A woman stalked and tried to involve two straight, married librarians in their sexual relationships.

Louisa Carlton also claimed she was sexually assaulted. Aylesbury Crown Court was told that she hid behind pillars, hedges, and sat in the library parking to confront her victims. 

The jury was told the divorcee, 66, embarked on a campaign of stalking Dorota Fraczeck-Streeter and Lisa Taylor-Puzey, who worked together at the facility in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Carlton denies two counts for stalking.

John Carmichael, Prosecutor, stated to the jury that neither of the allegations against the two homely ladies made by Carlton were true. 

She knew that they were having a lesbian relationship and was determined to tell police.

Aylesbury Crown Court was told Louisa Carlton (pictured) hid behind hedges and pillars and lurked in the library car park to confront her two victims

Aylesbury Crown court was told that Louisa Carlton, (pictured) hid behind pillars to hide in the library car parking to confront her two victims

Carlton first met the women when she was a regular reader at Beaconsfield library. 

As she grew more convinced that the ladies in the library were lesbians, she decided to confront them and hurl insults at them as she left work.

The jury heard from Mr Carmichael how Carlton once appeared behind a pillar at the library’s parking lot and confronted him.

He stated that Mrs FraczeckStreeter had just finished lunchtime at work and that Mrs Taylor-Puzey was giving her an Uber in her car. Carlton was filming them as they walked towards the car and approached them shouting at each other.

‘Carlton shouted?Where is your blue Nissan?” You are driving the car with her. Is your husband aware of what you are doing? I know what you’re up to.

‘Carlton’ came to the car door, and Mrs Taylor-Puzey locked it. Carlton tried to open her car door but she banged on the window shouting obscenities.

“She then stepped in front the car to stop them leaving. This incident left both women shaken.

A jury of seven women and five gentlemen was informed that Carlton approached the women several times throughout 2019, alleging they were in a lesbian relationship, which they wanted to include Carlton in.

Mr Carmichael described how Carlton approached Mrs FraczeckStreeter on another occasion after she had left work alone.

The jury heard that Mrs FraczeckStreeter drove off on that occasion. On October 22, she was at a Boots in Beaconsfield, when she met Carlton.

‘Carlton walked up to her, shouting in middle of shop. She replied that she knew what you were up to and should be ashamed of herself. I will inform the police, I have evidence against you’.

“Mrs FraczeckStreeter was embarrassed that this happened in the middle Boots.”

Judge Catherine Tulk learned that Carlton emerged from behind a hedge just outside the shop and confronted Mrs FraczeckStreeter once more.

The prosecutor stated, “Carlton came from behind that hedge.” She replied, “How dare you dye hair grey, I know what your intentions are.”

Mrs Taylor-Puzey stated to the jury that Carlton had once confronted and told her that she did not want to be involved as a lesbian in their sexual behaviour.

Carlton approached her victims several times at their homes in Iver heath, Buckinghamshire. She was eventually told by their families and friends to leave.

Louisa Carlton

Louisa Carlton

Carlton (left, right and outside court on Wednesday), now at Oxford Road in Worthing, West Sussex denies two counts for stalking

In an increasingly bizarre hearing, Carlton was defending herself. Queen’s counsel barrister Michael Roques, who was not employed by her, was appointed by the court as a cross-examination expert on Carlton’s behalf.

He began to cross-examine Ms FraczeckStreeter regarding the alleged events between them.

He asked her, “Was there a moment in 2014 when you touched Carlton’s breasts?” Did you look at her breasts and caress them?

Mrs Fraczeck–Streeter flatly denied all allegations, including that she had a sexual relationship with Mrs Taylor-Puszey. They have been married for 32 year.

Mr Roques, following the instructions of Carlton, asked these questions: ‘Were your feelings attracted to Carlton? She was not attracted to her sexually. Are you a smoker?

Carlton was a frequent listener to Mr Roques’ whispered conversations and sat shaking her heads as Mrs FraczeckStreeter denied all her questions. Carlton has been married to her husband, Mr FraczeckStreeter since 1989. 

Later, the jury heard from the husband of one librarian.  

Dennis FraczeckStreeter described how Louisa Carlton, the pensioner accused, had been following his wife and her colleague for over a year.

He said that he opened the doors to a woman who asked him: ‘Is Donya home?’ He then asked if Lisa was home. To which he replied ‘no. 

He later saw Carlton hidden behind a brick pillar in a cul-de-sac in which he and his wife lived, in Iver heath.

Once his testimony had been given and the defendant was allowed to question him, the trial descended into squabbling between Mr FraczeckStreeter et al.

Her claim that the man who opened the doors was not Mr FraczeckStreeter was heard by the jury. She also stated that the man who opened them was ‘long chocolate brown hair and much younger and thinner than her’.

Carlton asked Mr FraczeckStreeter a question. He answered, ‘Have any items of a sexual nature been found in your wife’s vehicle?’ He denied it, and Carlton asked him: ‘Have you ever seen items in your wife’s car of a sexual nature?’

Carlton also spoke to the jury and said that he was trying to find out what is really going on.

Judge Tulk intervened and said that the questions were not related to the husband’s testimony.

Carlton, now of Oxford Road in Worthing, West Sussex denies two counts each of stalking. 

She claims Mrs FraczeckStreeter tried sexually to assault her in the library, and that Mrs FraczeckStreeter was a co-conspirator with Mrs Taylor-Puzey.

The trial continues.