did not reflect my style because I always wear brightly colored clothing.

“Before I started the renovations in the first lockdown.

“But, I learned as I went along. I even made a pastel-ombre effect in one the spare bedrooms.

“It is okay to make mistakes, because it’s possible to always learn from them.” A bright home makes my day so much more enjoyable.

Prior to the renovation, the 'dull and uninspiring' home was beige, magnolia and grey. Pictured, the detached home's tired guest bedroom before the transformation

The home’s previous appearance was dull and boring. It had been painted grey, magnolia, and beige. The detached house’s guest room before renovation is shown. 

Before the make-over, the home featured grey flooring, 'dull and uninspiring' furniture and minimal decor (pictured, the home's sun room prior to renovation)

The home had grey floors, minimal decor, and ‘dull, uninspiring furniture’ before the renovation. (pictured: the sunroom in the home prior to the renovation). 

One of the home's guest bedrooms was transformed from a boring room with a magnolia and beige colour scheme

The bedroom was transformed into a bright and airy living space with pastel coloured ombre walls

A guest bedroom in the house was made brighter by pastel-coloured ombre walls and a change from being drab with magnolia/beige colours to become a light and spacious living area. 

Joanne recalled feeling scared to paint her house, but she now feels that it is the best thing for her.

Because of the wallpaper in her downstairs toilet, which has boomboxes on and cabbage patch dolls as well as a Rubik’s Cube, it is also known as “Disco Loo”.

“It’s a weird toilet, but it is my favorite room in the house. It’s my favorite room in the house, and it is pink-yellow.

It makes me feel happy as soon as I step into it. I painted it the first time, and I fell in love with the colours.

“There are a lot pinks and purples in my home, but I tried to make it more neutral by adding green and darker colors to the living area. The living room is calm.

Civil servant Joanne McCauley, 40,transformed the five-bed home she shares with husband Deryl, 40, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland to reflect her vibrant personality

Joanne McCauley (40), a civil servant, transformed the home with five beds she shared with Deryl, 40 in County Antrim. Northern Ireland, to reflect her lively personality 

One of the five-bed home's spare bedrooms (pictured) looked tired and uninspiring with a grey carpet, dark furniture and twee floral curtains

A spare bedroom in the home with five beds (pictured) was tired, uninspiring and had a grey carpet and dark furniture. It also featured twee floral curtains.  

The 'beauty room' was transformed from a drab space with minimalist decor

Now the room features statement prints, a bold pink wall and trendy decor

A drab, minimalist space was transformed into a vibrant beauty area with bold pink walls and fashionable decor. 

Joanne, pictured enjoying a drink in her revamped kitchen, which boasts its own bar cupboard, is thrilled with her home's trendy renovation

Joanne enjoys a glass of wine in her renovated kitchen. 

“I know that Deryl (40), is also here. However, he’s happy for as long as I’m happy. He loves to see the final result.

Joanne uses a mix of old, new and recycled items in her home. Many of the prints come from charities or are wrapped in wrapping paper.

Wayfair was the online furniture retailer that sold all of these rugs.

Elle adds that paint was the mainstay of her spending because she needed a lot of it. They were previously white, magnolia, and grey.

“The hall has an orange art gallery with prints and a clothes patch that I left behind when I was traveling in a frame.

The living room before renovation featured mismatched sofas, a dull grey rug, wooden flooring and traditional decor

Before renovation, the living room featured mismatched couches, dull grey flooring, and traditional decor. 

The beauty room features a Scandi-style rug, deep red sofa, bold pink wall and eclectic decor and artwork

This beauty area features a Scandi style rug, deep red sofa and bold pink walls. It also has eclectic decor and art. 

'My shoe wall for example cost me only £45 by using a sheet of MDF for £26, the wall brackets were £13 and then screws and leftover paint made up the rest,' Joanne said. She also introduced a yellow and pink statement wall and rainbow-themed decor

‘My shoe wall for example cost me only £45 by using a sheet of MDF for £26, the wall brackets were £13 and then screws and leftover paint made up the rest,’ Joanne said. A rainbow-themed wall was also created by Joanne. 

The hallway after renovation features a purple and orange colour scheme, statement zebra print rug and various vibrant artworks. Joanne bought the radiator cover and painted it her desired shade

This hallway was renovated with a vibrant color scheme of purple and orange, a statement rug in zebra print and other artworks. Joanne purchased the radiator covers and made her choice of shade. 

“I bought a radiator cover, and I painted it purple. The space is very fun.

‘The house décor came to about £3,000 – taking into account the new sofa and chairs, paint for each room, some faux plants and a lot of prints.

‘I also bought a the red sofa bed in my beauty room, but I sold my bed and some furniture so that halved the cost to around £150.

‘My shoe wall for example cost me only £45 by using a sheet of MDF for £26, the wall brackets were £13 and then screws and leftover paint made up the rest.

The kitchen is everyone’s favorite cabinet. It looks just like any other cupboard, but it’s a minibar.

The renovated guest room features a vibrant purple and mint green ombre chest of drawers and statement pink walls. Although she'd never picked up a paintbrush before, Joanne managed to create the ombre effect herself

It features an ombre chest with drawers in vibrant purple, mint green and bold pink and statement walls. Joanne, who had never touched a brush before, was able to achieve the ombre effect by herself. 

Pictured, Joanne's garden before renovation featuring simple decor, no outdoor lighting and plain brown fencing

Joanne’s Garden before Renovation. Simple decor, no lighting outside, and plain brown fencing.  

After renovation, the garden features outdoor lighting, a vibrant green and pink fence, an outdoor umbrella and flamingo ornaments

Following renovations, the garden has outdoor lighting and a bright green and pink fence. There is also an umbrella outside and flamingo ornaments. 

“I learned that decorating doesn’t always have to look so perfect and matchy-matchy. As long as it’s what you love, there’s no way to go wrong.

Joanne, despite going against the “norm”, is positive that Joanne’s quirky decorating added to the value of the house.

She stated that although my home is not to everybody’s liking, she doesn’t believe it’s lost in value. We spent a further £5,000 on an outdoor kitchen which is painted light blue.

It’s perfect for entertaining guests. While the colors aren’t right for everyone, I think anyone who has seen my house will be able to appreciate it.