One woman engaged to a man 8 inches smaller than her has reacted against critics that said their height differences were ‘weird.

Darlene Marshall, 37, and her fiancé Matthew Cretaro, 46, from New York, are often the butt of the joke due to their difference in height.

However, personal trainers who often get a funny look say that they are happier than ever.

Matthew, at 5’5, is 8 inches taller than Darlene (6’1″) and Darlene (6’1″. They insist that height doesn’t matter and urge others not to be discouraged.

Darlene Marshall, 37, and her fiancé Matthew Cretaro, 46, are often the butt of the joke due to their difference in height. Matthew, left, is 5'5, while Darlene is 6'1

Darlene Marshall, 37, and her fiancé Matthew Cretaro, 46, are often the butt of the joke due to their difference in height. Matthew is left at 5’5 and Darlene, right, is 6’1. 

She stated, “Strangers presume we’re not together due to our height differences. This is absurd.

“There’s been a time when a waiter was flirting with my because he didn’t realise until Matthew touched my leg.

“All my family members are over 6ft so they thought I would be better with someone shorter. They were able to see beyond what was superficial once they had met him.

“My favorite moment is when I meet someone, and they look up and down at me. Then they turn to me and smile at him.

Bridging the - height - gap! Darlene admitted she used to be scared she'd never find love because of her height

The – Height – Gap! Darlene confessed that she was once afraid she wouldn’t find her love due to her height. 

The pair, pictured, where friends for eight years before love struck. Darlene used to be married, but went through a divorce three years ago

The two were close friends for 8 years, before they fell in love. Darlene and Darling were married for eight years before they divorced. 

“They are amazed at my height without heels.”

We don’t consider height important because we share similar values and are attracted to one other.

“Strangers look at us, and our friends make comments such as “I could’t be with someone shorter,” but we laugh it off.

“We don’t view our height difference as odd because we’re just two people who love each other.

“Sadly, height differences are stigmatized, especially when it comes to dating.

Darlene confesses that once she thought she would never meet “the one”, before Matthew.

The personal trainers, pictured, admitted people sometimes give them weird looks, and often don't realize they are a couple

Pictured are personal trainers who admitted that sometimes people look at them oddly and don’t realise they are couples.

Darlene, pictured with Matthew, said she 'let go' of the idea that the 'perfect person' was waiting for her

Darlene is pictured here with Matthew. She said that she had ‘let go” of the belief in a ‘perfect person,’ and was now ready to let it all go. 

The couple, pictured, said short men have told them they feel 'validated' when they see their pictures online

Pictured: The couple said that short men told them they felt validated when they saw their photos online 

“I was divorced three years back and started to think I might never meet someone again,” she said. The process of dating is complicated.

I had difficulty finding someone to love me as tall as myself.

“I found out that there was judgment from other people who were trying to find a partner through dating apps.

They believe they can match so many factors that they will never find “the perfect person”. These people are passing so much amazing information by setting height preferences.

“At one stage, I realized that maybe I don’t have all the things I wanted such as a spouse.

Darlene and Matthew on holiday. Darlene said people who leave out people of certain heights on dating apps are missing out on incredible people

Matthew and Darlene are on holiday. Darlene believes that those who do not include people with certain heights from dating apps will miss amazing people. 

The pair, pictured, fell in love in 2020 when Matthew took care of Darlene when she fell ill. Their relationship blossomed from there

They fell in love when Matthew cared for Darlene after she became ill in 2020. 

The couple pictured at home this Winter. Darlene said she was faced with judgement on dating apps because of her height

This Winter, the couple was pictured together at their home. Darlene claimed that her height was a reason she received judgments on dating sites. 

‘I wasn’t interested in “finding the perfect partner” so I became a single mom.

Darlene was diagnosed with cancer in February 2020. Matthew her friend for eight years took her care.

They became friends and are happily married despite Darlene being eighteen inches taller.

She explained that when we look at our own pictures, we see two people happy to be together. However, others might think that we are funny.

“When I upload pictures of short men, they comment that they feel so proud to have it.

“The length of your body does not determine the quality or value of someone.

“I want people to understand that personality, interests and character are more important than the length of their legs. This is what I hope our story can help them do.”

Darlene, pictured, revealed men sometimes hit on her in front of Matthew because they don't realize they are a couple

Darlene, shown in the photo, said that Matthew sometimes slaps her in front Matthew, because they don’t realise they’re actually a couple 

Darlene's own family were surprise she was dating a short men, because they had always pictured her with someone taller

Darlene’s parents were shocked to learn that Darlene was now dating a tall man. They had always seen Darlene as taller. 

Matthew and Darlene in 2020. The couple are long time-friends and have been together for nearly two years

Matthew and Darlene will be married in 2020. Both are close friends and have been together almost 2 years.

Darlene said she doesn't care about the height difference and that Matthew and her do not focus on it

Darlene stated that she does not care about Matthew’s height and doesn’t focus on it.